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Why Choose Career Launcher for Private Tutoring?

Live interactive sessions

60+ hours of live online sessions where you can directly interact with experts and get your doubts resolved

Full-length mock tests

6 full-length mock tests with Detailed Analysis to help you prepare for the real test scenario

Section-wise workshops

Proctored workshops on Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Problem Solving and Data Insight

Practice Questions

2800+ practice questions of GMAT™ with answers and explanations. Get hours of quality practice in our e-learning platform

Suitable timings

Balance the demands of your job/ college and GMAT™ preparation with late night sessions (from 21:00-23:00 hrs) & option of Weekend classes.

Personalised Mentoring

One to One mentoring for score improvement.

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About GMAT Private Tutoring Class

With a focus on personalized mentoring, GMAT™ Private Tutoring by Career Launcher has been designed to help students crack high scores in GMAT™ and join their dream B-schools in India and abroad. These classes can be attended live from home, helping working professionals save precious time. The sessions provide a classroom-like experience from anywhere by allowing you to ask queries and get your doubts resolved by our expert faculty members. Even if you miss asking questions you can ask the same to the experts.

The duration of the course is three months with classes running between 21:00 and 23:00 hrs.

The number of classes per week varies between two and four. Schedules are shared at the beginning of every week.

Career Launcher

Over the last 20 years, the process of test taking, practising answering questions, assessments and performance analysis have stayed in step with technology. Career Launcher provides every student an access to a personalized online platform called the Career Launcher

  • Access the session anytime, anywhere, and on all devices

  • Take mocks and get a detailed analysis of the same

  • Updated exam news and schedule

  • Practice questions

Know your teachers

Career Launcher has brought together a dream-team of expert teachers with revered academic experience. Know their teaching & educational background

Mayur Tyagi

Verbal Expert

Mayur, a mechanical engineer, followed his passion for verbal reasoning and aptitude. He breaks the most complex verbal concepts into simple mathematical steps that students can easily follow and achieve scores that they desire. Training more than 5000 students over the past 7 years, his students have scored 760(V44), 730(V46) GMAT™ to name a few. Truly following the words of Maya Angelou, "When you know better you do better", Mayur makes sure his students always know better.

Kapil Madaan

Kapil Madaan

Quant Expert

Kapil earned an MBA after his mechanical engineering degree. He performed well on standardized tests such as GMAT. He has been teaching Quant for more than 10 years and helped thousands of students achieve their target scores, with his unique ability to break a most complex problem into simpler mathematical steps. Most of his students get a score between Q45 - 51 on GMAT.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the sub-topics covered in private tutoring?

In private tutoring for GMAT, you will receive personalized mentoring on all sections of the GMAT, including Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, and Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA). Within these sections, sub-topics such as critical reasoning, sentence correction, data sufficiency, problem-solving, and essay writing will also be addressed.

Can I interact with the instructors apart from the tutoring session?

Yes, you can interact with the instructors apart from the tutoring sessions. Moreover, the program offers live Strategy Sessions and Topic-wise Workshops, where you can actively engage with the instructors. These sessions provide opportunities for in-depth discussions and additional guidance.

Can I get a revision of the topic that has already been conducted?

Yes, you can get a revision of the topic that has already been conducted in the private tutoring program. Class Recordings (Post Live Class) are also included in the program.

Can I get additional one-on-one interactions with instructors?

Yes, you can get additional one-on-one interactions with instructors in the private tutoring program.

Can I get guidance in Admissions Abroad?

Admissions consulting for overseas education is not a part of the GMAT private tutoring program. You may check out our admissions consulting programs.

Can I purchase additional tutoring sessions?

Yes, it is possible.

How can I activate my Practice Tests?

To access practice tests, simply log in to our learning portal, Career Launcher, using your credentials and navigate to the section dedicated to Practice Tests.

How can I get official guides?

Official guides for the GMAT are not provided as part of our private tutoring program. However, you can purchase official GMAT guides from MBA.com.

Will the tutor allocated to me solve my academic doubts?

Yes, the instructor allocated to you in the private tutoring program will be available to solve your academic doubts. One-to-One Doubt Clearing Sessions are included as part of the program.

How much time will it take to complete the GMAT syllabus?

Although the estimated time is 3-4 months, the actual time required to complete the GMAT syllabus will vary depending on various factors, including your existing knowledge, learning pace, and the level of preparation you aim to achieve. Our private tutoring program offers 54+ hours of live online personalized mentoring, providing ample time for concept building, practice, and refinement of test-taking strategies.

How can I ask academic queries?

You can ask academic queries in multiple ways in the private tutoring program. One-to-One Doubt Clearing Sessions are specifically designed for addressing your academic queries.

How can I get help in making my GMAT study plan?

Our instructors are experienced in GMAT preparation and will provide guidance in creating an effective study plan. They will assess your strengths and weaknesses, and based on this assessment, they will collaborate with you to develop a personalized study plan that maximizes your progress.

How can I connect with the Support team?

You can fill out the form with your details and our team will contact you soon. You can also call on the numbers on the top of this page.

How can I access my course material?

You can access your course material through our dedicated learning portal, Career Launcher

How can I access the recorded lectures?

Accessing the recorded lectures is also convenient through our learning portal, Career Launcher

What all is included in my program?

The private tutoring program includes 54+ hours of live online personalized mentoring; live strategy sessions and topic-wise workshops; 7 full-length adaptive mocks; 2800+ multi-level practice questions; one-to-one doubt clearing sessions; and class recordings.