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Frequently asked questions

The best approach to cracking CAT is taking numerous practice tests and going through their analysis. With 6 more months for CAT, your focus should be on your strengths. With each test try to improve your accuracy and speed.
Revise your basics and practice daily. If you already have your basics in place you can learn the smarter techniques through Smart CAT Cracker. You can also join Crash Course or Online Classes to learn directly from the faculty.

The first and the foremost thing you should begin with is, reading. Read newspapers, editorials, magazines. Also, make it a habit to talk to your family and friends in English. Apart from this, it is extremely important for you to go through the basics of Grammar.
Practicing frequently asked question types such as Parajumbles, Paracompletion, Summary, FIB, Critical Reasoning can be done through the Test Gym and its variants. It is more than important to go through each and every mock that you've given. Mark out the difficult words from the RC, learn their meaning and their usage in the context.
You must go through the following articles as well:

  1. 7 Rules to Excel in CAT VA
  2. The Art of Solving RC Passages
  3. 4 Rules to Master Paracompletion
The key to score well in DI-LR section lies in picking up the right sets to answer. Choose the sets that you are comfortable with. Only by practicing and anlaysing the mocks can you know your strengths and thus, the kind of sets you should pick up.

CAT is an aptitude exam. Thus, all you require are your basics in place and taking numerous practice sessions. Daily practice and revision on time to time would help you ace the quant section. It's a myth to say that only engineer background students score well in quant. The quant topics are from your class 6-10 fundamentals, thus, it's only the practice and comfortability with the topic that can help you score well in quant and not the engineering or non-engineering background.

As a graduate without a job you have three options:

  1. Hunt for a job
  2. Prepare for CAT
  3. Both of the above.

Ideally you should go for option 3 this would keep both options open for you. However, it would also divert your focus. With "no preparation" for CAT so far and with only 6 months left to go for the exam, you have to give more attention to CAT. Do not worry about the gap year, every year many students with a gap year make it to IIMs and other top MBA institutes. Work ex is not considered for interview shortlisting in most IIMs and other MBA institutes and even for final selection it has very low weight. 

You have the option of joining any classroom program or study from home. You can also view /cat-mba/index.html or visit any nearest CL center for guidance and help. Whatever your mode of preparation is, you must start taking mocks and topic tests and analyzing their results. CAT is only an aptitude test; hence, it can be aced by practicing the right kind of questions and focusing on your strengths.

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