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Study in Australia – Discover the World Down Under

Australia is the third most popular destination for international students in the English-speaking world. With world-class programs, scholarship opportunities, leading researchers, and top-notch facilities, you can be sure you’ll receive a quality education in Australia. As the country has a strong job market, graduates land rewarding career opportunities due to the immersive international standard of the Australian education system. Moreover, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in the local culture. Its multicultural society and friendly atmosphere provide international students with a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Types of Programs in Australia

Australia is home to a range of higher education programs, catering to students of all levels and interests. At the undergraduate level, students in Australia can pursue a range of qualifications, such as a Bachelor's degree or an Advanced Diploma. These qualifications are typically three-year programs, allowing students to gain a comprehensive understanding of their chosen field of study.

At the postgraduate level, students can pursue a Master's degree or doctoral degree. Master's degrees in Australia are typically one to two-year programs, depending on the field of study. These programs require students to have acquired an undergraduate qualification and provide them with the opportunity to gain more in-depth knowledge and research skills. Doctoral degrees, on the other hand, are typically three to four-year programs, which require students to undertake an independent research project in their chosen field.

Entry Requirements



Good academic record in high school

Good academic record in Bachelor’s + Relevant work experience would be an advantage

IELTS: 6.0; TOEFL: 79; PTE: 50-58

IELTS: 6.5; TOEFL: 90; PTE: 59-64

Extensive Programs to Study in Australia

Popular Programs

Average Tuition Fee / Year (AUD)*

Bachelor of Business Administration

~ 28,000 - 50,000

Bachelor of Information Technology

~ 31,600 - 45,600

Bachelor of Technology

~ 37,000 - 49,000 

Bachelors in Aviation

~ 59,800 - 62,300

Bachelor of Mass Communication

~ 24,000 - 40,000

Bachelor of Hospitality Management

~ 43,630 - 52,356

Bachelor of Computer Science

~ 56,400

Bachelor of Law

~ 15,000 - 33,000

Bachelor of Business Analytics


Bachelor of English Literature


Bachelor of Nursing


Master of Business Administration

~ 59,966

Master of Information Technology

~ 32,000 - 45,000

Masters in Aviation

~ 82,800 - 91,700

Master of Mass Communication/Global Media Communication/Digital Communication/Media Practice

~ 45,000 - 80,000

Master of Hospitality Management

~ 34,000 - 52,000

Master of Law

~ 35,000 - 54,000

Master of Business Analytics

~ 35,000 - 66,000

Master of Nursing

~ 40,845-90,000

Master of Computer Science

~ 38,120 - 91,709 

Master of Technology


*The figures mentioned above serve only as general indicators and can change.

Discover Your Best-Fit Course in Australia

Popular Universities in Australia

University Name

Average Tuition Fees (AUD)/Year*

Application Fees


Average Cost of Living (AUD)/month*

University of Melbourne

~ 31,870-50,540



~ 2,500-3500

Monash University

~ 30,000-52,400



~ 2,500-3500

University of Queensland

~ 25,000-80,000



~ 1,500

University of Sydney

~ 30,000-50,000



~ 2500-3500

Australian National University

~ 40,000




University of New South Wales

~ 40,695 




University of Adelaide

~ 31,500-63,000



~ 2000-2500

The University of Western Australia




~ 2000-2500

University of Technology Sydney




~ 1500-2000

Macquarie University


No fees


~ 2500-3500

Queensland University of Technology


55 - 100


~ 1,500

University of Newcastle


No fees

Newcastle upon Tyne

~ 1,500

University of Wollongong


No fees


~ 1,500

Western Sydney University




~ 1500-2000

Griffith University


No fees


~ 1,500

Deakin University




~ 2,500-3500

University of Tasmania


No fees


~ 1500-2000

Charles Darwin University


No fees


~ 1500-2000

University of Southern Queensland


No fees


~ 1500-2000

University of South Australia


No fees


~ 1500-2000

Swinburne University of Technology


No fees


~ 2,500-3500

RMIT University


No fees


~ 2,500-3500

La Trobe University


No fees


~ 2,500-3500

Murdoch University


No fees


~ 2000-2500

Victoria University




~ 1500-2000



No fees


~ 1500

*The figures mentioned above serve only as general indicators and can change.

Discover Your Best-Fit Course in Australia

Examinations Required to Study in Australia


IELTS stands for the International English Language Testing System. Universities in Australia require candidates to have a minimum score of 6.5. However, students might locate universities that accept applications with a score of 5.5 as well.


TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. While a minimum score of 46 is required, you must aim for 60-90 to get secure admission in a good university.

PTE Academic

The Pearson Test of English, or PTE, Academic is generall accepted by all Australian institutions. The minimum score required to apply to institutions in Australia is 42; however, students should strive for a score between 50 and 64.


Some MBA schools in Australia need the GMAT, or Graduate Management Admission Test. The minimum score requirement may vary from one institution to another. Generally, a GMAT score of 600 or more is regarded as ideal.

Intakes in Australia

  • February (Semester 1) intake: Begins late February or early March to late May or early June

  • July (Semester 2) intake: April-May

February, also the primary intake in Australia, is a better time to start your semester, as it is the beginning of the academic year and offers varied course choices. If you miss this intake, July is an equally good time; however, it accepts a restricted number of applicants and provides a limited number of courses. In addition to these, there is also a November intake with a limited number of university and program choices.

Student Life in Australia

Student life in Australia is an exciting experience full of opportunities. Australian universities provide a great environment for learning, with well-equipped libraries, modern classrooms, and access to the latest technology. Students can also take advantage of the diverse student activities and societies on offer. From sports teams to cultural clubs, there are plenty of ways to get involved and meet new people.

Students can also participate in a variety of activities, from surfing and skiing to bushwalking and camping. Australia also has a great range of restaurants and bars, as well as a vibrant nightlife scene. There are many student-friendly activities and services, such as discounted movie tickets, student travel cards, and discount shopping.

Cost of Studying in Australia

Living expenses in Australia, including accommodation, transportation, and food, can add an additional AUD 15,000 to AUD 25,000 per year. In the major cities of Australia, such as Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne, the cost of living is higher than most other cities in the world. On the other hand, the cities of Adelaide and Brisbane are much more affordable. Here, rents are much lower, and the cost of basic goods and services is much cheaper.


Around 1500-3000 per month

Transportation (Public)

Around 150 to 200 per month


Around 50-300 per week

Gas and Electricity

Around 30 to 150 per week

Phone and Internet

Around 20 to 60 per week

Books and study material

Around 500 to 1,000 per year

Personal Expenses (entertainment, shopping, etc.)

Around 50 to 100 per week

It is important to note that these are average figures and actual costs may vary widely based on individual circumstances and institutions.

Tips to Save Money for Indian Students in Australia

For Indian students studying in Australia, learning the ropes of how to manage their money can be both a challenging and rewarding experience. As a student in Australia, it is essential to understand the basics of smart money management – from budgeting to investing – in order to make the most of your time abroad. With the right tips and advice, saving some bucks can be a stress-free and enjoyable task, allowing you to make the most of your life in Australia.

To reduce your living expenses and save money while studying in Australia, you may consider the following suggestions:

  • Share a house, apartment, or other living spaces with other people to cut down on rent and other living expenditures.

  • Prepare your own meals instead of eating out.

  • Owning a car can be expensive, especially with fuel and insurance costs. Therefore, using public transportation is a cost-effective alternative.

  • Buying in bulk and at discount stores are two easy ways to save money on groceries.

  • Find part-time employment to reduce your monthly expenditures.

  • Consider applying for a scholarship or grant to help defray the costs of your education and living abroad.

Scholarships to Study in Australia

The Australian government provides several scholarships for international students. Some of these are:

  • Griffith Remarkable Scholarship: Griffith Remarkable Scholarship is a scholarship program offered by Griffith University to full-time applicants with a minimum of 5.5 GPA on a scale of 7. It covers 50% of undergraduate or graduate courses tuition fee.

  • Western Sydney International Scholarships – Undergraduate: Multi-year scholarships worth AUD 6,000 or AUD 3,000 are offered to undergraduate applicants at Western Sydney University.

  • Federation University Future Leader Scholarship Package for Brisbane Campus: This scholarship provides a maximum of AUD $7,300 to one student. It majorly attracts future leaders who can bring innovative initiatives at Federation University, Brisbane Campus.

  • Monash International Scholarship For Excellence: This scholarship is awarded to ten international students with the greatest GPAs pursuing the Australian Year 12 or International Baccalaureate in Australia. The maximum award per student is $10,000 AUD.

  • Deakin International Scholarship: It covers 25% of tuition fees for students with a minimum of 65% (or equivalent) in previous studies.

  • The UNSW Global Academic Award: The UNSW Global Academic Award gives two offers: AUD 5,000 and AUD 10,000, both for one year. It has been designed to assist high-achieving UNSW Global students in their pursuit of an undergraduate degree at UNSW.

  • The Tasmanian International Scholarship (TIS): If you are an international student applying for an undergraduate degree, you may get a 25% reduction in your registered tuition fee by maintaining required grades during your study.

Work Opportunities in Australia

Part-time Work Options

The maximum number of hours an international student may work per week is 20 hours, and the maximum number of hours per fortnight is 40 hours. Part-time workers in Australia may expect an average hourly wage of AUD 25-30. Popular part-time options include:

Popular Part-time Jobs in Australia

Average Pay*


AUD 15 to 20 per week

Tuition teachers

AUD 20 to 30 an hour

Retail salespersons

AUD 20 to 25 an hour

Delivery person

AUD 18 to 25 an hour

Administrative or hospitality staff in hotels or restaurants

AUD 20 to 30 an hour

Personal Driver

AUD 18 to 25 an hour

Clerical jobs

AUD 20 to 25 an hour

*The figures mentioned above serve only as general indicators and can change.

Full-time Career Opportunities

With its vibrant economy and diverse culture, Australia is one of the most attractive locations for international students who are looking to pursue their career goals. The country offers a range of career opportunities across a variety of sectors, including finance, technology, engineering, healthcare, and more.

Popular Full-time Jobs in Australia

Average Pay (AUD) per year*

Early and secondary school teachers




Healthcare professionals




Accountants/Financial experts


Architects and designers


Information Technology




Science & Biotechnology professionals


*The figures mentioned above serve only as general indicators and can change.

Unleash Your Career Prospects in Australia

Study Visa for Australia

With the student visa, international students can stay in Australia for the duration of their study program and are also eligible to participate in work-study programs, depending on their visa conditions. Moreover, international students must fulfil certain criteria to be eligible for the visa, such as having an accepted offer of enrolment from an accredited institution as well as meeting English language proficiency requirements.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) introduced a new online visa application procedure, the Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF), on July 1, 2016. A student may submit a visa application at any time within 120 days prior to the program's start date. Typically, visa processing takes two to four weeks.

Some key features of SSVF:

  • Risk assessment: SSVF employs a risk-assessment approach to identify whether students are qualified for a simplified visa procedure, considering aspects including the student's place of origin, the educational institution they want to attend, and the course of study.

  • Reduced requirements for documents: SSVF decreases the amount of papers necessary to apply for a student visa, hence simplifying the application process.

  • Faster processing times: SSVF promises faster processing times for visa applications, allowing students to get their visas sooner and start their studies on time.

  • Simplified visa conditions: SSVF makes it easy for overseas students to meet the criteria and remain in Australia while pursuing their education.

  • Increased support for students: SSVF offers increased student support for overseas students, such as assistance in finding housing and adjusting to life in Australia.

The new visa guidelines require all students (Bachelor’s, Master’s, Master’s by Research and PhD) to apply under Subclass 500.

Visa Subclass 500

Visa Subclass 500 is a visa category that allows foreign students to study in Australia. It is a temporary visa, which can be granted for up to five years. 

Costs to apply for a Visa Subclass 500 are AUD $650 + $485 for students over the age of 18, and AUD $650 + $160 for students under the age of 18.

The visa subclass 500 also allows students to work while they are in Australia. However, there are certain restrictions on the type of work they can do. Students are allowed to work up to 40 hours per fortnight while the course is in session and unlimited hours during the semester breaks.

Overseas Health Cover (OSHC) for Australia

Students wanting to study in Australia must maintain Overseas Health Coverage (OSHC), which is an insurance policy designed to provide health and medical coverage to people living in Australia who are not citizens or permanent residents. It protects individuals from unforeseen hospital and medical expenses while they are in Australia. OSHC is a requirement when applying for a student or working visa in Australia, and most people will be required to have it for the duration of their stay in the country. The coverage ranges from around AUD 478 to 4,200. It is important to compare different policies to ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

General Visa Requirements

  • Valid passport

  • Confirmation of enrolment for a full-time program from an accredited Australian institution.

  • Adherence to Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirements (GTE involves an assessment of the applicant's circumstances, including their ties to their home country, the purpose and duration of their intended stay, and their financial and immigration history).

  • Financial fitness to cover tuition fee and living and travel expenses, and adequate health insurance.

  • English proficiency scores (IELTS or TOEFL or PTE)

  • Sponsorship within the family

PR in Australia


After finishing studies abroad, international graduates interested in applying for permanent residence in Australia must do so via the SkillSelect migration program run by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Post-Graduate Work Visas, Skilled Migration, and Employer Nomination Scheme are the three most common pathways that may be taken by those interested in working in Australia.

Post-Graduate Work Visa in Australia

International students who have finished a two-year full-time study program in Australia are eligible for the two-year visa that permits them to work with no restrictions. Visa criteria and conditions are program- and circumstance-specific, however students must have a minimum English language proficiency score.

Duration of your stay with a post-study work visa:

  • Bachelor’s degree (including honours): Two years

  • Master’s (extended): Three years

  • Doctoral degree: Four years

Skilled-Graduate Visa

The Skilled-Graduate Visa in Australia is a pathway that allows international students that have recently completed their studies from an Australian educational institution, to stay and work full-time in the country, or improve their English language skills that help them obtain additional points for General Skilled Migrant Policy of PR. It is a temporary visa and is valid for up to 18 months.

Employer Sponsored Visas

Employer Sponsored Visas in Australia refer to a category of visas for foreign candidates who are sponsored by an Australian employer. The applicant must have worked in Australia for three years on a temporary visa (subclass 482) before becoming eligible for this visa.

Step-by-step Guide to Apply to Australian Universities

The admissions process for international students is slightly different than for domestic students but still very straightforward. Applicants must go through the same standard steps, including submitting academic transcripts, essay writing, and interviewing, as well as additional documents such as a valid passport. Students are also required to take examinations such as TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System). Once accepted, international students can look forward to their experience in Australia.

The admission process includes:

Researching the Right University

Before you start applying to universities, make sure you’ve done your research and know which universities you want to apply to. It’s important to know the type of university you want to apply to, as different universities offer different degrees and specializations. Once you know what universities you want to apply to, you can begin building your application. The process will typically begin with creating an account on the university’s website, where you can complete the application and submit the required documents

Necessary Documents for Higher Education in Australia

Following are some of the most important prerequisites and application requirements for higher education in Australia:

  • Academic Transcripts

  • English Language Proficiency examination scores (IELTS/TOEFL/PTE)

  • Research Proposal for Doctoral programs

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP), and/or Application Essays

  • Letters of Recommendation (LORs)

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Tips for Successful Application

There are many different things that you can do to increase your chances of being accepted to a university. You’ll want to make sure you have a strong GPA and standardized test scores, as most universities will look at these. You should also make sure you have a well-rounded application. You may want to consider joining a club, volunteering, or applying for a job. These can all be excellent additions to your application and can show universities that you’re an active and versatile individual.

Finding Financial Aid and Scholarship Opportunities

Many universities offer financial aid and scholarship opportunities for students from different countries. Make sure you check the school’s website to find out about the financial aid opportunities available. There may also be additional scholarship opportunities offered by organizations that you can apply for.

Applying for a Student Visa

Once you have all of the required documents together, you will need to submit your application. Generally, the student must complete an electronic application form, provide evidence of their course enrolment, and pay the required visa application fee.

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Supply Chain Management. Today I got my study visa. The process is too long, but you have never missed a single call or msg. You're always there, from the Letter of acceptance to filling the visa, every step is crucial. N guided me in the right way. I am so happy that I got my study visa in a single shot. Without choosing Career Launcher , the process won't be that smooth for me. Thanks for helping me in the process.

Amandeep Singh Siledar

The admission consulting experience with CL has been remarkably smooth and rewarding. I was guided in every step of the way: from choosing the right schools to preparing for GMAT and IELTS. The counselors were not only knowledgeable; they were also good listeners. They were all ears whenever I was in a dilemma regarding my career choices, and they also elucidated about the possibilities that lie ahead for me, thanks to their experience in counselling students from Tier-1 engineering colleges. I'd recommend everyone considering a career in management to get in touch with CL. It'll clear the clutter viz a viz the complex admission process and would let the candidate get insights about life post-B-school.

Srajan Bhatnagar

I wanted to pursue a MIM from any of the top 10 programs of the world right after my undergraduate degree. My low GMAT score and engineering background got me to doubt my chances of getting into a top B school. I was always in touch with consultants of Career Launcher throughout the year with my queries and hence decided to take their help with my applications. From the journey of shortlisting the B schools to receiving the admit letter, they have strived continuously to get me into my dream B school. I do not think anybody puts as much effort into helping students to personalize their SOPs and essays along with constant guidance. They know how to portray a student's endeavors in the best possible manner to bring out a compelling essay. The interview sessions were of great help, and I learned how to deal with any questions. The result was the conversion of my applications to admits in top B schools such as ESSEC and ESCP Europe. I would suggest Career Launcher to anyone who dreams of getting into the best.

Akshita Gupta

MSc Advanced Drug Delivery. Career Launcher guided me on how to choose the correct path and get me into the best university for masters. They not only helped me in applications and admission process but also with visa and accommodation process too.

Bhushan Bhale

The mentors at CL went an extra mile to bring out the best in my profile. With a desire to bring out the best, they prepared me quite rigorously for the interview process. Therefore, my entire process of filling the application to getting into the university went on very smoothly and all credit goes to CL.

Abhilekh Bhardwaj

My application shone because of a lot of microscopic reviews & magnificent support from my Mentors! The support I received from Career Launcher Mentors was unstinted and always top class. I felt really relieved after meeting my Mentors because they helped me bring a solidity to my Verbal performance, given that I am from an Architectural background. In addition, my sister's experience with them also helped me be convinced about CL as the place to seek admission consulting support from!

Akshay Srivastava

I had already tried for Yale once and was disappointed after being placed on the waitlist without an interview. While doing an initial assessment of my profile, my mentor at CL told me that Yale was the perfect destination for me. He made me write almost 8-9 versions of each of Yale's essay prompts. Finally, when I submitted my essay, I got an interview call and with his guidance I could make it to my dream B-school.

Kumar Vivek

The CL Advanced Placement prep helped me pass five AP exams and helped me skip a whole year at UIUC. I used that time to get a second degree in Maths and a minor in computational mechanics. By the end of third year, I started taking graduate courses in maths, which will led to its own time savings. In fact, the whole process of Admission Consulting with CL was as comprehensive as it can get. The internship that I was allowed to do, the shortlisting of the universities (classified as Dream, Reach & Safety schools), the identification of the best-fit programs and the personality tests that were used to arrive at these decisions were all wonderfully precise.

Vedant Puri

My first contact with CL was right after I had given my GRE. I had scored a pretty decent score, but I knew I required someone’s help to get admission in a top notch University. CL made this possible! CL was of big help in editing my SOP. Even the minute of details were taken care of. Special thanks to Biruda Virkud ma'am for guiding me through the admission process in a timely manner and keeping me updated on the scholarships available.

Raghu Chandramohan

Career Launcher, with its admission consulting services, has been an incredible help in getting me to Kelly Business School. The counsellors were well-read and thorough in their approach, and were also cognizant of my needs & dreams. All the discussions were focussed on me and to get the best-fit for me. The application consulting process was smoothly handled and in the end, I am thankful for the support given to me in getting my dream call!

Avi Jain