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CUET maths syllabus: The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) is a centralised entrance exam. It gives an equal and common opportunity to all aspiring students across the country to get a seat with their desired UG course at the most prestigious universities/colleges in the country. The exam will be conducted by the NTA in CBT mode and all the questions will be MCQ type.

Students aspiring to pursue maths subjects in their UG, should go through the CUET maths syllabus thoroughly and prepare well for the test. All the UG admissions in the participating universities (200+) will be based on the CUET scores of the candidates. It is of paramount importance that you prepare well and score high marks in your CUET test. Go through the CUET maths syllabus for 2023 and prepare a suitable preparation strategy to ensure that you get a seat in your desired college/university.

This article is going to help you with a detailed CUET maths syllabus and how to prepare mathematics for CUET. Follow the article till the end to get all the necessary details that you need to know about the exam and start your preparation in a comprehensive manner.

A few important details about CUET 2023:

  • CUET 2023 will be a gateway to 200+ Universities (47 central), for UG admissions.
  • In CUET, the medium of instruction will be available in multiple (13 different) languages.
  • The exam will be conducted online, in Computer Based Test (CBT) mode, and over two shifts (Morning and Afternoon).

For CUET 2022, NTA received a total of 15 lakhs (approx) applications. Going by the hype around it, CUET 2023 is easily going to beat the numbers. Students from all corners of the country apply for the test, and the expected competition will be tough. It is not going to be a very difficult ride for the students. The students should go through the brief CUET maths syllabus to get a proper understanding and ramp up their preparation for the exam at the earliest. Download the pdf containing the complete CUET syllabus for all the domain subjects, below.

CUET maths syllabus

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has released the detailed CUET maths syllabus on its official website. The same has been discussed in detail here. The syllabus for mathematics is very vast and is divided into two brief sections. Both sections are equally important and should be covered with utmost diligence. Find out the detailed section and unit-wise CUET maths syllabus in the table below and explore how to prepare mathematics for CUET. 

The detailed mathematics syllabus for CUET is discussed in the dropdowns below:

From a preparational perspective, it is very important that along with the CUET maths syllabus, you are also aware of the exam pattern and the types of questions that are expected from each unit. This all-around knowledge about the exam pattern/syllabus always comes in handy and makes your task easier in every step of how to prepare mathematics for CUET.

The detailed mathematics question pattern is discussed below: 

Now that you are fully aware of the detailed CUET maths syllabus and exam pattern for CUET, it is very important that you have a suitable plan to approach how to prepare mathematics for CUET.

But, how to prepare Mathematics for CUET in the best and most effective manner? In this part, the article is going to try and make your task easier by discussing a tailor-made strategic plan that will ensure you ace your CUET preparation and succeed in it.

How to prepare mathematics for CUET

While doing your preparation, it is crucial that you spend your time judiciously and smartly. This judicious and smart investment of time requires you to have a proper plan and timetable at hand. This article will now assist you by suggesting some tried and tested methods that are helpful in answering how to prepare mathematics for CUET.

The strategies and methods are discussed below:

A suitable timetable

A disciplined and routined approach is very vital for any kind of preparation. This can only be achieved by charting out a suitable timetable, considering the length of the CUET maths syllabus and the time you have. The timetable must ensure that you cover the whole syllabus in time and there is enough time at hand to practice and revise. Once your timetable is ready, you need to follow it with discipline and punctuality.

The thorough grip of the syllabus

Just knowing the syllabus is not enough for answering how to prepare mathematics for CUET. A thorough grip means, you also have to identify and prioritise the chapters based on their importance. You have to understand your strengths and weaknesses and work on them. This will give you better clarity and smoothen your approach. At all costs, you need to ensure that your preparation remains syllabus specific and goal-oriented.

Consistency & time management

While planning, how to prepare mathematics for CUET? It is important that you take care of these two things. The majority of your chances of succeeding depend on how well you manage your time and how consistent you are with your routine. Managing available time and consistency in the effort is most desired in any aspirant. This makes your approach disciplined and goal-oriented. If you can ensure these two, the chances of your success are automatically higher.

Practice and revision

This is the final and most crucial step that no one should skip. This will sharpen you in every aspect, and make you exam ready. Once you are done with the syllabus, revise judiciously and go through the important sections again and again. Aspirants are advised to solve practice sets as many as possible, and also appear for mock tests. By doing this, candidates will get an opportunity to manage their time well in exams, and also get to familiarize themselves with the exam atmosphere.

And yes, do not forget to eat and sleep well, and also ensure you remain calm and relaxed. A healthy body and mind, working in coordination always yield the best result.

It's always easier said than done. In this article, we discussed the CUET maths syllabus, and how to prepare mathematics for CUET in detail. Now, it’s the individual responsibility of the students to go through it attentively and adhere to the methodical approach penned out here in the article. CUET is a centralised exam and the expected competition is going to be very tough. It is better that you start preparing as soon as possible and follow all the steps and guidelines strictly. Give yourself the best chance to be a part of renowned universities/colleges across the country by starting early.

CUET is expected to be a major turning point in the history of higher education in India. Ramp up your preparation by starting early and ace the test.

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