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Free Para-Summary Test

To help you practise for CAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP, NMAT and other MBA entrance exams.

9-12 marks in CAT are dependent on the Para-summary as per 2016 analysis. If options are given, then the questions can be easily solved as no prior knowledge is required and guesswork based on the context and elimination of choices would help to solve these questions. While solving these questions, do keep in mind Gejo's BANE technique. An option which is the best summary of the passage will never be Broad (in terms of scope), Alien (in terms of things discussed), Narrow (again, in terms of scope) or Extreme (never, ever, always, etc.)

Why take Basic Para-Summary Test

The VA section in CAT has roughly 1-2 questions of Para-summary from the basic LOD. The Para-summary questions are logic based and can be easily mastered by taking practice tests.

Why take Advanced Para-Summary Test?

Of the 3-4 questions of Para-summary that come in CAT exam, 1-2 are of the advance level. For the past two years these questions have been coming in the non-MCQ format, therefore, the only way to score well in this topic is by taking practice tests, as the results of the tests will help you evaluate your question-solving methodology.

Why take Expert Para-Summary Test?

1-2 questions in CAT exam are from the expert level of Para-summary, thus the practice tests will help you to master the topic and prepare you for the Para-summary questions in the final exam.

Weightage of Para-Summary in different MBA entrance exams








Total Qs in Verbal












The raw score required in VARC for a 99%ile in the last three instalments of CAT has been tabulated below


CAT 2014


CAT 2015


CAT 2016


Parasummary questions are a part of the non-MCQ questions in CAT. Although they feature in the exam as non-MCQ, each of these questions have options and hence they effectively become MCQ questions. These are easy to crack if the BANE algorithm mentioned above is followed.

The above given data has been compiled and corroborated from the exams of 2015 and 2016. The number of questions may change drastically in the exams in the coming year.

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