NEET Preparation Strategy

NEET Preparation

NEET or The National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test has now become the only undergraduate entrance test for gateway to top government medical colleges.

Every year around 15Lakh students write the NEET exam for admission into the top medical colleges of India. Competition is definitely tough. However, the exam can be conquered with the right strategy and correct mindset.

About the exam

NEET Preparation cannot Kickstart before you know all about the exam. NEET exam consists of 3 sections- Physics, Chemistry and Biology. There is a limited time of 3hrs to complete the exam. Now that you know, the exam consists of 3 sections of equal weightage. NEET Preparation has to be done in a way that you equally divide your focus on all the three sections (easier said, than done)

NEET Preparation Strategy

NEET Preparation strategy needs to be streamlined with the right material first. So here is some basic material-

  1. NCERTs should be your basic material. Ignoring this can cost you heavily. NEET Preparation should be solely based on reading NCERTs.
  2. Any good NEET Coaching material- This provides you with the opportunity to practice questions based on the actual NEET pattern.
  3. Previous year question papers- Ignore this and you are doomed. During NEET Preparation, previous year questions are of utmost importance. Logic is simple, NEET in itself doesn't prescribe any book or material. It is only the previous year questions that are provided by the exam through which you judge the exam.
  4. Mock Tests- Give regular mock tests and analyse them to know your weaknesses and strengths.

This was the basic NEET Preparation strategy for all the three subjects. Now let's move on to the subject wise strategy-

  1. Biology (Zoology and Botany)
    This is our favourite and all many students tend to spend a lot more time and then fail to score in other subjects. So a balance is necessary. Start with the basic NCERTs and then follow the above strategy. You should revise NCERTs frequently. Don't neglect them.
  2. Chemistry
    This section is very scoring and comparatively easier one. Class 11th and 12th NCERTs are more than sufficient for the exam. They are the Bible for NEET Preparation in Chemistry.
  3. Physics This is where most students find difficulty. But this is mainly due to the lack of practice. Students exhaust themselves with biology and chemistry that they tend to procrastinate studying physics. However, considering the past trends this can be a rank decider. Strategy here also is the same. Read NCERTs thoroughly first and then move on to any material.

NEET Coaching

Join a good NEET Coaching institute to boost your preparation. Gone are the days when students used to prepare for NEET on their own. This is not 1990s friends, in the 21st century the competition is very tough and you cannot imagine clearing this exam without NEET Coaching ( Exceptions are always there, but let's focus on the majority). Students already have boards and other school stuff to do. Studying for NEET on their own can be very tiresome and not recommended. In the NEET Coaching, you will get the best teachers who will guide you through the exam.

At Career Launcher, we understand that at this stage students are going to shape their whole career. Hence, we aim to provide maximum results with minimum efforts.

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