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As you begin your CAT 2023 preparations, it is essential to understand where you stand. Test yourself regularly till CAT 2023 and curate a study plan to ace CAT.

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How will CAT mock tests help you ace CAT 2023?

The CAT mock tests are an essential part of the CAT preparation strategy. There are numerous advantages of consistently attempting mock tests and observing your performance. Here is how the CAT mock tests will help you improve:

  • Starting your CAT preparation with a mock test will allow you to benchmark your current performance and create a study plan to reach your goal.
  • It helps you familiarize yourself with the latest CAT syllabus, exam pattern, and the topics covered in CAT.
  • Consistent mock tests also allow you to assess and change your preparation strategy based on what works best for you.
  • Analyzing the mock tests will help you identify your strongest areas and topics that you must work on to impact your sectional scores positively.
  • As percentiles are an important part of CAT, you will be able to understand where you stand amongst your peers.

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Frequently asked questions

The best approach to cracking CAT is taking numerous practice tests and going through their analysis. Set a study plan and schedule to prepare for CAT 2023 effectively. Revise your basics and practice mock tests regularly.

The first and foremost thing you should begin with is, reading. Read newspapers, editorials, and magazines. Also, make it a habit to talk to your family and friends in English. Apart from this, it is essential for you to go through the basics of grammar.

Practicing frequently asked question types such as parajumbles, para completion, summary, FIB, and critical reasoning can help you improve rapidly. It is more than essential to go through every mock that you've given. Mark out the difficult words from the RC, and learn their meaning & usage in the context.

The key to scoring well in the DILR section lies in picking the right sets to answer. Choose the sets that you are comfortable with. Only by practicing and analyzing the mocks can you know your strengths and consequently, the kind of sets you should pick up.

There is no right time to start taking CAT mock tests. If you begin your preparations with a mock test, it will give you an understanding of where you stand in terms of preparation and help you identify areas that require more practice. Regularly taking mocks will help you mark your progress and tally your performance with the past mock tests. You should aim for at least one mock per week and take your time analyzing it.

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