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Career Launcher's AI-Driven CAT Percentile Predictor

The CAT Exam is something which becomes an immense part of the life of every CAT aspirant as it draws closer. A natural consequence of this is that it takes a huge mind space of the aspirant till the day of the exam. Therefore, a natural question that comes to the mind of every serious aspirant after they attempt the CAT Exam is, "How have I done?" & "What percentile will I get? Will it be enough to get a call from my dream college?"

Career Launcher has been answering these questions for the past few years with our AI-Driven CAT Percentile Predictor. With a combination of AI, Machine Learning and our expert's analysis, we have been able to predict your percentiles with an astonishing amount of accuracy.

How the CAT Percentile Predictor Works

Like any decent predictor, the Career Launcher CAT Percentile Predictor has its backing in data and has been built on the foundation of AI or Artificial Intelligence. It also has an element of expert knowledge which our Career Launcher gurus bring into the model to help develop the most accurate model of CAT Percentile Prediction possible.

The first step in this process is to collect the data. This is done with the help of our students as they key in their attempts and how they believe they have scored. Based on this data, we build a rudimentary structure of how students have likely scored. This is the data which is worked on by our AI algorithm.

The second step is to accommodate the input of the experts in this model. Based on what they believe would be a good score and how they analyzed the paper, the data is looked at once again to determine whether there should be any tweaks to the model.

This is the basic structure with which the Career Launcher’s AI-Driven CAT Percentile Predictor operates.

Performance of the CAT Percentile Predictor

Career Launcher's AI-Driven CAT Percentile Predictor has been widely used over the past few years. If we look at its performance in CAT 2020,

  • For candidates with 99%ile and above, the model worked extremely well. The average deviation between the predicted percentile and the actual percentile was around 0.08%ile.
  • For candidates with 95% and above, the model continued to work fairly well. The average deviation widens to a certain degree but it is still around 0.3%ile which under most circumstances would give you a fair idea of your performance and the colleges that you should be targeting
  • For candidates with 90%ile and above, the percentile predictor performed better than 95-99 range with the average deviation being around 0.24%ile.
  • Overall, the R2 value of the model for the entire range was around 0.88 which means that the model was able to predict 88% of the variation which indicates a fairly healthy model as the highest R2 value possible is 1.

We performed the same exercise in CAT 2019 as well. Some of the standout results from CAT 2019 are given below:

  • Within 0.5%ile - Prediction accuracy of 97.7% for candidates scoring above 98%ile and 75.6% accuracy for candidates scoring above 95%ile
  • Within 1%ile - Prediction accuracy of 97.7%ile for candidates scoring above 98%ile, 97.5% accuracy for candidates scoring above 95%ile and 92.3% accuracy for candidates scoring above 90%ile

What is the next step?

Career Launcher has always believed in helping the students as much as possible and this remains true for the AI-Driven CAT percentile predictor. Based on your predicted percentile, you can take a call on how you want to proceed:

  • Do you want to start preparing for GDPI immediately so that you can get into your dream college? Click here
  • Do you want to continue preparing for other MBA Entrance Exams so that you have all of the options available to you? Click here
  • Do you want to give CAT another go and appear again next year? Click here

The choice is up to you and Career Launcher only wants to help