Admission Consulting

The Admission Consulting service provided by us is unique in the fact that it is designed for you! That's right.The entire process is custom made to fit around your own unique personality.It is our strong belief that no two people in the world are the same, in line with this philosophy;we have created certain exclusive methods,the highlight being our software that generates university recommendations for you that best suit your requirements.

Student Score card (Custom profile rating)

An unique system that aims to rate a student taking into consideration the different parameters of his/her profile , that need to be accounted for in an application like

University Short listing (specific to profile) We identify the right mix of universities for every student according to his/her profile,the suitability of a university according to the candidate's profile and the suitability of the country where a candidate wishes to go. These three steps of identification help the candidate to boil-down to the exact choices of universities that he/she can opt for.

Some of our other unique features include

    Proprietary Software:
    That aim at
    a) Ensuring all application tasks are completed on time
    b) Make samples for all documents (Finance related samples, SOP, LOR, Resume, and Finance related) easily accessible.

Milestone tracker

We at Accendere understand that most students apply to Universities abroad while still pursuing their final year of education and with so much going on at college it is but impossible to keep a track of deadlines. Therefore we provide an online student information system. Once the deadlines have been identified, a milestone tracker is created for the student that has deadlines for different application tasks, on missing out any of these deadlines; an automatic reminder mail is sent to the student. These timely reminders ensure that the student does not miss out any of the Application dates, without actually having to keep the dates in mind!!!!!

Online Access to Samples

With samples made easy to access online, students have the flexibility to continue the application tasks on their own terms and time.

Global Consultancy:

Our services are not limited to a particular Country or a set of Universities; we are here to give students exactly what their profile deserves. Be it USA, UK, Australia, etc or be it Harvard, Oxford, Yale or a State college, if the students profile matches the University, we will process your application.

Scholarship Consulting:

We understand that education abroad is still a dream to many due to the high costs and expenses, we at Accendere not only help you pick Universities within the reach of your pocket, but also help you apply to colleges of repute with as much assistance to gain a scholarship.

Research/ Concept paper:

Bachelors/Masters in any discipline is a specialized course. Colleges seek to identify why you would like to further specialize in what you have studied. One of the best ways to show your commitment is to author a paper that is published in an Indexed Conference.

Accendere brings you this unique service which is sure to build up your profile when you apply for a Masters Degree. Our team helps you identify a theme which interests you, and is in line with research interests of your Potential University. We also help you with the Literature Survey, framing of Research Assignments, Copy editing your Paper, Identifying potential conferences, and upon acceptance briefing on further formalities.

Universities are ranked globally basis their research output, and are therefore happy to take in students who show an aptitude in research. Students also stand a chance to win a TA/RA which would greatly help them with their finances.

End To End Process:

Get help in editing your Statement of Purpose, Identifying the right recommenders, mock interviews, financial documentation and ensuring that you have filled your application forms right. It is our endeavour to ensure that from the time you walk into our office to the time you board your flight; we are there with you every step of the way.


Abeer Nandrajog
Abeer Nandrajog
GMAT Score: 750

Attending classes at Career Launcher was of immense help to me in learning the concepts tested on the GMAT.I had excellent teachers, facilitating me grasp concepts with such a clarity not given even in Official Guides (OG); learnt how to tackle problems, especially math problems, quickly.

Ananya Chopra
Ananya Chopra
GMAT Score: 720

With the help of Career Launcher (CL), I gained a good grasp of the fundamental concepts necessary to perform well on the GMAT. The huge question bank provided by CL ensured that my practice never ended and that I had a better understanding of the major pitfalls and traps. Moreover, CL offers an amazing service - Instructors are not only well prepared but also very friendly. They tackle every question by following a deep approach and help you to resolve any doubt that you may have. In addition, sessions are well designed, with great clarity, covering every topic that the GMAT will test. The exercises provided are very GMAT like, at times little more challenging than those in the actual GMAT, characteristic that contributes to improve the relevant skills. CL helped me learn a lot of the tricks in quant, on which the Official Guide was silent. Thank you Career Launcher for all the guidance and support!