PGDBA 2022

The PGDBA 2022 program is a highly sought-after program helmed by 3 illustrious institutions: IIM Calcutta, IIT Kharagpur and ISI Kolkata. Apart from the calibre of the colleges involved, the attraction towards the program is due to the fact that it promises a way into the fast growing field of data science and analysis.

The program has been designed to give a holistic idea of the field of business analytics and data science along with industry experience in the form of the 6 month long internship. The course design is one of the reasons that the program has grown to the extent that it has.

In terms of the admission process for PGDBA 2022, the first stage is the PGDBA Exam which the aspirants need to clear. Following this, the aspirants who have cleared the cut off will appear for an interview round before being accepted in the PGDBA Program. More details about the PGDBA Exam are given below.

A brief overview of PGDBA 2022

  • Jointly offered by IIM Calcutta, IIT Kharagpur and ISI Kolkata.
  • The PGDBA Program was launched in 2015
  • Ideal for aspirants with inclination towards mathematic and looking for career in the field of business analytics
  • The PGDBA exam comprises of 4 sections: Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation, and Quantitative Aptitude
  • The date of the PGDBA 2022 Exam is expected to be announced around December 2021 with the exam expected to take place in February 2022
  • PGDBA 2021 was delayed by over 5 months due to the COVID pandemic and the Bengal Election with the exam finally taking place on 7th August 2021.
  • The PGDBA Paper consists of 50 questions to be solved in 3 hours.

PGDBA 2022 Notification

The PGDBA 2021 Notification is expected to be released in December 2021 which will include the details regarding the registration dates and the exam date. The entire registration process will be conducted online and the registration form is available on IIM Calcutta website. Read more

PGDBA Exam 2022 Important Dates

The most important dates that each aspirant has to keep in mind for the PGDBA 2022 Exam are:

PGDBA 2022 Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for this two-year master's program in business analytics, students need to appear for the PGDBA 2022 exam. To register for the exam, a student should suffice the below mentioned eligibility criteria:

PGDBA 2022 Examination Pattern

The PGDBA exam comprises four major sections and a total of 50 questions. The total time duration of the paper is 180 minutes I.e 3 hours. There is no individual time limit for any section. Here is the expected exam pattern of PGDBA 2022.

Section Total number of questions Marking Scheme
Quantitative Aptitude 25 +3/-1
Data Interpretation and Data Visualization 5 +3/-1
Logical Reasoning 5 +3/-1
Verbal Ability 15 +3/-1
Total 50  -

In summary, PGDBA 2022 Exam is expected to be:

PGDBA 2022 Syllabus

PGDBA 2022 is similar to any other management entrance I.e CAT, XAT, NMAT etc with one major difference: the inclusion of Higher Mathematics in the Quantitative Skills section. There are four major sections in the PGDBA exam from which the majority of the questions are asked. Here is an overview of the mandatory topics of PGDBA 2022 syllabus which a student needs to perfect to score well in the examination:

Verbal Ability Quantitative Skills Logical Reasoning Data Interpretation and Visualization
Reading Comprehension

Grammar Sentence Correction Parajumbles
Number Systems
Simple Interest/Compound Interest
Profit and loss
Permutations and Combinations
Euclidean Geometry
Matrices and Determinants
Speed Maths
Blood Relations Coding Decoding Directions Clocks and Calendars Seating Arrangement Statements and Conclusions Matching Sequences   Line/Bar Graphs Venn Diagrams Line/Bar Charts Data Driven questions

Click here to know about PGDBA 2022 syllabus in detail

PGDBA 2022 Application Form

The PGDBA Application form window is expected to be open between December 2021 and January 2022. The exact dates will be announced with the PGDBA Notification 2022. The basic details that the candidates need to input while registering themselves for the PGDBA Exam are:

The candidates will also be required to verify their mobile number through an OTP. Following the registration, the candidates will have to fill in the complete application form in order to complete their full registration for the PGDBA Exam.

The major details that the candidates have to fill in the application form are:

There is only one step left after the candidate fills the application form completely. This step is the payment of the application fee which can be done online.

Preparation Tips for PGDBA 2022

The first step towards preparation begins from understanding the exam pattern. We have already talked about the PGDBA Exam Pattern on the page before. Now the most effective preparation start that you can give yourself is to attempt the previous years’ PGDBA Papers which are available on our student portal,  PGDBA preparation is based on gaining mastery over one section rather than devising a preparation strategy. The one section that you cannot afford to overlook is the Quantitative Skills section, since it is the dominant section of the paper.

Preparation Tips for PGDBA 2022: Quantitative Ability

If you investigate the official syllabus of the QA section, it covers almost all the topics of 11 and 12th std mathematics. The difference between CAT (Common Admission Test) and PGDBA is that CAT tests your ability based on 8-10th std mathematical concepts whereas PGDBA focuses on higher level maths with questions asked from the NCERT books. The pattern of PGDBA will help you understand how to cover the portion of Quantitative Ability first and then move on to the other segments.

let's see important topics that one must have command on to clear this exam tabulated below

Quadratic Equations basic graph, roots relationship with co-efficient and finding the common root of given two Quadratic equations and the reverse of it.
Height and Distance (Keeping in view of 3-D H-D problems and knowing trigonometric value multiple and sub-multiple angles angles)
Graphs (Plotting standard curves and conversion graphs and finding its range or continuing in given range)
Series Simple summation of series AP, GP, AGP, HP
Limits  L'Hospital rule
Sets and Function (Basic properties of union, intersection and complement of sets. Number of subsets, Relations, Range, domain of given function)
Binomial (Basic concept of binomial, term independent of x,
Basic Geometry (Syllabus of CAT)
Calculus (Differentiation of function, differentiability of function, Maxima and minima thorough differentiation, Application of Integration
Complex number (Nth root of unity and cube root of unity)
Conic section Circle, parabola, ellipse, hyperbola
Coordinate Geometry Distance formula, section formula, radius of circle when 3 noncollinear points are given. circumcenter
Finding the common tangent between a pair of circles.
Probability and combination Syllabus of CAT and specially the concept of (n+r-1)/C(r-1)
Trigonometric Formulae of Multiple and sub-multiple angles, simplification of various trigonometric series
Matrices Basic Properties, determinants, minors, transpose of matrices

Preparation Tips for Quantitative Ability

The topics in the PGDBA 2022 Exam are going to be the same as the CAT Syllabus which basically means Maths up to Class 10 along with the addition of higher maths that is generally covered in Class 11 and Class 12.

Preparation Tips for PGDBA 2022: Verbal Ability Section

The Verbal Ability section in the PGDBA 2022 Exam includes two major topics:

This means that the syllabus for the Verbal Ability section in the PGDBA 2022 Exam is like the CAT 2020 Exam. In terms of the difficulty of the section, it can vary across the years. The PGDBA 2019 Exam had a moderate Verbal Ability section with the Reading Comprehension questions being slightly difficult while the other questions were moderate.

Reading Comprehension:

RC should be the second most important point of focus of the candidate, after QA. RC passages are always based on a centralized idea. The centralized idea has three components, namely

As you begin to read the passage, determine the centralized idea. That would help you answer the big purpose of the author behind writing this passage. Recognizing these three components is very crucial for answers.

Preparation tips for Verbal Ability

Preparation Tips for PGDBA 2022: Data Interpretation and Data Visualization

The Data Interpretation and Data Visualization section of PGDBA is quite like the CAT 2020 Data Interpretation section. In the PGDBA 2019 paper, it consisted of 2 sets of questions where a bar graph and a table were given because of which, the questions were meant to be answered.

It is one of the most challenging parts of the test paper, in keeping with quantitative aptitude. DI and DV questions are clubbed together in the section. If you aim to attempt this section with high accuracy, you should keep a few things in your mind

Sometimes a lot of DI questions require logical thinking and it becomes confusing to differentiate between data interpretation and data visualization questions, but that calls for a separate explanation.

Preparation Tips for PGDBA 2022: Logical Reasoning

The syllabus for LR consisted of Logical connectives, Statements and Conclusions, Matching and sequences. The Logical Reasoning section can be asked in the form of individual questions or as a set of 5 questions. It was PGDBA 2019 which bucked the trend by having a set of 5 questions rather than individual questions. Practicing thoroughly for this section is the only key to ace this section.

Here are some helpful tips to prepare for logical reasoning:

For analysis of the PGDBA 2021 Exam, please visit this page.

Mock Examinations

Mock tests are the final and the most critical step. It is sporadic for any candidate to perform up to their potential in the Entrance Exams because the time limit ensures that they must solve the problem in a reasonable amount of time. Due to this reason, the PGDBA Preparation must include timed Mock practices as well. It is never a good idea to ignore practicing mocks as it can affect your overall performance. Earmarking 1-2 mocks per week will give you an idea about the entire test-giving experience.

This basic concept applies to the PGDBA Exam as well. Practicing Mocks is an essential part of ensuring that the knowledge gained during the preparation is adequately applied in the exam.

PGDBA Course

It is important to have an idea about the PGDBA Course while one is preparing for the PGDBA 2021 Exam. The PGDBA Course is a business analytics course held by IIM Calcutta, ISI Kolkata and IIT Kharagpur. The objective of the PGDBA Course is to train the students to become business analytics professionals who will be employable in the industry.

During the PGDBA Course, the students will be trained in various aspects of the analytics domain so that they get a holistic view of the domain. They will be trained in the technical aspects of analytics while they are studying in ISI Kolkata, the language and the technological aspects in IIT Kharagpur and the business implementation of analytics in IIM Calcutta.

Apart from the analytics aspects, the students will also be given a brief idea about all the different management functions (Marketing, Finance, HR and Operations) during the PGDBA Course. This will allow them to work in any function of any organization.

PGDBA Placements - How would PGDBA 2022 help your career?

The PGDBA Course is a relatively new program which has captured the attention of several of the MBA aspirants. One of the most significant pieces of information that every potential aspirant will be looking at will be the PGDBA Placements. Being helped by prestigious institutions like IIM Calcutta, IIT Kharagpur and ISI Kolkata (one of which is a statistics-based institution), the PGDBA Placements should be well vetted. This article talks about the PGDBA Placements and how the PGDBA Course could help you in your career.

PGDBA 2020 Placements

One of the most significant factors that candidates consider when deciding on a college is the placements that the college offers. This is an area of strength for the PGDBA Course since it is backed by 3 of the most prestigious colleges in India, namely: IIM Calcutta, ISI Kolkata and IIT Kharagpur. Despite being a new program, the PGDBA Course has been able to show strong growth in their placement figures which makes it an attractive prospect for any candidate who is looking to enter the business analytics domain.

The internship placement records for the batch of 2018-20 and final placements for the batch of 2018-20is given in the table below:

Batch Internship Placement (Rs. per month) Final Placement (LPA)
Maximum Stipend Average Stipend Median Stipend Maximum CTC Average CTC Median CTC
2015-17 2,55,000 78,000 75,000 33.67 18.07 17.7
2016-18 2,45,000 97,804 85,000 47.02 22.89 21.36
2017-19 1,40,000 1,13,565 1,11,100 40.97 25.05 23.23
2018-20 1,72,000 1,33,000 1,25,000 41.29 26.31 24.59

Top Recruiters for PGDBA Placements

In terms of the sectors which were hiring during the PGDBA Placements, the major contributor was the BFSI sector but the Retail sector was not far behind. This should not come as a surprise because these sectors have a huge amount of data and could definitely benefit from the insights derived from data analytics. Some of the biggest companies that recruited for the PGDBA Placements are:

This is a testament of the companies which recruit from IIM Calcutta and students of the PGDBA Course can be safe in the knowledge that a sharp drop in the quality of companies recruiting is highly unlikely. In fact, the caliber of companies who have visited the IIM Calcutta campus for the PGDBA Placements has only increased in recent times. More details of the PGDBA Placements are available on the IIM Calcutta website in the PGDBA Placements Brochure.