RBI grade B officer and MBA are two altogether different vocation choices suitable for two altogether different sort of personalities with different ambitions from life. Let's take a look at the differences between the two.

SR. No. RBI Grade B MBA
1 Provides stability. Is dynamic.
2 Takes a few years for promotions. Promotions can happen at any stage.
3 The work is majorly a desk job with zero interaction with clients. The job depends on your stream but it is mostly client oriented which gives you ample opportunities to interact with people.
4 There is no option. You have to work in the banking department. You can select the department where you wish to work out of Finance, HR, Marketing and Operations.
5 It has a good work life balance. It is stressful and has a low work life balance.
6 Cracking RBI grade B will help you t get entry into one of the most desired jobs in public sector. MBA from a good college can help you land a challenging and good paying job with international exposure.
7 The perks and benefits of working at RBI are good. A good MBA college will give you a higher salary job.
8 There is only one entrance exam for this position and it is relatively easier to crack. MBA has various entrance exams and all of them are difficult to crack. The most difficult being CAT which makes it difficult to get into IIM.
9 It is a shorter process wherein you get a job after cracking all the 3 phases of the exam. It is a longer process wherein after the entrance exam you have to study for 2 years and then you get a job.
10 Salary is fixed. Salary range depends on the college name.
11 It is an exam for a job at the central bank. It is a degree.

Consider all the differences and then wisely select one. Do not select one just because it has more salary, keep your interests in mind while making your decision.

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