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The Machine Learning Retreat

A hands-on skill building program for CXOs

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CXO ML Online Retreat

May 1st-3rd, 2020

Is your organization AI-ML ready?

To develop an understanding of how AI & ML are affecting every industry, we have launched this machine learning retreat exclusively for CXOs.

The 2-day program will focus on a hands-on approach towards solving business problems using Machine Learning. The courseware has been designed to ensure participants with no background in programming can enjoy it equally.

CXOs should attend the program to:

  • Become familiar with data science methodologies
  • Understand how to take AI-assisted, data-driven decisions
  • Derive trends & patterns in their business processes
  • Guide their teams using insights based on Machine Learning

The Learning Experience

  • An overview of AI/ML - Concepts and Potential
  • Unsupervised Algorithms - Build a movie recommendation system based on IMDb like data
  • Solving prediction problems (Classification & regression) - We will solve prediction problems from Insurance, Real Estate, Health care industries
  • ML based Image Recognition - Take a close look how algorithms can read human handwriting or recognize text and images
  • Deep Learning - Do a hands on Artificial Neural network implementation and see the amazing power of these algorithms and how they help the Banking and Telecom industry predict potential loss of a customer
  • Natural Language Processing - We will solve a problem of predicting sentiment of customers based on their social media messages or website reviews
  • Building you Own Voice Bots (Alexa) - How to enable voice tech for your customers and get Alexa to talk about your products
  • Market basket analysis using Association Rule Mining - see how a retail outlet increases sales using ML
  • Customer Segmentation - Use clustering algorithms to automagically bring out similarities among customers along and align marketing campaigns to each segment
  • Basics of Python and Pandas would be taught as part of the course for better appreciation of AI/ML applications


Dr. Subhrajit Bhattacharya is a researcher in the deep learning and AI field with 14 patents and 5 Published journal papers to his name.

Sujit Bhattacharyya is a founder of CL Educate and has been heading the technology and innovation efforts in CL for the past 18 years.

Reflections of Yatish Rajawat, Senior journalist and an alum of the CXO ML retreat at Goa.

Very few people go to Goa and sit inside a glass building to learn about machine learning. But recently I did it along with a small cohort of a very diverse set of people

The hype around machine learning (ML), neural networks, and artificial intelligence is at its peak. Hardly a conversation goes by that does not mention these words many times.... Read more

K Yatish Rajawat
Public Policy | Journalist | Upskilling Ideas | Digital Communities | Startups

AWS connect

AWS Education conducted a roundtable on Campus 4.0, organised by Kestone, which was attended by :

  • Prof Sahasrabudhe, AICTE Chairman
  • Sandeep Chatterjee, Director Accenture
  • Andrew Ko, Head of Global Education within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Worldwide Public Sector business
  • Ken Eisner, Director, Worldwide Education Programs at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Katie Herritage, Manager, Sr. Programs Manager at Amazon Web Services
  • PP Sunil Acharya, India Head - Education at AISPL (Amazon Web Services)
  • Vasudhevan and Manmeet Singh from Manpower group
  • Moderated by Satya Narayanan R, Chairman, CL Educate Ltd.

The event focused on Education 4.0 (Campus 4.0) leading to Industry 4.0 leading to Country 4.0
It was then followed by a visit of the AWS team to the CL Educate offices, wherein they discussed about how technology would be responsible in heralding Country 4.0 and how CL Educate was pioneering the same in India. This lead to deep discussions on synergies between AWS Education and CL Educate and talks of them joining hands, among other activities, for Melting Pot 2019, a flagship event where Industry meets Academia, at San Francisco Bay in October.

What to expect

  • Learn new age skills in ML and AI with no prior programming or IT knowledge
  • Learn in a easy going, fun environment, with college like deadlines
  • Gain familiarity with machine language vocabulary, hand-on usage of various algorithms
  • Experience of being a ML engineer !
  • You will be able to generate ideas on the way ML can be used in interesting ways

What you need to bring along

  • Wifi enabled laptop.
  • A sense of curiousity and a learning attitude; a little humour will help ;)

What the CXOs say


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