Should I choose a CAT classroom or e-learning program?

One of the most important decisions that a CAT taker needs to make is whether to enroll for an online course or to opt for classroom-based coaching. There are a number of very good reasons for both the sides as to why one should go for classroom programs or e-learning.


There is no CL center near you?

If you are not in the vicinity of a CL center, consider going for Smart CAT Cracker. You get to decide how much learning you need to do each day and when to do it. Learn without any time constraints.

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Are you a working professional with no time to spare for a classroom program?

No need to enroll for any classroom program - no hassles of travelling. Get our expert faculty to teach you anywhere.Also, if you have your basics right and have covered all fundamentals, CL's E-learning options will help you get that extra edge.

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How does a faculty guided classroom program help me?

The personalized attention that a classroom program offers is unmatchable. Rub shoulders with equally hardworking MBA aspirants. Feed on their drive and passion and get motivated.If you believe you require a constant guidance - classroom is the program for you.

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