Career Path for RBI Grade B Officer

RBI grade B Officer is one of the most admired and sought-after jobs in the banking sector in India.
RBI’s career progression starts from the lowest level, which is that of the support staff or the RBI Assistants, who are responsible for all the clerical work that takes place at RBI. However, there is an option for candidates to join directly as Grade B Officers which means they are DR or direct recruits. This is how the organization structure of RBI is:

Grade B Officers usually start out as Managers and then they can move up all the way until Deputy Governor. The Governor is usually not selected from the internal workforce and only a eminent individual is preferred who has had extraordinary achievements. Having said that, even if you retire as Chief General Managers, that too is quite an achievement. Extraordinary candidates reach the top which is the position of an Executive Director or a Deputy Governor. However, on an average, most Grade B Officers retire at the position of a Chief General Manager, but that itself is no small matter.

There is a strong chance of getting acquainted with some of the most prestigious organizations of the world such as World Bank, IMF etc. Moreover, investment banks are known to offer huge benefits with hefty checks for retired RBI grade B officers.
Governors and Deputy Governors are appointed by the GOI. Till date no RBI officer is appointed as Governor. Out of the 4 Deputy Governors, 2 are selected from the RBI cadre, these are form those who join RBI as Grade B Officer


  • The pay scale for RBI Grade B officer has been revised these days. 
  • The revised income structure is as 35150-17 50(9) - 50900-eb-17 50(2) - 54400-2000(4) - 62400 (16 years). 
  • Basic pay – Rs. 35,150 per month 
  • Gross total – Rs. 67,000 per month 

RBI Grade B officials perks & allowances.

  • One can reside in RBI house. It is most-commonly a 2bhk inside the heart of the town you'll be posted. 
  • Fuel Allowance- of equivalent to 180 Litre of petrol in Mumbai and 140 litres of Petrol in other cities
  • Medical Allowance - RS. 4,500/- 
  • Maid allowance - RS. 3000/- 
  • Food/grocery SODEXO coupons- Rs. 2000/- 
  • LTC/LFC tour allowance - every 2 years in conjunction with dependent family individuals. 
  • Loans are less expensive for personnel of the RBI. They offer lesser interest charges! 

Work Hours

RBI Grade B officer paintings are of tremendous duty. Consequently, the officer may also require work hours that are not too traumatic. 

  • Before being appointed as grade b officer, you may be on probation for 2 years. 
  • RBI Grade B officer works for five days in a week. 
  • The work hours are a regular of a 9 to 5 task. 


Those who want to take up better and higher responsibilities later, can take departmental examination after 5 years to get promoted to Grade C officers post. If you are recruited at a young age, then you can easily go up to deputy governor after clearing Departmental exams.
Grade B officers may become Grade C in seven years and in another 5 years they may become Grade D. Promotions cycle also depends on the number of vacancies and your performance. A large majority of those who join at Grade B level reach to CGM (top management) level. Regional Director, who heads functions of RBI in as State/Region are also officers of CGM level. A selected few will become Executive Director and Deputy Governor.

Further Opportunities

  • In the RBI, Officers can get several opportunities for further education in any university across the world. There are many scholarships provided for officers which give full/partial funding for future studies.
  • Post working in the RBI, many other career paths are open like the opportunity to work with World Bank, IMF, Bank of International Settlements, Basel, Switzerland, and Ministry of Finance, GoI.
  • Platform for becoming a Board of Director in top-notch commercial banks.
  • Multiple post-RBI Consulting opportunities in Investment Banking

So, Guys, this is your opportunity to make it happen at the big stage and live your dream. Come fly high with us.

Career Paths of an RBI Grade B Officier

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