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  • 25th May 2024
  • 12:00 hrs
  • Online

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Session Highlights

  • Explore top universities for MS in Business Analytics programs in the USA.
  • Discover the diverse career opportunities for business analytics graduates in the USA.
  • Learn about the admission process and eligibility criteria.
  • Gain valuable insights into how to create a compelling application
  • Get your queries resolved from our Co-Founder during a Q&A session.

Session Speaker

Sreenivasan .R

R. Sreenivasan

Co-Founder, Career Launcher

With over 30 years of invaluable experience in the education sector, Sreeni Sir has travelled the length and breadth of India coaching students towards their dream destinations. An MBA from IIM, Bangalore and an MCA from JNU, Sreeni is another CL Co-Founder who has worked with more than a million students over the years, helping them take the final step towards making their career dreams come true.

Results Speak the Loudest

I would like to thank Anubhav sir for his guidance throughout the application process. He pushed me to do better every time I talked to him by not sugarcoating the truth. He helped me tremendously with my essays making sure that every line was well thought out. Most of the interview questions he helped me prepare for turned up in one form or another during the actual interviews. The constructive feedback provided by Shivku sir after taking mock interviews was really valuable as well and helped me prepare for specific questions that I had not thought of. My overall experience was very positive and I am thankful to the entire team at Career Launcher.

Karan Sharma

Career Launcher has helped me at various steps of my preparation to pursue a master's degree in the United States and get admission in my dream university. The personal counselling helped me identify all the programs that fit with my future career interests and current skill set; and guided me through the application process. I was consulted by Mr. Anubhav, whose insights in various university programs and feedback on my CV and essays was extremely valuable. It helped me iteratively refine my essays and develop my strong and original applications, which helped me get admission into one of the top programs on my list.

Saksham Soni

I am grateful to Career Launcher for helping me secure admissions to my dream schools in the US. I was consulted by Mr. Anubhav Seth, who helped me throughout the application process to identify my career goals and apply accordingly to programs that fit the best with my current skill sets. I applied to the Master of Business Analytics program at MIT Sloan School of Management, Columbia University, and Georgia Institute of Technology, and I was fortunate enough to secure admission offers from all of them. His advice and suggestions helped me a lot in iteratively refining the application essays and videos. For the interview preparation, Mr. Anubhav helped me with multiple mock interviews with subject matter experts that helped me gain confidence and get prepared. The whole personalized counseling experience was tremendous and helped me secure admissions to all the schools I applied to in the US.

Arpit Jain

It was a very focused, and deliberate, support from my Mentor at Career Launcher that laid the foundation for me to ace the admission process in Yale SOM. My NIFT background meant that I was arguably in need of Math support, which came through as a default and in addition, I also learnt a lot from the counseling support I received from my Mentor. He ensured that at every point of time during our sojourn, I was working to lift my profile up from a star performer to a holistic superstar (in the eyes of the ad-com). Thanks indeed!

Akanksha Srivastava

It has been a great experience receiving guidance and support. The CL's admission councling program helped me on how to go about approching a college and fixing the right time to schedule my exams.I could just approch the faculty anytime with any kind of queries-small or big. I would highly recommend the program to students aspiring for international education.

Bishakha Hrushikesh Praharaj

With a GRE score of 304 and TOEFL score of 91, I doubt how many of us can even dream to land in top universities like University Of Southern California and Arizona State University. I really had any hopes to land into my dream universities !But, I just wanted to give it a try, and! When you have the right coach at your back, you never know, your trial shot can actually land to a perfect six. It was Anubhav, who had my back to turn my career dreams into reality! I loved the entire journey starting from choosing the universities to getting admits and to applying for scholarships as well! A big Thanks to Anubhav for the incredible guidance ( and especially your patience in dealing with my queries), And special thanks to ARKSS, for helping me with the right direction at the most needed time. Apart from building careers, CL shapes you as a person! It's not just joining an institute for coaching, its actually shaping your career through the guidance of incredible mentors and hence, shaping your own self!

Vidya Challa

My application shone because of a lot of microscopic reviews & magnificent support from my Mentors! The support I received from Career Launcher Mentors was unstinted and always top class. I felt really relieved after meeting my Mentors because they helped me bring a solidity to my Verbal performance, given that I am from an Architectural background. In addition, my sister's experience with them also helped me be convinced about CL as the place to seek admission consulting support from!

Akshay Srivastava

I had already tried for Yale once and was disappointed after being placed on the waitlist without an interview. While doing an initial assessment of my profile, my mentor at CL told me that Yale was the perfect destination for me. He made me write almost 8-9 versions of each of Yale's essay prompts. Finally, when I submitted my essay, I got an interview call and with his guidance I could make it to my dream B-school.

Kumar Vivek

The CL Advanced Placement prep helped me pass five AP exams and helped me skip a whole year at UIUC. I used that time to get a second degree in Maths and a minor in computational mechanics. By the end of third year, I started taking graduate courses in maths, which will led to its own time savings. In fact, the whole process of Admission Consulting with CL was as comprehensive as it can get. The internship that I was allowed to do, the shortlisting of the universities (classified as Dream, Reach & Safety schools), the identification of the best-fit programs and the personality tests that were used to arrive at these decisions were all wonderfully precise.

Vedant Puri

My first contact with CL was right after I had given my GRE. I had scored a pretty decent score, but I knew I required someone's help to get admission in a top notch University. CL made this possible! CL was of big help in editing my SOP. Even the minute of details were taken care of. Special thanks to Biruda Virkud ma'am for guiding me through the admission process in a timely manner and keeping me updated on the scholarships available.

Raghu Chandramohan
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