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Research Paper Publishing

Ravi Tadigadapa, coached by Career Launcher, published his research paper in the International Conference on Sustainable Development in Rome (Italy). This helped him get an admission in Stanford University.

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Community Work

Do you know that Community work, displayed consistently in your resume, is sure to be a tie-breaker in your favor? More than half of ad-com officers confirm that!

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Goal Setting, College Selection & Essay Guidance

We help you identify your goals and choose the best-fit colleges, programs & pathways for you based on your profile. We also guide you to write powerful essays and enable you to submit a powerful application to universities.

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SAT - Private Tutoring

Get your college admission prep from the renowned experts at Career Launcher

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IELTS Online Live

You will require to prove your English Language proficiency to colleges in countries where English is the primary medium of instruction. Achieve your target IELTS score with our Online Live Classes

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Consulting Mentors

Gautam Puri

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Nikhil Mahajan

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Shiva Kumar R

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R Sreenivasan

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ARKS Srinivas

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Satya Narayanan R

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Anubhav Seth

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Himanshu Jain

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Student Testimonials

The mentors at CL are very helpful. They know what is required, and provide relevant solutions to address those challenges. They work meticulously to help each and every student, so that no query is left unanswered.

Manish Miglani

London Business School, London, UK

I had already tried for Yale once and was disappointed after being placed on the waitlist without an interview. While doing an initial assessment of my profile, my mentor at CL told me that Yale was the perfect destination for me. He made me write almost 8-9 versions

Kumar Vivek

Yale SOM, New Haven, CT, USA

I had an amazing experience with the Conceptual Research Experience program. I was able to complete a research paper in the field of Economics which was accepted at two prestigious conferences in Italy and France.

Ravichandra Tadigadapa

Social Business Academia Conference @ HEC Paris
Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA

It was a very focused, and deliberate, support from my Mentor at Career Launcher that laid the foundation for me to ace the admission process in Yale SOM. My NIFT background meant that I was arguably in need of Math support, which came through as a default and in addition, I also learnt a lot from the counseling support I received from my Mentor.

Akanksha Srivastava

Yale SOM, New Haven, CT, USA

Career Launcher has helped me at various steps of my preparation to pursue a master's degree in the United States and get admission in my dream university. The personal counselling helped me identify all the programs that fit with my future career interests and current skill set; and guided me through the application process.

Saksham Soni

MIT Sloan School of Management

My journey with Career Launcher has been a remarkable one. I enrolled for International Admissions Counselling with Career Launcher last September and I haven't looked back since then. I wanted to join the prestigious MIM Programs in Europe for 2020 intake. The whole application process does look extremely intimidating... Read more

Shashank Yadav

ESCP Business School
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Choose your Program

Dream College Program - 5 Universities / Undergraduate


  • Research Mentorship Program (1 Concept Paper)
  • Admission Consulting - 5 Colleges
  • SAT Private Tutoring (One-on-One)
  • IELTS Private Tutoring (One-on-One)
  • Profile Building Guidance

Admission Consulting - 5 Universities / Undergraduate


  • Career Counseling
  • Profile Analysis & Goal Setting
  • College Selection & Essay Guidance (5 Universities)
  • Interview Prep & Mock Interviews
  • Guidance on Scholarship Essays & Final School Decision

Admission Consulting - 5 B-Schools (International)


  • Profile Building
  • College Selection
  • Application Process (5-colleges)
  • Scholarship Process
  • Interview Coaching

Admission Consulting - ISB Comprehensive


  • Profile Building
  • Admission Process - Stage 1 & Stage 2
  • Interview Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

Admission consulting is an engaging long term process through which a mentor attempts to completely understand the aspirant in terms of their goals/aspirations, skill sets, abilities, preferences across country/culture and available options with respect to financing their education. Based on these aspects the mentors map the profile parameters with the right course and college and enable students to achieve their goals. To understand more, we would recommend that you book a free consulting session with one of our mentors.

You will be allocated one dedicated mentor / consultant who would be aided by the complete consulting team in various capacities. However, your Personal Interviews would be taken by a different mentor to enable your mentor in getting an external perspective on your profile / candidature. You'll have multiple eyes looking at your application to end up with the strongest possible application.

From our pool of talented consultants/mentors to choose from, we match you to the ideal consultant for you based on 3 factors: 1) the colleges you are applying to, 2) your career and academic interests, 3) your personal background and personality. Our customized matching to your ideal consultant increases your chances of getting into your top choice schools.

Our goal is to make sure you have at least one great school, while also aiming for top-choice reach schools.

Therefore, we plan to apply to a range of schools that contain safe universities, target universities, and ambitious universities. Very roughly, safe universities are those to which we feel we have a >70% chance of admission; ambitious universities are those with a < 20% chance of admission; and target universities are in between. The % chance of admission is first based around 1) your coursework, GPA, and SAT/ACT scores and 2) the universities admissions rate, and average GPA/SAT/ACT.

This is just the starting point for our list of schools. You may have special preferences for universities based on your personal interests, and we'll make sure to apply to all universities to which you have a good fit.

Plan your Journey abroad

Bachelor's in India Vs Abroad

Choosing a college path for your child after Class XII is one of the most momentous decisions a parent can take. This decision is normally nerve-wracking for all the participants in the process - the parents for sure, as well as the teenager involved. There are times when even the sibling(s) get involved

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The 5 Key Profile Components for a top Global University

The most encouraging (some call it 'intriguing') difference in the admission process of an international university (specifically those in the US, and more so, increasingly, in other parts of the world) is the way applications are scrutinized to arrive at a holistic picture of the student.

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Apply Well, Early & Right

Many students applying for college find the application process quite intimidating. The errors, thus committed, can put paid to many a youngster's collegiate dreams. We intend to share a quick and useful checklist that will help overcome these glitches; and make your application stand out

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