RBI Grade B vs IAS

RBI Grade B will give you better growth, both personally and professionally. Out of all the three phases in RBI Grade B, phase 2 is the only one which has a descriptive paper which is English. On the other hand, IAS has 9 descriptive papers.

RBI Grade B officers earn more money when compared to IAS officers. For clearing the RBI Grade B exam, you should be up to date with the current affairs of the previous year. IAS has a history section which is very vast and doesn’t even have a definite period from which questions will be asked.

The perks given at the Reserve Bank of India are too good to be true, their quarters are also rich. For the RBI B exam, one needs to be well versed with all Economics, Finance and Management topics. For the IAS exam one needs to be aware of all societies, states, World and Indian history, and a lot more things.

IAS jobs are all about power as they involve dealing with the public. It will also provide you with more social recognition. More than ten lakh students appear for the IAS exam every year and more than two lakh students appear for the RBI Grade B exam every year.

Work timings are fixed at the Reserve Bank of India, you also have an off on weekends. Hence, your work life balance will be good as you will have plenty of time for your family. IAS jobs may not provide you with a good work life balance.

Promotion opportunities are the same for both the jobs as both are in the government sector and follow the hierarchy system.

Your work as an RBI Grade B officer can make a difference in the financial world and reach the lives of millions. Your choices can make the news. For your whole professional lifespan, the multi-disciplinary nature of work guarantees that you are persistently facing new difficulties.

Both the occupations are among the top government sector employments of our nation. If you want to make a career in Finance, RBI is the right place for you.

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