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The notification for the upcoming RBI Grade B 2020 exam is expected in July with the prelims of RBI Grade B 2020 to be held in September 2020. With just a handful of months left in the exam, aspirants may be facing several issues regarding the preparation amidst the prolonged lockdown.

Hence, we, at Career Launcher, have here come up with a robust preparation strategy that can help you leverage the lockdown time to prepare for the RBI Grade B exam. This article thus answers the most frequently asked questions, “How to prepare for RBI Grade B in lockdown”!

The first step in doing so should be a shift in the preparation strategy in favor of online resources. Some states have already issued a restriction on opening up of educational institutions, hence, preparation via offline coachings is out of the question. Hence, you need to leverage the online resources to make your preparation more focused and organized. Do away with the denial of current happenings and embrace the new-normal which is the only way forward now!

Preparation Strategy For RBI Grade B 2020 in Lockdown

First and foremost, it is important that you should actually start preparing for the exam without waiting for the notification. The notification will come out when it has to, but you would be only wasting your time and giving your peers an edge if you’re waiting for the notification to come out or lockdown to be lifted. You need to understand that even if the lockdown is lifted, it is not advisable to go out in crowded places such as offline coaching centers. Hence, here is what you should do:

  1. Get a thorough understanding of the syllabus and exam pattern: It is extremely important to understand the syllabus of the exam in order to filter out your resources. It will enable you to keep your preparation extremely strategic. Follow this link to get all your questions about the exam pattern and syllabus answered. 

  2. Go through previous year question paper: Next, go through the previous year question papers to get an idea of what kind of questions are being asked in the exam. This will help you in assessing your level of understanding and if you need an online course to assist you in your preparation journey. If you think you do not need a full course for preparation, just enroll in a test series to enhance your speed and accuracy. 

  3. Join an online course: However, if you’re completely alien to some of the topics in the course, then join a reliable online course from a trustworthy test-prep institution. Career Launcher also offers online courses for the preparation of the RBI Grade B exam that you can join to cover the entire syllabus extremely strategically and holistically. Check out the entire course here. 

  4. Join a test series: Now, whether or not you need an online course or not is solely on your comfortability with the topics in the syllabus, but every serious aspirant should enroll in a test-series to boost their preparation. There is no alternative to a reliable test-series which you must join in order to assess your preparation time to time and maneuver your preparation strategy accordingly. Check out our online test series here.

Online Resources That Can Boost Your  RBI Grade-B Preparation

Some of the freely available online resources that can boost your RBI Grade-B preparation:

  1. RBI website: The official website of RBI is a great resource for the preparation of RBI-related topics. In addition to that, you’ll find the official documents of all the recent announcements in regards to monetary policy, moratorium period, etc on the official website. 

  2. Official website of various ministries: Official website of various ministries including Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises will have the official documents of various announcements that are made by the government. It is important to note the nitty-gritty of these announcements that can be asked in the exam. 

  3. RBI Grade B Preparation courses: Additionally, to keep your preparation extremely focused and result-oriented, enroll in an online course for RBI Grade-B preparation. At CL, we have come up with extremely detailed courses that will surely help you with all your preparation needs. Check out our online courses here.  

  4. Free Webinars by Career Launcher: Experts at Career Launcher are conducting free webinars in the interest of RBI Grade-B aspirants and solve their queries in regard to the preparation strategy for upcoming RBI Grade-B 2020. Keep a tab on our official website to get updated on the timings of our webinars. You can alternatively get in touch with our course counselors to get notified about the webinars through mails and messages.

 In addition to that, you can join our social media channels and groups wherein you will get complete assistance in preparing for RBI Grade B 2020 holistically. Get in touch with our course counselors to get more information on our course deliverables.


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