Group Discussion (GD) for MBA admissions

Group Discussion is an important round in the final stage of admission process for MBA and PGDM programmes in B-schools. In a group discussion, 8-10 aspirants are seated face-to-face and asked to discuss their views on a current topic.

A Group Discussion round places aspirants in a dynamic situation for 12-15minutes. The selectors inspect the entire process without intervention. This round helps them shortlist candidates based on their communicative, persuasive and reflective thinking abilities. Most of the top MBA colleges including some of the IIMs conduct a Group Discussion round for admission into their prestigious MBA programmes.

Group discussions are characteristically unstructured and comparatively less formal than other stages of final admission process like extempore, case studies, Written Ability Tests (WAT) and Personal Interviews (PI) wherein aspirants are asked to focus on specific questions and respond individually.

In a Group Discussion, an individual's thought process influences and is, in effect, influenced directly by the views and opinions of the other members. In this round, every participant is expected to freely voice their opinions. A successful group discussion involves keenly listening to other aspirants and articulating meaningful responses.

Before its initiation, the group is briefed about a defined set of standards. The effectiveness of Group Discussion as a shortlisting stage for admissions into top B-schools is dependent upon active participation of all group members.

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