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Why be a Tutor Partner and teach online?

Dual Brand Benefit

We know that you have put in your life and years of hard work to build your brand. Hence, we offer solution where we will white label the platform in your name and hence all your students continue to see your brand as you teach online. However, if you so wish to derive the dual advantage and capitalize on CL brand as well, feel free to use "CL Tutor Partner".

Advantage CL

CL is much more than an ed-tech company. With 25 years of experience of physical presence in 150+ cities enabling face to face interaction with lakhs of students every year, there is no better organization than CL to understand what student wants and how the e-learning pratform & programs should be. Hence, you can be rest assured then you are going to get the best and nothing but the best.


It's your hard-earned money. No need to pay for the solutions that you will not use. Pay only for the solutions that you need and for specific number of students whom you wish to provide access to. And if you wish to acquire license for students in bulk numbers, feel free to ask for our special pricing packages.

At your service

Stuck up and unable to figure out how to use any feature of our platform ? Don't worry. We are just a phone call away. A dedicated Regional Manager will be there to assist and resolve all your doubts. Or alternatively, feel free to write to us.

Our Solutions for your Business

Business Owner Platform

We provide all our partners relevant tools & support for business intelligence and monitoring. These include, among others, a cutting-edge portal dedicated to student information, a comprehensive repository of services (like advanced ERP for business), faculty management system, batch planning, access to business reports plus analytics, and more.

Batch Management

Inquiry Module

Classes Schedule

Online Program Management

Make use of our cutting-edge technology platform to launch online programs

Support Services

Scale-up your business with support & guidance directly from the leaders at Career Launcher. Benefit from the extensive repository of knowledge accumulated over years of research and entrepreneurial efforts delivered directly at your doorstep. Gain competitive advantage by capitalizing on the goodwill of a national brand.

We shall help you gain perspective on, and create positioning in, the market through regular business reviews with our leaders. What�s more, you will also get the opportunity to capitalize on the online leads you shall receive on a regular basis from us! Platform

We provide all our partners relevant tools & support for business intelligence and monitoring through our own E-Learning Platform. These include, among others, a cutting-edge portal dedicated to student information, a comprehensive repository of services (like advanced ERP for business), faculty management system, batch planning, access to business reports plus analytics, and more. With all these tools, you can teach online with the confidence that you will get the right information from our E-Learning Platform.

  • Live classes - Aspiration Studio Live
  • Cloud data & access of recorded sessions
  • Student enrollment/Fee collection
  • Publish your course/Batch creation
  • Tests & assignments
  • Practice Gym
  • Student performance dashboard
  • E-Books
  • Value added courses
  • AspiBiz – Business ERP


  • Get a perfect blend of both self-paced online learning and classroom learning
  • Gain access to huge content (Mock tests, assignments, videos, topic tests, e-books, etc.)
  • Get smart, in-depth AI-based analyses, predictions, and suggestions
  • Are enabled to prepare for a subject/college/career of their choice
  • Improve their employability with our Career Development Center


  • Are enabled to be completely involved in their child's learning, performance, and career
  • Can catch-up on parenting philosophies, take quizzes, read relevant material
  • Are regularly engaged in both self-development and career-development activities
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Lead Generation & Management Tools

Career Launcher can help you in planning & implementing digital marketing & social media campaigns, thereby leading to higher inquiries & enrolments for your business.


e-Partner is an initiative undertaken to make Career Launcher programs accessible to students at every nook and comer of our vast country through a regional representative (Academic Counsellor). Through the e-Partner program, we seek to create a win-win situation, where the e-Partner gets to sell any of our online products and Test Series fora flat 20% incentive share. An e-Partner is Career Launcher's sales partner. Anyone can become an e-Partner - from a student in college to a stay-at-home mother.

Setting up an e-store for our e-Partner is a n easy 3 step process

Step 1: Registeryourself and get an inaugural bonus of Rs 2,500

Step 2: Load your account with a minimum of Rs 5,000 and as a welcome gift, Rs 5,000 will he credited to youre-Partner account.

Step 3: Upload documents for KYC.

An e-Partner can then start connecting with students, and counsel them for various online programs and Test Series. Enrol students and complete the process by fee collection.

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Our Founders

About Career Launcher

In its 25th year of operations, Career Launcher (a part of the listed company CL Educate) led by Satya Narayanan R (Founder & Chairman) and Gautam Puri (Vice-Chairman & MD) focuses on creating business opportunities at every stage of the consumer & the enterprise life cycle by catering to the learning cycle of individuals in the age group of 14-60. Listed on the BSE and NSE of India in 2017, CL Educate Ltd is a well-diversified and technology-enabled provider of education products, services, content, and infrastructure with presence across the educational value-chain.

CL Educate commenced its operations in 1996; and is present in test-preparation & training services, publishing & content development, integrated business, marketing & sales services for corporates, vocational training programs, and integrated solutions to educational institutions. It operates a gamut of test-prep services under the Career Launcher brand that offers coaching for MBA, Overseas (GRE, GMAT, SAT), Bank, SSC, Civils, Law/BBA, Gate/Engineering/ Medical across India and in Singapore & UAE as well. Led by a team of highly qualified professionals, including IIT-IIM alumni, with a passion for excellence, the company has successfully diversified from a single MBA Test-prep center to a pan-India conglomerate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can we enroll new students?

A. On the partner zone, you can set up your courses, batch details and fee and the potential students can log into the enrolment zone, choose batches and also do payments on the system itself.

Q. How Can I see the demo?

A. You can register for the free demo at We also hold a free webinar each at 11am and 4pm every day. Here the product demo is conducted by our senior partner leaders. You can register for the same at

Q. Would my logo and details be visible to my students and their parents?

A. Yes. Our aspiration platform is entirely available as a white label which means your logo and other details are visible to your students and parents as if it is your own platform. Think of it like your own google email or your own facebook page.

In addition, you also can avail of all the features, content, tools, notifications, free webinars etc., that is broadcast on for over 100,000 students every week. All of these are available only at your discretion and choice.

Q. What additional features can I get if I come on the platform?

A. Depending what features you wish to avail of, you can add more than a dozen features as used by our network members whose business sizes go from 100 students all the way up to half a dozen courses, and 8000 students in one location. These features include:

  • - marketing and enrolments
  • - fee collection and reporting
  • - day to day operations
  • - material distribution and tracking
  • - attendance
  • - class delivery
  • - assessments and mock tests
  • - results and benchmarking
  • - feedback and improvements

Q. What are the costs involved in getting on the

A. The costs involved could be broadly categorized into two types:

Fixed costs :

License fee for the tech-broadcast platform such as Zoom. This fee would be payable at the actual cost to the company. In addition, this platform is entirely integrated into the platform.

All other costs such as technology integration, testing, training and certification will be entirely absorbed by us.

Variable costs :

For every student enrolled, your cost will be INR 75 per student per month. All the features enabled in the platform is covered at this fee.

Q. Are there any other costs, either fixed or variable, that I need to be aware of?

A. There are no other hidden or unknown costs to you. Every other cost will be covered by us so that you can ease into the new way of delivering your courses to your students with no friction or challenge.

Q. Where are the students going to learn?

A. Each student will have a personal log-in and password to his or her personal learning zone. All aspects of learning including video broadcast, assessments, attendance, quiz, general knowledge, notifications and so on are all made available in that single screen for each student in a personalized way.

Q. If any of my students misses a video session, can he or she watch the session later?

A. Yes. The student can attend his session at any time of his choice as every session is archived in the itself. Also, if a student wants to re-view the session again, that is available too and it saves the time of the teacher as well.

Our empirical data shows that about 50 percent of the students end up watching the session as a catch up or a repeat view in the next 72 hours.

Q. What content would be available from for my students?

A. services students, parents and educators in diverse areas and covers learners from the age of 10 to the age of 55. The relevant content for each student gets personalized depending upon the profile and expressed interests by the user. These contents could be in the form of learning session, videos, assessments, general knowledge, current affairs, English language, various competitive exams information, borad examinations, upskills courses and so on.

Q. What should we expect in terms of attendance between the LIVE and the recordings ?

A. Statistically, it is observed that about 50percent of the students attend LIVE at the appointed time / schedule. However, the session attendance goes up to almost 90-97 percent over the next few days or a week. This is one of the well-documented benefits of online classroom technology for both the stakeholders - the learner and the teacher.

Q. What is the difference in the doubt handling and Q&A between the face-to-face classrooms and online classrooms?

A. It is observed that the benefit of anonymity works in favor of the learner in the digital classes. Due to their own lower levels of confidence or diffidence, the class participation is lower in the conventional classroom where as it is seen to be much higher in the online world. Also, the ability to send questions through the chat window enhances doubts in the digital class room. At large class sizes, it is also advised or prudent to create a role called "teaching assistant" who responds to these chat based questions when the session is underway.

Q. How do I create more effectiveness on the online class room?

A. As it happens in the conventional classroom, the risk of losing the student and his/her attention is equal if not more in a remote class. However, the strategies to engage the students remain the same. These include simple practices like asking questions, appreciating a point, taking names of students, cracking a joke, sharing an anecdote or past success stories and so on. These tricks or skills of a successful teacher continue to be important even in the digital classroom world.

Q. What is the best way to teach? Using a PPT or a whiteboard ?

A. To each his own. In our experience, every teacher has his level of comfort both with technology and also with a particular teaching style. We do not recommend interfering with either. Each method has his own pluses and minuses.

Method one : Power point and marker

This method is a sit at the table and teach with a laptop / tablet approach. This needs a bit of pre-work and preparation time of the presentation and quizzes etc,. However, once done this is a very efficient method if this session is going to be repeated often. The amount of coverage also goes up by almost 33percent in our experience.

Method two : white board teaching.

This is a more traditional approach and needs minimal re-adjustment for the teacher. It has the benefit of greater familiarity from past experience. However, it has the down side of being less efficient and under-leverages technology once you get familiar with home-to-home teaching.

Having said the above, we do not believe that anyone except the teacher must have a strong say in the choice exercised for the best outcomes.

Q. What is the best way to get started for my business if we are a groups of 5-7 teachers?

A. Here is a four step process :

  • - Step one : Choosing the best one resource :
  • The best way is to start with one person - yourself or your best teaching resource who s very comfortable with computers.

  • - Step two : One person certification
  • Do the testing and certification sessions with our team. Then, it is best to learn-by-doing a couple of testing sessions with our team.

  • - Step three : Student testing sessions
  • Here you do an actual session with your students logged in. In this session, your colleagues too are encouraged to experience the session.

  • - Step Four : All get certified and on-boarded
  • Here the entire teaching and admin team of yours is enabled and certified to drive the based delivery.

All the above four steps can be achieved in one week.

Q. Would I be able to use my own worksheets on the platform?

A. Yes. You can share your sheets on your zone of Initially, our partnership team can assist you in uploading those sheets for the first month at your request. Subsequently, you will get those enabled in your own admin panel as a DIY (Do-it-yourself) process just the way you upload your own pictures on facebook or Instagram.

Q. Would the privacy of my data and students be maintained?

A. Only you would have the access to all the data and the privacy of those data. Your students data will not be used for any other purpose or monetization without yours as well as from your students. No other partner or employee will have any access to your part of the zone.

Q. What if I do not want to use the content provided by

A. Sure. The content if available to you only at your request and discretion. If not, it will be disabled and your students or teachers wont be able to click-and-enter those zones.

Q. Would I get technical support in the future as well?

A. Absolutely. We understand that you are a teacher and/or an entrepreneur who will have to use the platform with ease. We have a technical team fully dedicated and available on email, phone and whatsapp for quick and rapid response for you. You will get this support as long as you continue to be a member of our network.

Q. What is the recommended strategy to use minimum bandwidth?

A. Our empirical evidence shows clearly that a slide that captures / shows the relevant content along with the familiar and re-assuring known voice of the faculty are the only critical factors. These can be achieved at low bandwidths. Dropping the need to broadcast the video of the faculty is not only a luxury but also not really asked for by the customer. Hence, that could be dropped without any hesitation.