Benefits of Student Forex Card

Multicurrency Convenience

Load multiple currencies on one card for easy transactions and reduced currency exchange hassles.

Currency Control

Say goodbye to currency fluctuations without constant money exchanges.

Spend Globally

Swipe and pay internationally without transaction fees, embracing your host country's offerings.

Worldwide Accessibility

Use your card at Visa-affiliated merchants across 200+ countries.

Secure Transactions

Shop online with 3D Secure Authentication for added digital security.

24/7 Support & Insurance

Benefit from round-the-clock Global Customer Assistance and up to USD 10,000 insurance coverage.

What are the Required Documents for a
Forex Card?

To ensure a smooth application process for your forex card, please ensure you have the following documents ready:

  • Filled and signed application form.
  • A self-attested copy of your passport.
  • A self-attested copy of your return air ticket and visa.
  • A self-attested copy of your PAN card.
  • If the address on the application form differs from your passport, submit an additional address proof.

Please make sure you have original documents for verification purposes.

How to Apply for a Forex Card?

To secure your Forex Card via a user-friendly application process, you must first visit the dedicated forex card application page on the official website. After that, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

To secure your Forex Card via a user-friendly application process, you must first visit the dedicated forex card application page on the official website. After that, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Choose the type of forex card you require.
  • Specify the desired amount of foreign currency; the system will promptly calculate the associated costs for your convenience.
  • Provide essential details like Aadhar Number and passport.
  • Complete the payment securely to finalize your application.

Once your application is successfully submitted, anticipate the delivery of your Forex Card to your doorstep within three-five days. Do note that opting for customization could extend the delivery time to approximately one week.

How Career Launcher's Forex Service Can Help You?

We understand that students who aspire to study overseas seek a seamless financial experience. With our specialized forex service, all your financial worries related to studying abroad will take a back seat. Here's how our service can be your ultimate ally:

Expert Partnerships

Our strategic collaborations with renowned forex service providers ensure that you receive transparent services, free from any hidden charges.

Hassle-free Student Forex Card

Get your student forex card with a simple application process.

Research-Free Experience

Bid farewell to the exhaustive research required to find, compare, and choose the most suitable forex services. We've done the legwork for you, saving you time and energy for more meaningful pursuits related to your study abroad journey.

Guided Financial Advice

Our experts help you make the best currency exchange choices to make the most of your funds.

All-Encompassing Services

As your companion beyond the confines of your classroom, we offer a holistic support system, from entrance exams to university applications.

Other Services

In addition to forex services, we offer other significant services to smoothen your study abroad journey:


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Forex services refer to services such as currency exchange and international money transfers. They are provided by banks and financial institutions to facilitate currency transactions and international travel.

Forex services for international students provide them with cost-effective solutions for managing their financial needs while studying abroad. A forex card allows them to carry foreign currency in a prepaid card, which can be used for tuition fees, accommodation, and daily spending. Forex cards often offer competitive exchange rates compared to traditional methods like exchanging cash or using credit or debit cards, and hence, they are useful for international students.

Your Forex Card will usually be activated within 24 hours after the bank receives your funds. Some banks offer instant issuance for urgent needs, while others take 1-2 days. You'll typically receive the card in 3-5 business days after successful documentation, similar to credit or debit cards.

Yes, you can obtain a forex card in India.

Forex cards often come with certain fees and charges, such as issuance fees and reload charges. However, using the card for payments does not generally have transaction fees. Some banks might also waive certain fees for specific types of profiles. You must review the terms and conditions to understand the applicable fees before obtaining your card.

A forex card can aid students going overseas by providing secure way to carry foreign currency. It eliminates the need to carry large amounts of cash and allows students to load different currencies onto a single card. Forex cards also typically offer competitive exchange rates and lower fees compared to other forms of foreign currency exchange.

There are a lot of financial institutions in India that offer easy, safe as well as a cashless way of carrying foreign currency for international payments. You can research and compare offerings from reputable institutions by contacting our expert.

To increase the Forex card withdrawal limit, you need to contact your bank's customer service and make a request for a higher limit.

Forex cards are generally activated by your chosen bank before they are delivered to you. Once you receive the card, you can generate a PIN to start using your card.

You can choose to encash the remaining amount on your forex card upon your return from a foreign land. While some banks require you to visit a branch and request the remaining balance in cash, which will be in your home currency, others might also offer the option to transfer the remaining balance to your bank account.

You can typically check the balance on your forex card through online banking, mobile apps provided by your bank, or by contacting the bank's customer service.

If you lose your forex card abroad, you should immediately contact the customer service of your bank to report the loss. They can help you block the card and guide you through the process of getting a replacement card or emergency cash.

Yes, you can withdraw money from ATMs using a forex card.

While debit and credit cards can also be used for international transactions, forex cards have specific advantages, like better exchange rates, lower fees, and the ability to preload multiple currencies.

Prepaid forex cards are available in various currencies like USD, EUR, and GBP. Check with the bank to see which currencies are available for their prepaid forex card.

The validity period of prepaid forex cards can vary. Typically, it lasts up to five years from the date of issuance.

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