Key advantages of VBP

Cultural value of Education


No investment required in form of any rentals for any infrastructure or premises. You can operate from your home.

Growing need for Institutes


No need to hire any employees. You can run the business as one-man enterprise.

Earn social respect


No high costs of advertisements, marketing or promotions.

Easiest business financially


Extremely minimal investment towards training and support fees to Career Launcher.

Growing need for Institutes


Multiple test prep products can be offered thereby widening the scope, business potential and opportunity.

Earn social respect


You get the jumpstart advantage of 25+ years of expertise of CAREER LAUNCHER brand, goodwill, systems, processes and pedagogies thereby making it easier to build business at zero risk.

Why Career Launcher as a low investment franchise?

Low Investment extremely affordable to all and an excellent option as a low investment franchise

Unlimited Benefits

Revenue Share

No hidden cost implies an affordable option for students, and a transparent one for the franchisee.


Regional Manager allocation for launch plan, marketing webinars, training, seminars, student-support, and planning day-to-day activities.


End-to-end product & counseling training provided by our experts.


250+ test-prep centers across 115+ Indian cities - as well as centers in Dubai and Oman - ensure both national & international presence.


Best-in-class online programs are delivered as both LIVE and recorded lectures; and are complemented by e-books, test series, etc.


Leverage on our experience accrued over 25 years of existence in the education domain.

Huge basket of products

Huge Product Basket

We are the only education service provider in India that offers a huge variety in product offerings - from tuition for Class VIII to preparation for various competitive entrance exams, including CAT, IIT-JEE, NEET, GRE, GMAT, etc.

Formidable reputation

Formidable Reputation

Since 1996, we have built a sense of goodwill and a reputation as a formidable brand, through our federation of entrepreneurs. This, in turn, enables our new business partners in setting up a successful venture.

Proven business model

Proven Model

Our centralized R&D, product development, and proven technology edge allow each of our business partners to focus solely on the last mile of the education franchise business.

Record of delivering results

Legacy of Results

The test-preparation business is all about consistently delivering good results. Not only is Career Launcher counted among the best in each segment we operate in, we also have our results audited to ensure complete transparency.

What you get

The entire academic servicing and classes will be the conducted via - a CL proprietary and owned online platform and will be CL's responsibility.

Cutting edge, contemporary programs/products/courses using technology.

Goodwill derived from well-recognized & respected CL brand name.

Regular trainings such as product training, sales & marketing training etc.

Technology enhancements for products/programs as well as operations.

Periodic product/program upgrades as per market feedback.

Regular interaction with skilled CL manpower.

The study material will be provided in e-books format to each student

Program basket

We focus on diverse segments of education, and across learners of multiple age-groups.
The programs that we offer are:

How to start selling


Know your customer

Start connecting with the students, and counsel them for the various online programs and Test Series that Career Launcher offers.


Enroll Students

You have to enroll students directly from our e-centre on ensuring that you enter your INVITE CODE at the time of enrolment


Fee Collection and enrolment completion

The student pays via any digital method on our website. The student receives the Enrolment ID and other credentials for the program they enrolled for and you get your incentives directly into your account.

Why an Education Franchise?

The ongoing pandemic might have led to the worst of times for many, but for those who are looking to become an entrepreneur, these are, in fact, the best of times! The reason being, with online coaching taking center stage, the two biggest costs for franchisee owners in education have now been eliminated. Those were:

  • Physical Infrastructure: No carpet area is required
  • Staff: Having faculty members, counselors, marketing personnel on payroll is no longer necessary

Career Launcher offers a great opportunity to start your own low-cost franchisee in that one industry, namely Education, that has to continue uninterrupted; no matter how turbulent the times are!

Cultural value of Education

Cultural Value

The huge emphasis that every Indian family gives on education offers an exciting entrepreneurial opportunity for a brand like Career Launcher and an entrepreneur like you.

Growing need for Institutes

Growing Need

With the competition for the limited number of seats in educational institutes increasing by the day, the demand for quality coaching is also on the rise.

Earn social respect

Social Respect

Helping students in achieving their career dreams enables you to give back to the society, and earn both status and respect.

Easiest business financially

Easy to Breakeven

An education franchise is one of the most financially rewarding businesses, in terms of achieving the breakeven early (provided the operational efforts made are efficient).

Our Ideal Partner

At Career Launcher, we consider an ideal business partner to have the following attributes:


  • Professionals, who have lost their jobs due to the ongoing pandemic; and are not expected to resume a corporate sector profile anytime soon.
  • Existing entrepreneurs, who had to shut down their business due to various reasons.
  • Housewives, fresh graduates, who have an inclination to be an entrepreneur; and earn additional income.


  • Driven towards being part of education & training
  • Have strong value systems
  • Hold at least a PG degree from a good college/university
  • Possess sound counseling skills
  • Have good tele-calling skills
  • Enjoy a connect with the student community (presently, or in the past) due to any assignment
Interest in student interaction

Interest in Student Interaction

We look for people who, through teaching or counseling, can convert interactions with students into business development opportunities and brand building.

24/7 commitment

24/7 Commitment

Considering the demanding nature of the education franchise business, our expectation from you is round-the-clock commitment towards business development, operations, and student interaction.

Uncompromising ethical attitude

Uncompromising Ethics

We adhere to our core values (ROOHI: Risk-taking, Openness, Ownership, Honesty & Commitment to the Customer, and Innovation) religiously; and, likewise, expect all our business partners to be uncompromising in terms of ethics of running a business.

How We Help You Grow

Your Business


Our team helps you put in place an action plan and measurable targets. They will also guide you through regular reviews, feedback, and constant support in business development.



Our central marketing team will help you plan, execute, and track both online and offline campaigns. We offer continuous support and performance analytics across programs and channels.



We provide all our education franchise partners relevant tools and support for business intelligence and monitoring. These include, among others, a cutting-edge portal dedicated to student information, a comprehensive repository of online learning resources, and an advanced ERP for business.



Career Launcher is known for its unparalleled study material. Updated to match the latest exam patterns, these are supported with regular training sessions and workshops.

Hear what Satya, the India's original Ed-tech founder, has to say

If you are looking to understand exactly what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur in the education domain, listen to Satya as he expounds on his journey through tumultuous times as he grew the company that is Career Launcher from inception to its IPO.

Blog on Franchising and the Education Industry

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Initial Charges

One-time fee for the start-up activities for the purpose of initiation and for rendering the pre-commencement trainingand support of only 10000/- per annum is payable. (GST extra). CL will reimburse 10% (ten percent) on the total sales clocked by CL-VBP. For example, if as a VBP, you clock the sales of 5,00,000/- (Rupees five lakhs only) in a month (net of taxes), you will be reimbursed 10% of the sales amount i.e 50000/- (Rupees fifty thousand only).

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