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PGDBA Syllabus 2020

The PGDBA Course is one of the most attractive data science courses available to aspirants today. As such it makes sense that it holds its own entrance exam which is eponymously named PGDBA Exam. As with any entrance exam, it is essential for aspirants to be familiar with the PGDBA Syllabus 2020 as they start to prepare for the PGDBA Exam.

The following section talks about the PGDBA Course in general before we talk about the PGDBA Syllabus 2020.

About the PGDBA Course

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics (PGDBA) is a two-year residential program collectively offered by IIM Calcutta, IIT Kharagpur and ISI Kolkata. The program is aimed at raising successful Business Analytics professionals. It is designed for people with analytical skills, affinity towards mathematics, and the potential to solve seemingly complex business problems.

PGDBA candidates will spend one semester each at the respective institutes. They will also acquire hands-on industry experience. Furthermore, the candidates will be eligible for placement opportunities at all three institutes.

PGDBA 2020: Overview

  • It is a three-hour online test.
  • The test comprises a total of 50 questions carrying 150 marks.
  • All the questions are MCQ type questions having four answer choices per question.
  • There is no negative marking for unattempted questions.
  • Each incorrect attempt will draw a penalty of 1 mark.
  • Calculators, gadgets, graph sheets, etc are not allowed.
  • The PGDBA 2020 Syllabus consists of 4 sections: Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation and Data Visualization, and Quantitative Aptitude. The distribution of questions is given below.


No of Questions

Verbal Ability


Logical Reasoning


Data Interpretation and Data Visualization


Quantitative Aptitude


PGDBA 2020 Syllabus

In order to get an idea of the PGDBA Syllabus 2020 you can find an indicative PGDBA 2020 Syllabus on IIM Calcutta’s official website under the PGDBA Program (https://www.iimcal.ac.in/programs/pgdba/admissions/syllabus-for-pgdba-written-test-2018). As is clearly visible, the PGDBA Syllabus given here is for the PGDBA 2018 Exam however it can be taken as a guideline to start your exam preparation. The complete PGDBA syllabus, as displayed on the page, can be found below.


Important Topics

Verbal Ability

Reading Comprehension; Grammar - Word Usage, Para Jumbles, Sentence Correction

Logical Reasoning

Logical connectives, Statements and Conclusions, Matching and sequences.

Data Interpretation and Data Visualization

Data-driven caselets - Graph, Tables, Pie Charts.

Quantitative Aptitude

Algebra, Functions, Inequalities and equations, Number System, Geometry, Set Theory, Permutation. Higher Maths: Matrices, Euclidean geometry, Coordinate geometry (lines, circles, conic sections), Trigonometry (triangles, trigonometric identities, heights and distances), Calculus (functions, limits, continuity, derivative, maxima & minima, methods of integration, evaluation of areas using integration).

PGDBA Syllabus 2020: Verbal Ability

The section is dominated by Reading Comprehension. There are two RC passages with 6 and 4 questions respectively. The questions based on the RC passages can be tricky. The para jumble questions can be scoring if a candidate understands the basics of para jumble. Other topics which can be part of the Verbal Ability section as per the PGDBA 2020 Syllabus are Sentence Correction types of questions and grammar based questions.

PGDBA Syllabus 2020: Logical Reasoning

The Logical Reasoning based set is likely to be based on the following concepts mentioned in the PGDBA Syllabus: Logical connectives, Statements and Conclusions, Matching and sequences. The section is generally considered to be tricky and proved to be so in the PGDBA 2019.

PGDBA Syllabus 2020: Data Interpretation

For Data Interpretation, there are usually two caselets in the paper. The caselets are direct and not calculation intensive. The major topics as per the PGDBA Syllabus which are part of the Data Interpretation and Data Visualization section are bar graphs, charts and data in a tabular format. These topics are generally quite easy and do not need extensive calculation.

PGDBA Syllabus 2020: Quantitative Aptitude

The PGDBA Syllabus for the Quantitative Aptitude is slightly different from the syllabus of MBA entrance exams. The PGDBA Syllabus 2020 contains topics which are part of the Class 12 Syllabus as well as syllabus up to Class 10. In addition to this, the weightage of these topics is also significant in the PGDBA Exam which means that all serious aspirants will need to pay attention to this topic as well.

PGDBA: Selection Process

Candidates need to write the pre-qualifying examination i.e. PGDBA 2020. The shortlisted candidates will then be called for a personal interview. The final admission to the program will be based on the following parameters: written test, personal interview, work experience, and academic background

PGDBA Intake

The maximum intake of the program is 60. The reservation policy of the Government of India is applicable for PGDBA.

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