IPMAT 2018: Exam Analysis

IPMAT 2018 was conducted by IIM Indore on May 11, 2018 for admission to its five year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM). Unlike, previous IPMAT, the structure of the exam was changed this year, with Quantitative Aptitude Section divided into two. Though IPMAT 2017 did had 9-10 questions with no options, but IPMAT 2018 treated the questions in a separate section.

The exam comprised 100 questions from three broad sections viz. Quantitative Ability (MCQ); Quantitative Ability (Short Answers) and Verbal Ability (MCQ). The time limit of the exam was 120 minutes with a sectional time limit of 40 minutes for each section.

Each correct attempt would fetch 4 marks and each incorrect attempt would attract a penalty of 1 mark.

Given below is a general overview of IPMAT 2018:

Section Number of Questions Time (in min.) Good Score Expected Cut-off (ATS)
Quantitative Ability (SA) 20 40 36-40 25-26
Quantitative Ability (MCQ) 40 40 60-68 16-20
Verbal Ability (MCQ) 40 40 112-120 100+
Total 100 120 208-228 140-146

IPM 2018 Analysis: Quantitative Ability (SA)

This was the first section this year with total 20 questions. For the first time, IPMAT had a separate section on short answer type questions for Maths. There was no negative marking for this section; however, the section was moderately difficult. Most of the questions were from Logs, Arithmetic Progressions and Geometric progressions. There were questions on Permutation & Combination, Probability, Geometry (cube) too. This section also saw mix of concepts for the questions.

An attempt of 10-12 can be considered good, despite no negative marking.

IPMAT 2018 Analysis: Quantitative Ability (MCQ)

The level of difficulty of Quantitative Ability section in IPMAT 2018 was similar to 2017. There were 40 questions in this section.

The break-down of this section is as follows:

Topic Number of questions
Number System 3-4
Arithmetic 6-7
Algebra 5-6
Geometry & Mensuration 4-5
Permutation Combination and Probability 4-5
Set Theory 3-4
Data Interpretation 1 Set (5Q)
Matrices and Determinants 2-3
Total 40

Unlike last year, questions on complex numbers were missing. There was a set of Data Interpretation. They tried to maintain balance among the topics. Overall, the section was difficult. An attempt of 18-20 questions can be considered a good one.

IPMAT 2018 Analysis: Verbal Ability

The difficulty level of Verbal Ability section was easy. The 40 questions in this section could easily be completed in around 45 minutes.

The break-down of this section is as follows:

Topic Number of questions
Reading Comprehension 12
Fill in the Blanks (Two-Three Blanks) 8-10
Sentence Completion 5-6
Para Jumbles 3-4
Sentence correction 3-4
Para completion 3-4
Total 40

There were two Reading Comprehension passages. One passage was on birds while the second passage concentrated on social media. Even 2017 had a passage on Social Media and networking. In the Para jumbles questions, options were not provided and thus the students had to key in the correct order.

Fill in the blanks questions were easy. The sentence correction questions tested the student’s concept of grammar. Overall, students found this section to be easy, and thus cut-off for this section is expected to be high, like last year. An attempt of 34-35 was possible in this section.

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