Siddharth Mehta

Student Mentor, CL Bhilai

Xavier School of Management (XLRI) Xavier School of Management (XLRI)

Siddharth's Mantra

  • An interview is a process of sales; where you are the salesman and also the product.
  • There needs to be one harmonious story about the product, i.e., you. The story should capture your entire personality - strength, weakness, likes, dislikes, achievements; and map it to your goals: short term and long term.
  • Everybody likes to hear a genuine and honest story. So, be true to yourself. Don't try to act as someone else.
  • Be happy, because good things happen to happy people.

Students' Feedback

Knowledge 90%
Responsiveness to doubts and queries 90%
Motivating spirit 90%

Students Speak!!!

If Siddharth were interviewed - "What are your strengths and weaknesses?"


  • My biggest strength is taking ownership of the tasks I am supposed to do.
  • I can persevere on difficult tasks till I get the desired results.
  • I am a firm believer and practitioner of the Win-Win philosophy. I have a problem-solving approach towards life.


  • I take stress for the things, which may lie beyond my locus of control.
  • I focus too much on the task at hand, which sometimes results in ignoring other things around me.
  • I take a lot of decision on a hunch. It has a different thrill altogether; but, at times, it results in avoidable mistakes.

Epithets by Students: "To you, Siddharth is..."

"The Most Patient Mentor On The Planet!"

"Ever Ready To Help"

"Perpetual Motivator"

Favorite Author

Different authors bring different flavors. I like Rushdie, for his language skills; Ishiguro, for his fluid stories; Amitav Ghosh, for his research on the subject; Ayn Rand, for her powerful and convincing philosophy; Orwell, for his timeless political satires -'Animal Farm'and '984' There are others too, the latest one to enter my favorite club is David Mitchell, for his 'Cloud Atlas'

Role Model

  • My father, who taught me the value of being patient, punctual, and happy.
  • Sachin Tendulkar, for his humility, despite being great.
  • M S Dhoni, for his leadership skills and cool demeanor.

Know him like you "know him"


Deeply inspired by Atticus Finch (Protagonist of 'To Kill a Mockingbird') for his brave and upright character



His day is incomplete without reading, 'The Fountainhead' by Ayn Rand being one of his favorites



Follows cricket; Sachin Tendulkar and M S Dhoni being his favorite sportspersons


Bucket list

Top two things being: mastering swimming and learning SEO skills



'Andaz Apna Apna', 'Gangaajal', and 'Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar' being some of his favorites



Loves teaching and motivating, day-dreaming, and spending time with his two lovely children