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RBI Grade B Preparation

RBI Grade B exam takes place in three phases. Phase 1 is an objective exam of 200 marks which is carried out for 2 hours and covers topics like General Awareness, English Language, Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning. Phase 2 is an objective and subjective exam of 300 marks and has 3 papers, Paper-I on English (writing skills), Paper-II – Economic & Social Issues and Paper-III –Finance & Management of 1.5 hours each. Phase 3 is the interview round.

You need to start preparing for phase 1 and phase 2 together. If you clear phase 1, the phase 2 exam will take place in short while. It is not possible to cover the entire portion of phase 2 in this short span since it is vast.

When you prepare for topics related to general awareness, economics, finance and current affairs make sure to make notes because these topics will help you again during the interview round. It will not be possible to retain all information and important topics till the interview; hence notes will help you revise in the end.

Reading the newspaper and following the RBI website is mandatory in order to stay updated about all the happenings in the economy.

The phase 1 and phase 2 exams have negative marking which is why you need to be certain about the answers which you select. Remember that RBI Grade B has sectional cut offs which makes it important to focus on each and every section. An overall high score will not help you if you do not meet the sectional cut offs.

The phase 1 exam is relatively simple. It is just like all other aptitude tests. Your basics have to be clear for each and every section and you are good to go. The only challenge here is the quants section for which you have to practice daily. You have to give mocks in order to understand your strengths and weakness and to understand how much time you take for solving.
Phase 2 is more challenging as it involves theory subjects which are not easy. Also, the questions are twisted and asked. You have to understand all concepts properly in order to clear this exam. You should also be up to date with all the current affairs information. Economics and Finance have to be given more time as these subjects have more terms and concepts and also need to be linked with the current affairs in order to be properly prepared. This phase also requires you to take mocks in order to improve where you are going wrong.

Finally comes the interview round which will test you on various grounds. Your knowledge on current affairs, technical concepts, how you present yourself, etc. You can watch videos to get an idea of the type of questions asked. What will help you most is your preparation from the start. All the topics covered in the previous 2 phases will be tested once again over here.

Make sure you plan and prepare for all 3 phases seriously. A proper plan will help you utilise time and help you revise properly in order to clear the RBI grade B exam.