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Last Minute Tips to CAT 2019 – CAT Preparation with the end in sight

The CAT 2019 Exam is just a few weeks away now and with this, candidates and aspirants start to panic. This leads to a more erratic CAT Preparation as their panic reduces their efficiency as well as clarity of mind. This article is aimed at giving some of the last minute tips to CAT 2019 which can help streamline their CAT Preparation in the final month.

Some of these tips may seem like common sense but they are much more difficult to implement than you may think. Let us start off with some easy tips first:

Formulate a CAT Preparation Strategy for the final month

As the CAT 2019 Exam nears, people start losing their heads and this makes them erratic and inefficient in their CAT Preparation. This leads to wastage of time and can lead to even more panic for the candidates. In order to avoid this, it is essential for the candidate to formulate a CAT Preparation strategy which will ensure that they will stay on course for the CAT 2019 Exam.

In order to formulate this CAT Preparation strategy, there are a couple of things that need to be done:

  • Make a judgment call on which sections you need to focus on during this final phase of the CAT Preparation. This will help you decide on the allocation of time required for each section. This can be done with the help of the previous year CAT Analysis which can be found on this page. It contains all the relevant details about the CAT 2019 Exam including the syllabus, exam pattern and all the operational details.
  • Modify your routine such that you are able to read as many newspapers as possible. This will aid not just your CAT VARC Preparation but will also help you in the processes following the CAT 2019 Exam (interviews and group discussions)
  • Find the happy medium between flexible and rigid in terms of the schedule that is prepared. This is because the rigidity will ensure that you put in the amount of effort required for the CAT Preparation while the flexibility ensures that you are able to make the necessary tweaks in your CAT Preparation plan according to the information that you gather.

It is essential for each CAT 2019 aspirant to keep these things in mind while preparing for the CAT 2019 Exam. With these 2 benchmarks, the aspirant should be able to devise a CAT Preparation strategy for the final month.

Role of CAT Mocks in CAT 2019 Preparation Strategy

One piece of advice that you will get from every source when you are deciding on how to prepare for CAT in the last minute is to give as many mocks as possible. This is because the CAT Mocks will be able to simulate the actual CAT 2019 Exam better than any practice question. The exhaustion at the end of the long exam and the time pressure of the exam itself cannot be completely reproduced in while you are doing your CAT Preparation for CAT 2019.

Some things that should be kept in mind while using CAT Mocks for CAT 2019 Preparation are:

  • Give as much importance to Mock analysis as the actual CAT Mock itself. This will allow you to benchmark your performance against your CAT Preparation level. While scoring a low mark in one of the sections does not mean the end of the world, it should be a cause for concern this close to the CAT 2019 Exam.
  • Based on the CAT Mock Analysis, the CAT Preparation plan should be flexible enough to solve issues that crop up during the analysis. It is important to be conceptually clear on all the important topics so that you stand a good chance of clearing the CAT 2019 Exam.
  • Give at least 2 mocks a week with complete analysis. This would allow you to identify issues faster and make sure that any blips are swiftly rectified. It would also allow you to have a look at various different types of questions that could be asked in the CAT 2019 Exam.
  • Schedule the mock in the same time period as the actual CAT 2019 exam. Everybody has a certain period during the day when they are most productive and alert. If you are lucky, your CAT 2019 Exam slot coincides with that timing. However most people are not so lucky due to which we need to trick our body into that state of mind during the exam slot. This can be done with repeated practice during that particular time slot which will acclimatize you and ensure that you are performing at the peak of your abilities at the time of the CAT Exam.

If these guidelines are kept in mind, the CAT Mocks can take your CAT 2019 Preparation to another level.

Learn to Relax

While it may seem rather counterproductive compared to all the previous suggestions, it is important to remove some time for you as well. This will ensure that you do not burn out before the actual the battle and will also keep you refreshed during your CAT Preparation.

Any leisure activity which will help you refresh yourself can be done at this time. If it includes something like reading novels or newspapers, it is even better as it will aid you in your CAT VARC preparations well. However it is important to keep your mind clear of all worries as it will only hamper your quest to recharge your batteries and go for the CAT Preparation again.


As it is with any performance sport, it is important to be in the right frame of mind at the time of the main event which in this case is the CAT Exam itself. As long as you follow the steps given above and customize it such that it suits you best, you should be able to cover a decent amount of ground and be ready for the CAT 2019 Exam when it comes your way.