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The notification for RBI Grade B Exam 2020 will soon be released by the Reserve Bank of India! This will indeed be a wonderful opportunity for banking aspirants. However, since the RBI Grade B Exam is one of the most challenging banking exams in India, you should be well aware of how to prepare for RBI Grade B Exam!

The preparation strategy for the RBI Grade B exam plays a very important role for an aspirant who wishes to qualify for this exam! Hence, every serious aspirant seeks the answer for “how to prepare for RBI Grade B exam” in order to come up with a robust strategy.

Let us delve straight on to answering how to prepare for RBI Grade B exam now and look at the preparation strategy for the RBI Grade B exam for beginners.

How to prepare for RBI Grade B exam?

CL-Gurus have devised a 5-step formula to beat RBI Grade B Exam! Here’s what you should do to prepare for RBI Grade B Exam from scratch!

Step 0: Know the exam well

Step 1: Make your study plan

Step 2: Prelims Section-wise preparation strategy

Step 3: Mains section-wise preparation strategy

Step 4: Revision

Step 5: Mock-test based preparation

Here’s what each of these steps refers to in detail!

Step Zero: Know the exam well [1 week]

  • Know the exam syllabus: The first and foremost thing that you need to know about RBI Grade B preparation is the syllabus. Read the syllabus that is mentioned in the official notification of the exam. It will give you an overview of what you need to study for this exam.
  • Know the exam pattern: After reading the syllabus, go through the exam pattern or you can just read in this article. Broadly, the RBI Grade B exam is conducted in three phases namely RBI Grade B Phase I or Prelims, RBI Grade B Phase-II or Mains, and the Interview round. RBI Grade B Phase-I is qualifying in nature. Hence, only the scores in RBI Grade B Phase-II and Interview are considered for the final merit.
  • Glance through previous year cutoffs: The previous year papers will help you in analyzing what kind of questions are asked in the paper which will thereby help you in determining the depth of each subject that you should aim for each subject.
  • Solve one previous year paper: Solve at least one previous year paper without mindless guesses. It will help you in analyzing where you stand at the moment and how much effort you need to put in. It will also help you in determining whether you need to external guidance or you can study on your own.

Step One: Make your study plan [1 week]

After you’re done with a complete understanding of the exam, next, you should come up with your own strategy to complete the syllabus of the exam. Your study plan should be divided on four levels into:

  • Month-wise study plan: This should provide you a rough idea of what you must cover in the particular month. For eg, the subjects in Phase-II need a month each for the complete preparation.
  • Week-wise study plan: For this, break down the syllabus week-wise in order to complete the syllabus extremely effectively. Keep the weekends free for the revision.
  • Day-wise study plan: Day-wise study plan should again mention the subtopics that need to be covered on a particular day.
  • Hour-wise study plan: This simply means to have a proper routine wherein you know what you’ve to do when! For example, consider beginning your day by reading current affairs through newspapers or videos whichever you prefer. Next, break your day in time slots to study for 3-3-2 hours. 8-hour study in the beginning of preparation is sufficient. At this time, do not grill yourself and drain all your energy. Save it for later times when it is barely 2-3 weeks for the exam. 

Step Two: Section-wise preparation strategy for Mains [3 months]

Since the gap between RBI Grade B Phase-I and RBI Grade B Phase-II is extremely less, you should aim for

Step Three: Section-wise preparation strategy for RBI Grade B Phase-I [2 months]

  • Strategy for General Awareness: GA is the most important section for preparation owing to the highest weightage. It is also extremely important because it takes the least time to fetch the marks, you do not require to solve the question to get the answer; if you’ve read it, you know it! Read our experts’ tips on how to prepare General Awareness for RBI Grade B in the linked article.


Step Four: Mock Test Papers & Analysis

  • Solve sectional-mock test: Now, there is no separate timeline for sectional mock test solving because it is something that you must incorporate into your preparation schedule whenever you’re studying the particular subject and after that also, in order to revise it on a daily basis. Solve as many sectional mocks as you can, analyze the mistakes, work on it, and repeat!
  • Solve full mock test: Full-length mock tests must be solved after you’ve covered at least 70% of the entire syllabus. Analyze the result properly. Learn from the mistakes and repeat the process.

Step Five: Mock-test based preparation [3 weeks]

When it’s about 3 weeks left for the exam, switch your preparation strategy in the favor of mock-test based preparation for RBI Grade B prelims. Keep in mind that Prelims also has a sectional cutoff that you need to qualify in order to be considered for the final merit. For this, you need to,

  • Solve mock test: Solve a full-length mock test in the stipulated time. Make sure the conditions are similar to what you’ll face during the exam time. And complete the test in one go.
  • Analyze the mock test: Through the result, try and analyze the result of the mock test extremely carefully, look for your weaknesses, and learn the new concepts only from the mock tests at this stage.
  • Revision: Keep revising one or two topics a day from your handwritten notes for General Awareness and Vocabulary portion of the English Language. Focus only on the Prelims at this stage as it is extremely important to qualify Prelims in order to sit for Phase-II or RBI Grade B Mains.

So, this is our five-step preparation strategy on how to prepare for RBI Grade B exam for fresh aspirants. If you need further assistance, you can enroll in our online course that will help you in covering the entire syllabus of the RBI Grade B exam very strategically. Our detailed RBI Grade B online Comprehensive course also includes mock-test papers that are closest to the actual exam. Get in touch with our course counselors to get complete details about the course deliverables.

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