Financial Inclusion

The finance section of RBI grade B is difficult to crack but if you start with the descriptive topics and build your concepts even this section will seem easy. Make sure that you give enough time to each and every topic so that you are confident for attempting the entire section.

Once you complete a topic try answering some questions related to it. You can solve short questions or MCQs via practice tests on individual topics. This will help you check how much you have really understood.

Some of you may find finance boring, but RBI grade B has sectional cut offs which makes each and every section equally important. You cannot cover up by focusing more on your strong section. Try watching videos to understand concepts in a fun way if you find them very boring.

Financial inclusion is where people and organizations approach helpful and reasonable budgetary items and services that address their needs which are delivered in a responsible and sustainable manner. It is characterized as the accessibility and equity of chances to get financial services.

Factors affecting financial inclusion in banks are described briefly below:

Place of Living - The vast majority of commercial banks work just in commercial regions and these banks set their branches in productive territories. Hence, rural population thinks that it’s hard to access the financial services.

Absence of Legal Identity - Minorities, economic and political migrants, refugee workers and ladies are prohibited from getting financial services because of absence of legal identity, for example, original birth certificates and identity cards.

Gender Bias - It is hard to get to credit facilities for those women who don't have property and resources. They additionally require male assurance to get the credit from any money related foundations.

Limited Knowledge of Financial Services - Inadequate essential education and financial literacy are the real obstacles for people. They don't have the any idea about the noteworthiness of various monetary items i.e., bank accounts, cheque facility, bank loans or overdraft and insurance.

Level of Income - Financial prominence of individuals is a critical job in getting accessible financial services. It is impossible for poor people to get financial services even when these services are made for lower salaried groups.

Apart from this read about each and every topic related to financial inclusion and remember to check current affairs for any impacts on the economy. The finance section cannot be cracked unless and until you are up to date with what is happening around you in the economy.

You must study regularly and follow proper content to build your concepts. You need not study from different books, stick to one good book and follow it consistently till the end.


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