• CUET Test Series with 20 Mocks

    The test series will help students in gaining a better perspective regarding the questions that appear in the CUET Examination. The test series will consist of 20 mocks and a detailed analysis of each mock.

    • 20 Mock tests for each subject

    • Brief analysis of the mock tests

    • 1-2 Chapter-wise Practice tests

    • Monthly current affairs compendium

    • *15 Mocks of full syllabus
      *Mocks will be provided as per schedule

    Customize this program in your preferred way, and choose subjects of your choice as well as the number of mocks you want (10 or 20).

    Choose Section 1 subjects


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    Why CUET Test Series is important?

    Before the actual class XII Board exams, every student appears for two pre-board exams in school. Ever wondered why? Pre-board exams are the curtain raiser for the actual paper. Likewise, the CUET Test series is your curtain raiser for the actual exam. It helps you test your readiness! A pre-board or the Board exam is the test of your writing skills, whereas CUET is the test of the application of knowledge in a time-constrained environment. The Board exams are conducted in offline mode making it easier. On the other hand, CUET is an online exam, and hence physical and mental stamina matters. Don't take chances. Test yourself.

    Features & Benefits

    The students are going to get 20 mocks tests created by Top CUET Mentors.

    The tests are curated based on the latest CUET exam pattern to ensure the student get the actual exam experience.

    A detailed drill-down analysis and breakdown of performance in each mock will also be provided to the students.

    1-2 Practice Tests for each chapter/subject comprising 10 questions each.

    Take chapter tests to improve your score in specific topics to evaluate how prepared you are to tackle them on D-Day.

    Daily current affairs updates and access to the weekly current affairs compendium-Manthan.

    This will help to boost your GK preparation for CUET.

    Our Mentors

    28+ years of CL's unique pedagogy delivered by the best instructors

    • Satya Narayanan R.

      St. Stephen's College, Delhi University

      IIM Bangalore

    • Gautam Puri (GP)

      Punjab University, Chandigarh

      IIM Bangalore

    • Shivku

      IIT Madras

      IIM Calcutta

    • Sreenivasan R.

      Jawahar Lal Nehru University

      IIM Bangalore

    • Sujatha Kshirsagar

      R.A. Poddar, Bombay

      IIM Bangalore

    • ...and many more subject experts

    Student Testimonials

    My experience with Career Launcher has been exceptional. The faculty members are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about helping the students. They answer all our queries swiftly and provide individual attention, which helped us to clear our concepts effectively.

    MPratik Agarwal
    Pratik Agarwal

    The Career launcher mocks were very helpful to me. There were about 8-10 questions in the exam (maths), which were directly from CL mocks. Thank you.

    Yash Bohra
    Yash Bohra
    Hansraj College

    Career launcher helped me a lot in achieving my goal. I think the best part is that each and every faculty member of CL were always there to solve any doubts of aspirants. The weekly mock tests on aspiration were very helpful, and it gave me confidence.

    Anusha Agrawal
    Anusha Agrawal
    Hindu College

    Career launcher has probably the best resources for CUET. Especially when it comes to test series, it has been an amazing experience, and I would love to recommend the test series to all the forthcoming batches

    Prassiddhi Sachdeva
    Prassiddhi Sachdeva

    Having prepared for the Board exams, Career Launcher helped me expand upon my preparation with a magnitude of mock tests and quizzes. The Manthan Magazine also helped me fight the stress that I had for the GT examination.

    Prashanthraj Patro
    Prashanthraj Patro

    "The live classes and doubt clearing sessions of CL helped me hone my knowledge better. The mock tests were absolutely key to testing myself towards the end of my journey. The aid I received from Career Launcher during my CUET prep proved to be a wise decision as I finally landed in my dream college. "

    Prapti Das
    Prapti Das
    Miranda House

    Career Launcher is that platform which gives overall support to its students specially with their aspiration ID and teaching staff.

    Aditi Shah
    Aditi Shah

    Career Launcher had been a great guide for me while I was preparing for the CUET exam. The mock test series were extremely helpful and accurate and aided me to achieve 100 percentile in two subjects- Economics and Legal Studies.

    Vrinda Nangia
    Vrinda Nangia

    The best thing about CL's mock tests was that they were all based on the NCERT. In addition, the degree of difficulty is a bit on the higher side, which really prepares you for the worst and makes you study your NCERT thoroughly. This mock test was really helpful to me, and I am glad I took it.

    Anurag Barik
    Anurag Barik
    Hansraj College

    Commonly asked questions

    Tech requirement

    Anyone with a laptop or a mobile device with a reasonable connection speed can attend the sessions live.

    Note: Below are the system requirements for Mobile App if applicable.

    • Android app works with 4.0+ devices
    • The desktop app needs a system with 2+ GB RAM and 2+ GHz processor
    • Chrome browser (version 36) is mandatory for Desktop app
    • The browser needs Flash player installed to it. Choose browsers that support Flash based on the Operating System that is being used
    • User login and validation is done by the server. So please ensure that you are connected to the internet during the first login
    • Note that you can access course content on only one Laptop/desktop and on only one mobile/tablet. So please login through the devices that you access most
    • Seamless data synchronization (like course completion status, test scores) between desktop and android apps require internet connectivity on both the devices

    Maximum 2 devices (laptop and mobile) are allowed. If you use the services on a 3rd device, your Aspiration account will automatically be blocked and it will take 7 working days to re-activate it To Re-activate the account, you need to contact us by emailing support@careerlauncher.com

    Note: If the student only has a Jio internet connection, he/she will not be able to attend the live Webex classes through it. This is because Webex doesn't recognize Jio as a reliable internet service provider.