Sessions on Statistical Methods in Economics

by Sangeeta Bedi

Mentor, Economics

M.Phil. (Delhi University)

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Course Overview

In recent times, there has been a significant transformation in the field of Statistics. It no longer is the study of how data is collected and presented. It now is being seen as a science--the science of basing inferences on observed data, essentially used as an aid to decision making in the face of uncertainty. Modern-day Statistics provides the framework for looking at situations faced by organizations that deal in big data in a logical and systematic manner. Statistics provides the basic tools for those interested in going in for machine learning.

Even though Statistics is effectively applied in Engineering, Physics, Astronomy, Quality Assurance, Psychology and so on, the purview of this course is to apply it to Economics and Business.


This course shall prove helpful especially for aspiring economists and researchers those who are currently pursuing Economics,Commerce,Statistics or Finance at Graduate & Post Graduate levels.

What makes Sangeeta an Exceptional Mentor?

  • Teaching courses in Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Econometrics (Research methodologies and applications) for students pursuing BA Eco (Hons), B.Com (Hons), and to any undergraduate students majoring in Economics/ Management/ International Relations
  • Preparing students for college entrance and course exams, including Delhi School of Economics, Ashoka University, Amity University, University of Warwick( UK), King’s College(UK), Exeter (UK), and the like.
  • Taught courses on Econometrics for post-graduate students pursuing Masters of Business Economics (MBE) at Delhi University
  • Approved Indian English voice for Text to Speech Voice Overs
  • Former "Business Mathematics" faculty at Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University
  • Former "Micro Economics" faculty at Sri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University

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Conditional Probability

Normal Distribution

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Statistical Methods in Economics-Crash Course Economics 5,000 + G.S.T
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Commonly asked questions

Who should attend this program?

College going students who are studying statistics & economics at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Why should you attend this program?

A perfect blend of Economics & Statistics delivered by an expert with vast experience in preparing students for University level examinations for statistical methods in economics.

What is the duration of the program?

The program is divided into 14 sessions spread across a span of two months.

Will the classes be available in live or recorded mode?

The classes shall be available in both Live & recorded format through

Would study material be provided along with the course?

The course shall be taught through notes & interactive live classes & no physical books shall be provided with the course.