RBI Grade B Interview 2021 | Best Tips & Question Bank

RBI Grade B Interview is the last and final step of the RBI Grade B Exam. The selection ratio in RBI Grade B interview is 2:9. It means 2 candidates out of every 9 candidates are selected in the process. Hence, it does play a crucial role in the selection. The interview is of 50 marks while the RBI Grade B-Mains exam is of 300 marks. The final selection is determined on the basis of the final score out of a total of 350 marks (Mains + Interview).

In the RBI Grade B interview process, the interview-panel assesses the candidate on three major criteria - confidence, knowledge, and personality. Since you’ve already qualified RBI Grade B Mains, it is fair to assume that you have sufficient knowledge about the technical aspects. Hence, in this round, you should work on your soft skills and presentation skills to ace the interview round.

Preparation Tips For RBI Grade B Interview

If you will prepare for the RBI Grade B Interview strategically, it will not be that difficult for you to answer the questions of the panel. However, it is important to note that just subject knowledge is not enough to crack the RBI Grade B Interview, you’ll need much more than it in your arsenal. Let’s look at some preparation tips for RBI Grade B Interview:

Fill The Biodata Form For RBI Grade B Interview Carefully

The biodata form that precedes the RBI Grade B Interview is a peek into your personality. Hence, be extremely careful about writing the details in it. It will be the basis of your first impression on the panel members. The two deal breakers than can take you downhill are - lying on biodata form and taking it casually. The panel members are experienced folks, so they will definitely catch your lies. Hence, avoid that. Be true to your personality. Secondly, don’t take the form lightly. Even casual questions such as hobbies must be carefully written

Prepare Generic Questions About Yourself 

Questions in the likes of - introduce yourself, tell us about yourself will be among the first questions that may be asked during the RBI Grade B interview. Hence, prepare a very influential answer to that question. Keep it simple, short and convincing. List down the answer to “Why you want to join RBI” and ensure that your answers reflect your passion about the banking industry.

Know about your native place, alma-mater, and city of your residence 

Questions concerning your native place, alma-mater may be asked. Hence prepare the historic importance of your native place, core values of your alma-mater, motto, who established it, etc

Knowledge about RBI

It should not come across as a surprise, as RBI is your potential employer, and hence, you must know everything about it. Keep a tab on the recent developments/reports/announcements. You can find them on the RBI website. 

Knowledge about RBI Grade B officer profile

Questions concerning your job role, what are the things you would want to transform etc may be asked in the RBI Grade B Interview. Hence, have a thorough understanding of the Grade B officer job role

Technical Knowledge

Brush up on the technical aspects of the syllabus for the interview, questions concerning different institutions like NABARD, Cooperative Banks, WTO, World Bank, etc have been asked earlier. Conceptual questions from topics like NPA, Stock market, monetary policy instruments have also been asked. 

Knowledge about current affairs topics

Prepare the topics from the contemporary discourse, for example, the economic impact of COVID-19. Incorporate daily newspaper-reading in your schedule to effectively prepare for the interview. You can also give mock interviews to prepare well for the final one. 

RBI Grade B Interview Question Bank

Taking into consideration, RBI Grade B interview experience of our students, we’ve compiled  a list of questions that you must prepare before the RBI Grade B interview:

  1. Introduce yourself - Tell us something about yourself.

  2. Where do you hail from? And what do you know about your native place?

  3. Tell us something about your hobbies.

  4. Who is your role model and what are the qualities that you’ve imbibed from him/her?

  5. What inspired you to join the banking sector?

  6. What do you know about SWOT?

  7. How should the government increase its revenue without increasing the income-tax?

  8. Can you differentiate between fiscal deficit and revenue deficit?

  9. How does RBI generate profit? 

  10. What are the different departments in RBI? Do you know anything about them?

  11. What are the roles of RBI? Which one fascinates you the most?

  12. What is NPA? How should India resolve its NPA crisis?

  13. What do you know about the economic survey?

  14. Do you think India can become a cashless economy? What are the pros and cons of a cashless economy?

  15. Do you know anything about the consolidated fund of India?

  16. Which social media networking website do you use the most? What are your views on it?

  17. Do you think social media has more negatives than positives? 

  18. Which is your favorite sport? Who is your favorite athlete?

  19. Do you have a PPF account? What are your views on investments in PPF?

  20. What are the current RBI monetary policy rates? Do you know about that?

  21. Which department handles cybercrime in India? Can you name it?

  22. What do you know about e-choupal?

  23. Do you know about OROP?

  24. How many alpha-numeric digits are there in IFSC code?

  25. Do you know anything about portfolio investment?

  26. What is the difference between a leader and a manager?

  27. Do you think HR plays an important role in the organizational framework?

  28. Differentiate between mergers, acquisitions, and takeovers. How is one different from the other?

  29. Why does a stock-market crash? What do smart investors do at the time?

  30. What are the duties of the RBI Grade B officer? 

  31. What do you know about the World Bank and the IMF? How are they different from each other?

  32. What are the functions of cooperative banks in India?

  33. Can you identify the areas that can be worked out to strengthen the Indian economy?

  34. What should be the possible strategies to uplift the economy out of the COVID-19 crisis?

  35. What measures were taken by RBI to counter the economic fallout from COVID-19 fallout?

These are some of the questions that you should prepare for RBI Grade B Interview. In addition to that, be well prepared with the current affairs and the hot topics of the contemporary discourse. 

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