Students Speak!!!

Converted: IIM-C, IIT-Madras, IIT-Delhi, CAT 2017

Siddharth Sir played a significant role in converting my IIM-Calcutta call. When I was informed that he's my mentor, I chose to ask him regarding the global issues that I should be aware of. I was totally happy with the instant reply from him mentioning a few articles and apps that will keep me updated.

My first PI session with him lasted for about 40 minutes in which he made sure to cover all types of questions ranging from telling me about yourself, academics, why MBA, future goals to strengths and weaknesses.

At the end of the session, I had a clear picture of what I am strong at and what are the aspects that I should improve myself in. Above all, it's the confidence that he constantly gave me.

In the following sessions, he made sure to ask my interview experiences in detail and correct me so that I don't repeat in the upcoming interviews. Everyone has dreams, but lack of guidance would lead us nowhere. Thank you so much for guiding me in the rigorous journey to a beautiful destination sir.

I feel confident to say that I took a right decision by choosing CL-PDP. The best thing about the course is the mentor dedicated to every student who guides them and makes every effort to nurture students in the right way.

Another significant part of PDP is the knowledge sessions by Mehekka. Apart from being informative, they improved my view towards government policies or decisions as not just facts but the impact that they have on the stakeholders and society.

This helped me a lot in the interviews as I could express my view on a given scenario.

Converted: IIM-C, IIM-K, IIM-L, SJMSOM CAT 2017

My first impression of Siddharth sir was that he would be very strict and knowledgeable. The second part turned out true completely! The first part was a pleasant surprise knowing the amount of support I received.

The sessions explained the daily important topics on a basic level and helped me make sense of it all. They were very useful as the interviews had a lot of questions on current affairs. I would interact with my mentor on WhatsApp as it was a preferred medium for me. He would always reply with the answer to my doubts. It helped me navigate doubts about subjects to study and how to manage my time.

My mentor helped me gain confidence and self-awareness regarding what my words could mean. He helped me depict a positive image of myself and told me to be proud of my achievements!

The best aspects of PDPP are the personalized interviews as well the daily sessions on current affairs. It has helped me build confidence going forward. Knowing that people would guide me through the toughest of times was amazing. I believe this is the reason I cracked the interviews.

The utmost care was given to my doubts and development. It was life-changing.