Benefits of Taking Digital SAT Diagnostic Test

Know your Start Point for Digital SAT Preparation

Once you know where you stand when it comes to your Digital SAT Preparation, you can begin to build your study plan in earnest

Section-wise Analysis

Get a section-wise & topic-wise analysis of your performance in the test to understand where you need to improve

Analysis of Time Taken per Question

Get to know how much time you spent on each question in the test to work on your in-exam time management

Performance Analysis by Question Difficulty Level

Get to know how you performed on questions based on difficulty

Format of Digital SAT Diagnostic Test


Number of Questions




16 minutes



14 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start preparing for the Digital SAT exam?

One should start preparing for the Digital SAT exam immediately after class 10th board exams. Take the diagnostic test to assess where you stand currently.

Will I get practice questions?

You can practice with the questions available in the online portal. There are 5000+ questions to solve.

How does the Digital SAT Diagnostic test work?

The Digital SAT Diagnostic test usually consists of questions that cover topics such as math, reading, and writing. Once the test is completed, the results are analyzed to provide a detailed report on performance and areas that need improvement.

How long is the Digital SAT diagnostic test?

The math module of the Digital SAT diagnostic test is 16 minutes long and the English module is of 14 minutes duration. Therefore, the total time for both parts is 30 minutes.

Will I get practice mocks?

Yes. Every student who enrolls with us for Digital SAT Classes gets Mock tests as a part of the program.

What if i have any query regarding the program?

You can speak to a counsellor regarding any query related to Digital SAT by registering on this page. You can also mail your queries to