Personal Interview Preparation and Personal Interview Questions

Personal Interview Preparation

The journey of starting your preparation for CAT to grabbing a seat into an IIM consists of 2 major phases-

  • Getting a good CAT score.

  • Converting a interview call

After getting a call for the Personal interview, preparation for the same should begin with full force. Many students neglect this part of the preparation and become lethargic after getting an interview call. However, one should not forget that this is a game changer. Many who score 99+ percentile are not able to make it to the top IIMs and one big reason for the same is neglecting the interview preparation. This takes us to the million dollar question, 'How to prepare for a Personal interview?'

The Personal interview preparation can mainly be divided into two portions-

  1. Generalised type of preparation.

  2. More personalized type of preparation.

Generalised preparation- 

This portion will consist of Questions which the interview panel expects from you irrespective of your background.

This can be classified as-

  • Basic economics- Start by reading NCERTs of 11th and 12th or you can also watch YouTube videos for the same. Many concepts like monetary policies, fiscal policies, LPG reforms, etc should be focused upon.

  • Basic finance- One can watch YouTube videos for the same and get familiar with basic finance concepts like bonds, debentures etc.

  • Learning about the state/city in which the IIM is located- Learn basic history, polity and geography of the state.

  • Current affairs- One must be well aware of their surroundings and for that start reading newspapers or follow some news handles on social media.

  • Common HR questions- Questions like Tell me about yourself, What are your strengths and weaknesses, etc should be prepared well in advance so that one looks more confident and well prepared in an interview.

Personalized Preparation-

This part of the Personal Interview preparation depends on your background and your qualifications. This depends on your graduation, work experience, qualifications, etc.

This portion of preparation can be classified as-

  • Revising your graduation subjects- Many students specially engineers lose points because they are not well versed with their graduation subjects. So the time between CAT results and personal interview should be utilised to revise the graduation subjects.

  • Prepare each and every point mentioned in your resume- Questions will be formed only around one's resume, hence one must be well prepared with points mentioned in the resume.

  • Knowledge of your field of work experience- One should have thorough knowledge of one's work experience and the field one has worked in. 

  • Revisiting the projects mentioned in the resume- Personal Interview panel can frame direct questions from the projects mentioned in the resume.

  • Knowledge of your hometown/homestate- Major geographical, political, economic knowledge about your hometown as questions can be framed from this part.

Hence, your personal interview preparation should be based on both generalised and personalised factors.

Last but not least, one should focus on building one's personality and confidence because in an interview they don't just want to test one's knowledge but also one's personality.

Personal Interview Questions

Some of the common Personal Interview Questions for you to practice are:

  • Tell me about yourself.

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

  • Why do you want to pursue an MBA?

  • Why and which field of specialisation you want to pursue in MBA?

  • What are your hobbies and interests?

  • Which B-School do you want to join as you have received calls from other B-Schools also?

  • What is the most important decision you have made in life?

  • Tell me about your home-state/hometown.

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