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SAT is going digital from March 2023 and it is time for all aspirants to keep pace with the changes that have been made. Take the lead and prepare yourself in advance for the Digital SAT, as we decode the Digital SAT and debunk the myths in our webinar. Learn what strategies and skills you need in order to crack a 1500+ score on the new SAT exam.

  • Understand the new structure and pattern of the test to help you plan your preparation.
  • Learn key reading strategies for short passages and identify common trap answers on the new question types.
  • Learn all the grammar rules tested and how to spot them to ace Writing questions.
  • Lear how to use the adaptive nature of the test to your advantage.

September 18, 2023

18:30 hrs

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About the Mentor

Mayur Tyagi

SAT Verbal Expert


Mayur has been helping students ace SAT for over 7 years. He breaks the most complex verbal concepts into simple steps that students can easily follow and achieve their targeted score.


Divyansh Jain

SAT Score: 1560
(800/800 in Math)

Career Launcher's SAT preparation course helped me remarkably in the reading and grammar section of the SAT, especially in using effective time management strategies and tackling different types of questions frequently tested on the exam. Their learning platform consists of clear and concise video lessons and worksheets for all sections of the SAT. I primarily made use of the videos on grammar concepts and reading strategies and solved worksheets on some topics, which helped me gain a better understanding of the topic. The teachers were available at all hours to address any queries that I had and the one-on-one doubt clearing sessions helped me a lot to identify and address my weaknesses. I would highly recommend the Career Launcher SAT preparation course to other students.