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  • January 20, 2019
  • 100 only
  • 1000 Hrs
  • Centers/Online
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    Is MBA your dream? Invest Rs.100 and win a chance to get 100% Scholarship on our programs by securing top scores. To make the pot sweeter, every participant gets a guaranteed scholarship worth Rs.3,500. Take your first step today and watch your career go up!

    Winners: Top 100

    Scholarship Amount: 100%

    Winners: Top 300

    Scholarship Amount: 75%

    Winners: Top 500

    Scholarship Amount: 50%

    Winners: Top 1,000

    Scholarship Amount: 25%

    Winners: Rest of the Participants

    Scholarship Amount: 10%

    Career Launcher's MBA Gurus

    *What is CCQT exam?
    • CCQT Exam is a gateway to get eligible for jobs at 100+ companies tied up with TCS ION.
    • Job opportunities will be dependent on your performance in the CCQT exam
    • Top 10% will get 100% exam fee waiver, other registrants will get 25% exam fee waiver.
    • CL is the exclusive partner to coach students for CCQT exam.
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    CAT Marathon Has Begun. Are You Ready To Run?

    Hosting India's Biggest-Ever Scholarship Fund, Career Launcher stands with the vision of providing a generous chance to all the deserving MBA aspirants. Join the marathon being run by 1,00,000+ participants; mark your first step in becoming a prospective CAT 2019 topper.

    So, exactly how can one come out victorious in the battle of CAT exam? How can our programs help you guarantee CAT 2019 success? Simple:

    Be the King of Ambitions

    Distractions come easy, ambitions get lazy. In this modern world of bright lights and sparkly tinsels, it is expected to find one-self less enthusiastic at certain times. But because we know how the worldly temptations are ever ready to tear us from our ambitions, we lock hands with our students to keep them strong and motivated till the very end.


    What doesn't surprise us any more is how after a while most of our students require less and less knowledge/skill support from us. And because of this wonderful outcome, we resort to personalized mentoring. We take pride in being called as mentors rather than teachers, and we are ever happy to bond with our students on a professional yet personal level.


    Cracking challenging exams like CAT isn't always about intelligence; it's also about being smart by taking up smart strategies. The rhythmic trend of CAT goes on to show that getting 50 questions right out of 100 lands one a 99 percentile with the added bonus of admission invitation from top B-schools. How and why? Well, this is pure strategy and we help you master it.

    Loads of 'Yes!'

    To have things fall into place per our desire is to rejoice. This simple but uplifting word called, 'yes!' is a celebratory expression and we sincerely wish for you to say it. Let out your 1st victorious 'yes!' by securing 100% CAT scholarship, 2nd 'yes!' on clearing the official CAT exam, 3rd 'yes!' on interview call by your dream school, 4th "yes" on clearing the interview and the final "yes" as an MBA student.

    Who is it for?

    MBA Talent Hunt 2019 aims to identify the Manager, Leader, or Entrepreneur in you. It's not for couch potatoes. Not for those without aspirations and belief. It is for you, whose aim in life is nothing short of excellence.

    Take a quick look at these questions and answer them aloud:

    • Do you aim to start off with a dream corporate role or your own multi-billion dollar business?
    • Do you dream about seeing your ideas turn into reality?
    • Do you aim to convert that past childhood aspiration into a successful future career?

    If the answer to the above questions is a Yes, then the path towards it starts with MBA Talent Hunt 2019.

    MBA Talent Hunt + TCS iON CCQT a perfect combo

    Your career dreams always hinge on your goal clarity. A career in the corporate sector takes the path UG + MBA + work experience Or UG + work experience + MBA.

    When you connect with us at Career Launcher, we are hugely mindful of these distinct paths to the same long term goal. We not only advise students to stay open to both options but also enable them by giving carefully calibrated pathways.

    If you are looking at CAT 2019 and a corporate option next year, this is the best place to start. Get your CAT journey going. At the same time, make your Rs 100 count by taking the CCQT from TCS ion worth Rs. 1200.

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    Securing 100% Scholarship For Career Launcher Programs Is Perfect For You

    Personalized Roadmap

    Mentored By The Best of Best

    At Career Launcher, lights don't guide you home, our Gurus do. Get mentored and guided under the umbrella of our brilliant MBA Gurus like Gautam Puri, R.Shiva Kumar, Gejo Sreenivasan, Arks, Gautam Bawa, and so many more. Witness the journey of your MBA dreams come to life right before your eyes.

    National Ranking

    Mark Your Stand

    The competition is placed on a national pedestal, an invitation to every MBA aspirant across the entire country with CAT preparation as their first step. With over 1,00,000+ participants competing for a place, are you ready to mark your stand and be a force to reckon with?

    IIM Profilizer

    MBA Profilizer

    Discover the mechanisms of top B-schools like the IIMs and the score range to be eligible for getting shortlisted. We take innovative initiatives to help understand the complex insights of B-school selection and break it into simplicity based on strategy to help you get into top B-schools.

    Great Savings

    Great Savings

    Competitions mean 'some win; some lose' but do not fret, we appreciate your effort and sincerity. Make it to the top 1,000 or not, your investment of Rs.100 is bound to return for a scholarship amount of worth Rs.3,500. Money is precious, money is wealth, money is power, save your money.

    Eligibility Criteria and Test Pattern

    Eligibility Criteria: All pre-final and final year students along with graduates who have less than five years of experience are eligible to take the test.

    Test Pattern: The test is modelled on CAT'18 & other B-school entrance exams will feature a total of 50 questions divided into four sections, as tabulated below.

    Duration: 65 minutes

    Scoring Pattern: +3 for correct answer

    Section Questions Duration
    Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) 15 20 mins
    Quantitative Ability (QA) 15 20 mins
    Data Interpretation & Logical Analysis (DILR) 15 20 mins
    General Knowledge (GK) 5 5 mins
    Total 50 65 mins


    • Scholarship is applicable on Tuition fees. Other costs such as material cost will be levied
    • In case any evidence of malpractice is found, eligibility for the scholarship will be revoked.
    • Management decision is final
    • Scholarship is valid till January 31, 2019.
    • Offer applicable in select cities only.