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Free Reading Comprehension Test

To help you practise for CAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP, NMAT and other MBA entrance exams.

72 marks in CAT are dependent on RCs! Over the past few years the pattern for RC section in CAT has remained consistent.There were a roughly equal number of direct and inferential questions and they ranged from easy to moderate level. These 72 marks can easily be ensured by taking sufficient practice tests. Previous year SNAP, IIFT exams had mostly direct questions and 2-3 inferential questions while RC section of XAT was dominated by inferential questions. The difficulty of questions of RC section in all the exams varied from basic to medium level of difficulty.

Why take Basic Reading Comprehension Test

Of the 6 RC passages in CAT 2016, most passages had questions which were direct and easy to understand. IIFT has 4 passages and all are mostly, of the basic level and easy to read and solve. Of the 11 RC questions in SNAP 4-5 are of the basic level while, XAT has 6-7 basic level questions. As RC requires no prior knowledge, therefore, the only way to mastering the RCs is through practice tests and careful analysis of the tests

Why take Advanced Reading Comprehension Test?

First pick the passage you think you are comfortable with and then move onto the other passages in the test. The advanced level practice tests will help you to score more in CAT as 10-12 questions out of the 24 RC questions were from the expert level. XAT and NMAT have 4-5 questions from advanced level of RCs, while SNAP and IIFT, each has 2-3 questions of the advanced level. The key to scoring well in RCs lies in picking out the right passages and lots of practice as the questions are logic based.

Why take Expert Reading Comprehension Test?

3-4 questions in NMAT and SNAP are from the expert difficulty level while, CAT and XAT have 2-3 questions. A good score in RCs lies in taking as many practice tests as one can lay hands on.

Weightage of Reading Comprehension in different MBA entrance exams


Reading Comprehension






Total Qs in Reading Comprehension






No. Of passages






The raw score required in VARC for a 99%ile in the last three instalments of CAT has been tabulated below


CAT 2014


CAT 2015


CAT 2016


Reading Comprehension is the mainstay of the VRC section of CAT. Reading Comprehension is probably the only thing you should care about in VRC for CAT in order to score a 99%ile. Same is the case for IIFT where RCs help to boost the score of the student. In SNAP and NMAT isn’t extremely dominant and there are other type of questions from where you can get the marks from.

Note: The above given data has been compiled and corroborated from the exams of 2015 and 2016. The number of questions may change drastically in the exams in the coming year.

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