CUET Self-Paced Program

Enhance your learning for CUET 2024/2025

Start your preparation for CUET with a Self-Paced Program to learn at your own pace, time, and convenience.

Key features:

  • Video lessons (12-16 hrs in each subject)
  • Covers 3 sections & 14 domain subjects
  • Customize by choosing your subjects
  • Learn anytime from anywhere

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Electric Charges & Fields

Electrostatics Potential & Capacitance

Solid State


Relations & Functions

Inverse Trigonometric Function (B1 only)

Principles of Inheritance & Variation Part-1

Principles of Inheritance & Variation Part-2

Accounting for Partnership: Basic Concepts Part 1

Accounting for Partnership: Basic Concepts Part 2

Nature & Significance of Management

Principles of Management


National Income Accounting

THEME 6: BHAKTI-SUFI TRADITIONS: Changes in Religious Beliefs and Devotional Texts (c. eighth to eighteenth centuries) Part-1

THEME 6: BHAKTI-SUFI TRADITIONS: Changes in Religious Beliefs and Devotional Texts (c. eighth to eighteenth centuries) Part-2

The cold war era

The end of bipolarity

Demographic structure of Indian Society Part 1

Demographic structure of Indian Society Part 2



Variations in Psychological Attributes

Self and Personality

Judiciary Part 1

Judiciary Part 2

English Reading Comprehension -1

English Reading Comprehension -2


Geometry & Mensuration

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Subjects covered

Section 1: Language
  • English
Section 2: Domain Subjects


  • Accountancy
  • Economics
  • Business Studies
  • Applied Maths


  • Pol Science
  • History
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Geography


  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Maths
Section 3: General Test
  • General Test

Our Mentors

27+ years of CL’s unique pedagogy delivered by the best instructors

Satya Narayanan R.
St. Stephen's College, Delhi University

IIM Bangalore

Gautam Puri
Punjab University, Chandigarh

IIM Bangalore

R. Shiva Kumar
IIT Madras

IIM Calcutta

Sreenivasan R.
Jawahar Lal Nehru University

IIM Bangalore

Sujatha Kshirsagar
R.A. Poddar, Bombay

IIM Bangalore

…and many more subject experts

CUET Self-Paced Program

Top universities in India like DU, BHU, JNU, JMI, AMU, and many more fall under the purview of CUET. It will ratchet up the competition in the exam drastically, and you need to ramp up your preparation as well to cope with it.

What will you get?

Comprehensive video lessons & tests:

Choice-based customization:

Learn as you will:

This will enable you to go through and revise the entire syllabus in a quick and self-paced manner. Moreover, the Q&A part and the chapter test will ensure that you don’t have any doubts remaining and are fully prepared to compete in the test.

Therefore, if you are looking for CUET Coaching, look no further than Career Launcher. CL is a name synonymous with success in aptitude-based exam preparation and CUET will be no different. Our CUET Self-Paced program is created by our team of experts and experienced faculty members who have spent many years training students for various entrance exams. The self-paced program is designed for students who want to prepare at their own convenience. Our efforts are to deliver top-notch CUET preparation at the most affordable prices right in the comfort of your home.

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Reasons you should not miss out on our Self-Paced Program

  • CL's 360-degree approach to pedagogy and exam preparation is what stands out and delivers fruitful outcomes year after year.
  • Our CUET mentors are all with the best of backgrounds, including IITs, IIMs, PhDs, and CA's, who bring a synthesis across multi-subject competencies.
  • Each subject comes alive and exciting for you for a lifetime and not just for the purpose of exam preparation.
  • 1267… and counting 100% - iles in CUET 2023 reflects upon and confirms our excellent track record of CUET success.

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