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How to prepare for SAT? What is the syllabus of SAT? What are the topics to be covered for SAT math? Can I use a calculator on SAT math section? How many hours do I need to study for the exam? From where do I prepare for the exam? If yes, then join us for a free webinar, where we will give you an overview of the Math section of the SAT and also give you a detailed introduction to the key components of the SAT exam.

If you are just starting your SAT prep or are stuck at a lower math score of around 500 to 600, this webinar will help you gain insight into the mistakes you might be making. Join us and learn how you can avoid these mistakes and plan your preparation following a few simple steps.

Session Highlights

  • Understand the overall SAT structure & syllabus: We will discuss insight into three areas of focus for the SAT math: Heart of Algebra, Problem Solving & Data Analysis, and Passport to Advanced Math
  • In-depth understanding of the different types of questions: Multiple choice and Gridded response questions. 
  • Introduction to Multiple type question type: Give you an insight into how to solve multiple type questions which constitute 80% of the Math test.
  • Introduction to Gridded response question type: Give you an insight into how to solve Gridded response question type which constitutes the remaining 20% of the Math test.

August 22, 2022

18:00 hrs

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About the Mentor

Kapil Madaan

SAT Quant Expert


Kapil earned an MBA after his mechanical engineering degree. He performed well on standardized tests such as GMAT. He has been teaching Quant for more than 10 years and helped thousands of students achieve their target scores, with his unique ability to break a most complex problem into simpler mathematical steps. Most of his students get a score between Q45 - 51 on GMAT.


Divyansh Jain

SAT Score: 1560
(800/800 in Math)

Career Launcher's SAT preparation course helped me remarkably in the reading and grammar section of the SAT, especially in using effective time management strategies and tackling different types of questions frequently tested on the exam. Their learning platform consists of clear and concise video lessons and worksheets for all sections of the SAT. I primarily made use of the videos on grammar concepts and reading strategies and solved worksheets on some topics, which helped me gain a better understanding of the topic. The teachers were available at all hours to address any queries that I had and the one-on-one doubt clearing sessions helped me a lot to identify and address my weaknesses. I would highly recommend the Career Launcher SAT preparation course to other students.