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Meet our Language Experts

Ms. Rajlakshmi

Hi, I am your Russian Language Instructor, Rajlakshmi. After finishing my Post Graduation in philosophy from Delhi University I did my Advanced Diploma in Russian Language in 1990 -1992 from Russian Cultural Centre at Feroz Shah Road, New Delhi. I have extensive, hands-on and real world experience with Russian including working at the Uzbekistan Embassy in the 1990s and then being a translator, trainer and business guide to industries and companies that had a strong exposure to Russia and central Asian republics.

Over 30 years of rich experience in various services apart from Educational industry has made me more focused towards understanding the requirements of a learner of this wonderful language and solving their problems and nurturing their learning skills and abilities. Most of my students have been senior business people, young entrepreneurs; apart from Russian language enthusiasts in their college years.


The 3 things I am loving about the Russian classes are:

  • They are challenging
  • The accent
  • That I am learning something new

Rajlaxmi Mam is extremely kind, understandable, and friendly. She sounds like a native speaker, which makes me all the more interested to learn. She supports and motivates me, and makes me feel very comfortable to ask any question I might have. She is the best!

Dawa Chottan

The 3 things I am loving about my Spanish classes are

  • Teacher
  • Teaching skills
  • Solving exercises

The teacher is super! I have learnt simple tricks; what is taught is easy to understand, and the learning is fun.

Anuja Gaikwad

The 3 things I am loving about my French classes are:

  • The benefits I am deriving from the detailed & comprehensive curriculum
  • The teaching style
  • The proactive approach of the supporting staff. They make sure every student attends the class and has relevant notes

Hiral Ma'am is really good in what she does! Not only is she proficient in her content and subject, but her teaching style too is worth appreciating. It's a nurturing and gentle style often found in kindergarten teachers; which is great, since we are also beginners in a new language, and we require patience to be dealt with.

Ashmita Justa

The 3 things I am loving about my French classes are:

  • The words and accent of the language
  • I need French for my higher studies, so I like to learn about it
  • The language is hardly spoken in my area. So, I want to learn and teach it to my siblings

The teacher never gets angry, even when I ask her again and again! She teaches really well and is extremely kind. She is a very good tutor!

Amanjeet Kaur

The 3 things I am loving about the Russian classes are:

  • 1. After only 2 classes, I have learnt that Russian is easy - mainly due to the teaching methods of Rajlakshmi Ma'am.
  • 2. The course content and PPTs are very good and of high quality.
  • 3. The way Ma’am helps me in understanding each and every point

Rajlakshmi Ma’am is "SUPER SE BHI UPAR". Not only does she teach in a detailed manner, but also clears all my doubts, and conducts frequent revisions in the class!

Arya Singh

The 3 things I am loving about the Russian classes:

  • The extremely flexible schedule.
  • The easy and simplified teaching.
  • We get the recordings of each class, which is wonderful!

Rajlakshmi Madam is super! She teaches in a stepwise and simplified manner; is very approachable; and even adjusts the class timing according to my convenience. She also clears every doubt; and is very attentive. She is a lovely teacher!

Debangana Dasgupta