100+ Courses and programs of
every student's need
70% Earn up to 15% - 70% of
student's enrolment fee
0 Cost Highly profitable
business opportunity

Key benefits of being a CL Tutor Partner

Offer CL programs in your locality/center as a full fledged partner or just enroll students for CL programs

Earn social respect

Multiply revenues

Earn 15% - 70% per enrolment with minimal to no marketing costs

Growing need for Institutes

Zero set-up costs

Remain supremely profitable right from the first enrollment. No investment required.

Growing need for Institutes

Large opportunity

Grades VIII-XII is the largest opportunity with 6crores+ children. Offer CL program to fulfill career aspirations

Easiest business financially

Brand goodwill

Get an advantage of the 25+ years of Career Launcher's legacy.

Earn social respect

Delivery support

Best-in-class online and offline programs delivered as both LIVE and recorded lectures; complemented by e-books, test series, etc.

Cultural value of Education

Personalized dashboard

Be in touch with growing business through your real-time dashboards that offers actionable insights.

Partners speak

Here's what our Tutor Partners and Business Partners have to say about their experience with Career Launcher. Watch them, come on board.

Mr. Prem, Commerce Teacher
Mr. Anil Kumar, Math Teacher
Niraj Prasad, Kanpur
Jiten Arora, Faridabad
Gejo Sreenivasan, Mumbai
Lloyd Palikandy, Pune

Hi my name is Arhant jain and I've been training students for Commerce and Economics for the last 15 years.

My experience with CL is amazing with just one signature and 0 cost I was able to double my service basket at the centre.

from commerce and economics now we provide entrance prep for CUCET/IPM/Law and HM

we both have one thing common which has got us together ie. student interest

Arhant Jain - Commerce Classes
Prashant Vihar - North Delhi - Rohini

Hi my name is Shankar Das and I've been teaching students for Humanities for the last 10 year my experience with CL has been phenomenal, I have added CUCET, CLAT, IPM and CL counseling service at my centre that too with 0 investment.

I congratulate them and appreciate them the services they have provided to the students over the years

Shankar Das - Humanities Classes
Patel Nagar - Central Delhi

Hi my name is Jaswinder Singh and I've been teaching students for commerce for the last 30 years in west delhi, my experience with team career launcher has been amazing for last few years alot of my students are serviced by CL for various entrance exams and without a doubt I can say they provide great quailty content and quality of counseling session is amazing, CL Counselor are very knowledgeable too.

I congratulate them for doing this consistently for last 25 years.

it feels great adding the products to our portfolio which will not only increase our revenue but help us caputure more market

Jaswinder Singh - Xcel Prodigy
Subhash Nagar - West Delhi

CL Programs

We focus on diverse segments of education, and across learners of multiple age-groups. The programs that we offer are:

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have questions and the curiosity to know more. Read our FAQs document and get a detailed understanding of what it is like to be a CL Tutor Partner

Test Preparation or Coaching will be the fastest growing category and has huge potential as the following statistics indicate:

  • The expected size of the Indian education sector is going to be INR 16,60,000 Crores by FY 2025. The market is steadily growing historically at a CAGR of 14 percent.
  • Within this, the Tutoring and Test Prep or coaching market is expected to be at INR 2,52,000 Crores by the same year. 
  • Moreover, the consumer spending on education has witnessed a significant increase from INR 1,92,300 Crores per capita in 2013 to INR 5,10,000 Crores per capita in 2019 itself.

Sources: Redseer Report and IBEF Education Presentation

The pandemic might have led to the worst of times for many, but for those who are looking to become an entrepreneur, these are, in fact, the best of times! The reason being, with online coaching taking center stage, the two biggest costs for franchisee owners in education have now been eliminated. Those were:

  • Physical Infrastructure: No carpet area is required
  • Staff: Having faculty members, counselors, marketing personnel on payroll is no longer necessary

Career Launcher offers a great opportunity to start your own low-cost franchisee in that one industry, namely Education, that has to continue uninterrupted; no matter how turbulent the times are!

Specifically, in the Indian context, it is extremely lucrative and rewarding to be in the education space. Here's why:

  1. Cultural value: The huge emphasis that every Indian family gives on education offers an exciting entrepreneurial opportunity for a brand like Career Launcher and an entrepreneur like you.
  2. Growing need: With the competition for the limited number of seats in educational institutes increasing by the day, the demand for quality coaching is also on the rise.
  3. Social Respect: Helping students in achieving their career dreams enables you to give back to the society, and earn both status and respect.
  4. Easy to Breakeven: An education franchise is one of the most financially rewarding businesses, in terms of achieving the breakeven early (provided the operational efforts made are efficient)

Here's why becoming a CL franchisee or tutor partner will be your best bet:

  • The entire academic servicing and classes will be the conducted via www.aspiration.ai - a CL proprietary and owned online platform and will be CL's responsibility
  • CL has a bouquet of 100+ cutting edge, contemporary programs/products/courses using technology across all education streams and ages
  • Goodwill derived from 25+ year old well-recognized & respected CL brand name
  • Regular trainings such as product training, sales & marketing training etc.
  • Regular technology enhancements for products/programs as well as operations
  • Periodic product/program upgrades as per market feedback
  • Get a chance to have regular interaction with skilled CL program managers and leaders
  • The study material will be provided in hard copy and e-books format depending upon product promise to each student

You can become a CL Tutor Partner if you are an individual/entrepreneur who is into coaching/tutoring students presently from grades VI - XII.

At Career Launcher, we consider an ideal business partner to have the following attributes:

Profile of the Tutor Partner

  • Existing Tuition Centers who provide school and college tuitions for various classes and interact with students on frequent basis
  • Home tutors
  • Professionals, who have lost their jobs due to the ongoing pandemic; and are not expected to resume a corporate sector profile anytime soon.
  • Existing entrepreneurs, who had to shut down their business due to various reasons.
  • Housewives, fresh graduates, who have an inclination to be an entrepreneur; and earn additional income.

Qualities of a Tutor Partner

  • Driven towards being part of education & training
  • Have strong value systems
  • Hold at least a PG degree from a good college/university
  • Possess sound counseling skills
  • Have good tele-calling skills
  • Enjoy a connect with the student community (presently, or in the past) due to any assignment

There are 4 simple steps to start selling:

  • Step 1 - Sign up and connect with students

Sign up here and your personalised account with dashboard is ready with login credentials sent to you. Start connecting with the students, and counsel them for the various online programs and Test Series that Career Launcher offers.

Step 2 : Get Certified 

As soon as you sign up and register, our network RM will connect with you to proceed with your formal authorisation, orientation and certification process.

  • Step 3 - Enroll Students

One authorised and certified, enrol students directly from our e-centre on www.careerlauncher.com using your Invite Code 

  • Step 4 - Fee Collection and enrolment completion

The student pays via any digital method on our website. The student receives the Enrolment ID and other credentials for the program they enrolled for and you get your incentives directly into your account.

You can also become a Premium Tuition Partner for the CL’s Young Genius basket of programs and take a larger share of the revenue.

Let us give you a glimpse of how much additional revenue can you generate with this partnership with CL.


CL Product

Product Price

Referral Incentive (15%)


No. of enrollments you need to do


for 20,000

for 50,000

for 2,00,000

Scenario 1: High-ticket product

IPM Premium Online Classes







Scenario 2: Medium-ticket product

CUCET Express Online







Scenario 3: low-ticket product

LST Test Series Comprehensive







The key difference between CL Tutor Partner and Business Partner is as under

Features and Characteristics

Business Partner

(Enrolment and delivery license for all CL programs)

Tutor Partner

(Enrolment license for Young Genius Programs -Foundation, IX-XII))

Premium Tutor Partner

(Enrolment and delivery license for Young Genius Programs -Foundation, IX-XII)





License Fee

INR 10 lakhs to 50 lakhs

INR 1 lakh*

INR10,000 refundable deposit

INR 3 lakhs to 8 lakhs

Partner Share




CL Royalty Share




Study Material Cost








Agreement Term

3 years

1 year

3 years

Persona Fit

Decent Investment capability, Decent education background, preferably from education industry, proven success in past business or professional assignments

Individuals who are already into core tutoring and coaching business which is non-conflicting to CL’s products

Incremental Investment capability, relevant education and delivering tuition programs for at least 2 years. 

Territory Definition




Physical face-to-face academic delivery rights




CL Brand Usage rights (Like putting CL board on centre or newspaper, radio advertisements etc)

Yes as per the agreement

Business generation to be done thru WOM within existing students

Yes as per the agreement

Dedicated RM- To support business development, seminars and all support assistance from HO




Trainings – Academic, Sales and Operations


Only for sales and operations since academic delivery will be done by  CL for the business generated by the Tutor Partner


Exclusive CL ZONE (CL proprietary system) Access with all premium academic content, PPT’s, training videos, online enquiry system etc


Yes – with limited rights and features appropriate for the partner


Dedicated Microsite




Centre Listing on main CL Website 




Marketing Rights / Digital Marketing Rights


Yes, in certain exceptional cases with prior approval


Product Licenses

Max 2 to start with

Can sell all and any products listed on CL E-centre

Yes, for the Young Genius basket of products 

Physical Infra Required

Yes. 1200-1500 sq.ft


Yes. 500sq.ft plus. 

Manpower Required


Yes-One counsellor


Invitation to various CL MEGA EVENTS such as ABC,ABR,MBC,MAC etc


Depends on event on case to case basis


*This is waived till 30th June 2022.

Yes, all Tutor Partners like yourself can sell any or all of the following products at present in addition to CU-CET prep: Law prep, IPM prep, BBA prep, SAT prep.

The license fee to become a Tutor Partner (Enrolment) is INR 1 lakh along with a refundable security deposit of Rs.10,000..

The license fee to become a Premium Tuition Partner (Enrolment and delivery license) is based on the products licensed from the Young Genius product basket. Each product license fee ranges from INR 1 lakh to 5 lakh.

The License fee for becoming a CL Business Partner starts at Rs.10 lakhs and depends on the location and the product licenses chosen.

A tutor partner is trained and certified to counsel and enrol students for any of the CL programs from the young genius basket and is not expected or authorized to teach these students. CL faculty and system takes care of the post-enrolment processes including teaching, material, testing/mocks and so on.

Premium Tutor Partner (PTP), on the other hand, is evaluated and certified for his/her capabilities to deliver the academics/teaching for the programs that he/she is licensed for. In other words, having teachers on roll as well as visiting faculty is essential to become a premium tutor partner.

The academic zone, the study material, the teaching processes are all provided to the PTP by CL.

Commercially speaking, TP earns a royalty of 15 percent from the enrolment collections where as PTP earns as much as 70 percent of the collections.

If you sign up as a Tutor Partner, you are granted rights only to sell or enrol for CL programs

However, you can choose to become a premium tutor partner if you are keen to undertake teaching/servicing and earn greater revenue share.

You can become a premium Tutor Partner who is licensed to undertake teaching / servicing of CL Young Genius basket of programs (Under 18 category) such as CU-CET, Law, IPM Foundation Programs or board performance programs or science foundation programs. This is granted basis detailed evaluation of your academic, business development and investment capabilities.

You, as a Tutor Partner, can enroll for the flagship undergraduate programs such as CU-CET prep, Law prep, IPM prep, BBA prep, SAT prep and can also teach for CU-CET prep by obtaining the relevant license(s). For being eligible to teach the other test-prep or coaching, you have to qualify and sign up as a Business Partner of CL.

No, you are not allowed to use the CL logo or brand. However, the Premium Tutor Partner is allowed to use CL logo in its branding and marketing communication with respect to the licensed Test-prep or coaching products. However, CL reserves the right to permit the use of CL logo in exceptional circumstances and on case to case basis with express prior written approval from CL solely at its discretion

Yes, as a CL Tuition Partner, you will get access to a unified system log in business MIS named ASPIBIZ

Yes, the agreement is non-exclusive and non-compete in nature. CL reserves the right to enter into similar arrangement with any other individual / company / organization on any terms desirable to the Company. You also agree and acknowledge that for the term it shall not engage in any manner whatsoever with a competitor of the Company for similar relationship of cross selling of similar products like that of the CL.

For each enrolment done by you, and evidenced in the CL system, the share of your revenue will be transferred to your bank account in the established SOPs for all partners.

There is cool off period of 1 month from the date of enrolment for the enrolment to be considered as confirmed. For every enrolment done from 1st to 15th of any month, the payment will be made by the 18th of the following month. For all enrolments done between 16th and last day of each month the payment will be made by the 31st of any month the payment will be made by the 3rd of the 2nd month).

You will be allocated an INVITE CODE as soon as you become CL Tutor Partner. You need to ensure that the customer/student uses your unique INVITE CODE at the time of enrolment. You need to share your INVITE CODE to them to ensure that they enter the same on enrolment page at the time of enrolment so that the credit can be given to you.

The Tutor Partner whose invite code has been uploaded by the student will get the credit.

The decision of the Career Launcher will be deemed as final and binding on partners in case of any conflicts.

The key advantage of uploading your student data is that you will get INR 300 per student in case the student enrols without your invite code as well. The Tutor Partner who has uploaded the student data first with that particular student name in the data is entitled to such credit into his account. Hence, it becomes extremely important to upload the student details promptly and regularly updating them from time to time in your respective aspiration account.

The value is not in data. It is abundantly available now-a-days at throw away price. The value is in the genuine mentoring and counselling that you do to the students and take it towards an enrolment closure. From a business stand-point, the overwhelming weightage will be on the final enrolment conversion and ERP entry with the fee receipt issued.

Our approach of ensuring that the credit goes to you for the final outcome is in line with the honest, committed and transparent approach to our partners over decades. With 25+ years of legacy, CL have always stood as an open, transparent, honest and law-abiding organization.

Any discount that you choose to offer over and above the stated discounts on our website is at your discretion entirely and that needs to be paid by you to the student from your own referral incentive share. In other words, you are making that choice to discount it further to enrol the student and we leave that as your freedom and prerogative.

A few steps and processes kick in at the signing of the licensing agreement with CL :

  • An official framed certificate with validity dates will be presented to you for display at the front office of your centre(s)
  • Your details will be available on our website for the public to view. The details will include the name, address, phone number, email ID etc
  • Your official agreement papers in your possession will act as a proof for any presentation or conversation with your customers. You can take the printout of same from your Apsibiz account.
  • You will be given rights and access to ASPIBIZ platform 
  • You need to advise him to get in touch with our helpline numbers, as given on our website. Our support team will help the student on any issue or concern. Career Launcher support team can be reached at support@careerlauncher.com. You can also call on the same number and seek support.
  • You will also free to seek help from an RM (regional manager) assigned as your SPOC (Single point of contact) for any assistance or even trouble shooting in addition to handholding and guidance to build and grow your business.

Career Launcher partner program is more than two decades old. There are strongly established and board approved institutional processes that helps run the partners program on a day-to-day basis. Career Launcher team and network business management process keeps monitoring your progress in a programmatic manner on various such as customer feedback, business growth, core values adherence and so on.

In exceptional circumstances, CL has exercised her right to terminate Partner relationship on ground such as unethical business practices, safety of women / girl students, centre safety and adherence to the laws of the land and so on. These are seen as inviolable in the CL context.

The network Regional Manager will be your SPOC till the time your formal authorization, orientation and certification process has not happened. Once you are formally certified, the business regional manager (RM) takes over as your SPOC to help and assist you in building sales via student enrolments and any other day to day business related matters.

You need to be ready with the soft copies of the following documents. These need to be uploaded by you on your dashboard through your aspibiz account :

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Cancelled cheque
  • Photograph

Our training covers the following aspects during your orientation and certification process:

  • Introduction to CL 
  • Our core ideology – Core purpose and core values
  • Product training
  • Technology platforms
  • Our achievements
  • Our key USP’s etc

In addition, You will be familiarized with

  • features, benefits and advantages of CL TP program.
  • key differences between various partner programs 
  • the Do’s and Dont’s 
  • Hands-on log-in and manage your CL platforms
  • All of these will be anchored by your designated network RM.

Once you are done with your orientation program and all your KYC checks, you will be issued the following as a mark of formal affiliation with Career Launcher :

  • An official framed certificate with validity dates for display at the front office of your centre(s)
  • Your details will be available on our website for the public to view. The details will include the name, address, phone number, email ID etc
  • You will be given rights and access to ASPIBIZ platform 
  • Sample sets of study material and marketing collaterals

You can start enrolling as soon as you are formally certified by us and relationship is transferred to your respective business RM. In other words, you are not entitled to enrol any student until the partnership certificate is formally issued to you.