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Preparing for phase 2 of RBI Grade B

Preparation for the phase 2 of RBI Grade B should begin with or before the preparation for phase 1. Phase 2 is comparatively difficult as it has technical subjects involved and is both an objective and subjective paper.

You have to give equal time to all sections as the RBI Grade B exam has sectional cut offs. Do not select an answer unless you are absolutely sure as a wrong answer will cost you 0.25 marks.

Phase 2 has papers like Economic and social issues, English language and Finance and Management. These further have various topics which cannot be covered in a short time period.

Go through the sample papers given by RBI to get a rough idea of the type of questions which will be asked in the final exam. This will give you an idea about how deeply you have to study each topic while preparing for the exam.

If you get selected for phase 2 it will not be possible to cover everything in the end minute. The economics and finance sections have questions on current affairs too. In order to answer these questions, you should be updated with the current affairs of at least the previous year. Apart from learning the other concepts in economics and finance you also need to know how these concepts affect the economy.

The management topics are comparatively easy, but they are vast. If you are not a management student you will need more time to understand these topics. Similarly, the topics in Economics and Social Issues, Finance also need to be understood properly.

Give as many mocks as possible before appearing for the final exam. Mocks will increase your confidence and show you areas where you need to improve. Start giving mocks only after you have finished studying as this will accurately help you determine areas which you haven’t understood.

Phase 2 requests an entirely different methodology from Phase I while studying. Despite the fact that its achievement proportion is very high in comparison with Phase 1, here you are contending with the best minds of the nation. You have more than satisfactory time (1.5 hours) per paper in phase 2 this will give you sufficient time to think and recall what you have studied. So, your emphasis ought to be on complete coverage of all the subjects and revising them on numerous occasions.

Superficial reading will not help you for this phase since the questions will be twisted and asked. You need to study seriously from the start if you wish to clear the exam. Cover all the topics thoroughly in order to be prepared for all types of twisted questions.

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