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CAT 2016 Analysis: Slot 2: First Impressions by GP and Team CL

CAT Slot 2 similar to Slot 1. Verbal & RC continue to be the easiest section. DI LR slightly difficult (1 question lesser than last year). Quant is the game changer with roughly 4-5 lesser attempts vis a vis last year. Expected cut off for 99%ile is 155 to 160

CAT 2016 Analysis: Slot 1: First Impressions by GP and Team CL

Structure similar to CAT 15. QA - more difficult than last year. Approx 5 attempts less as compared to CAT 15. 22-25 is is a good attempt. DILR slightly easy. Students could attempt 4 sets with ease. 14-16 is a good attempt. Verbal section - Level of difficulty same as CAT 15. passages of Av 400-450 words. Approx 30 is a good attempt. Over all 68-72 is a good attempt in CAT 16

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