CAT Preparation: Solving Multiple Questions

When it comes to CAT Preparation the most robust way to ace this exam is through solving multiple problems in a short amount of time.

There are two pillars of strength in your CAT Preparation-

  • Accuracy

  • Time Management

A good combination of right accuracy and time management can sail you through this exam with flowing colour.

Many times we try to improve our accuracy and then face serious setbacks in time management and vis-a-vis. So managing both is the key to ace this exam.

Both of them can only be achieved through rigorous practice and tests.

Importance of solving tests

In the CAT Exam you have three sections-

  • Quantitative Aptitude

  • Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability

  • Data Interpretation and Reasoning

Almost all of the above, one has been doing since childhood and there is nothing as such very new to learn, only some tips and tricks. Hence, it all comes down to solving questions in less time with more accuracy.

Hence for this, solving CAT mocks and tests will help you practice and know your weaknesses.

Importance of solving tests-

  • Improves your accuracy.

  • Improves your time management.

  • Understanding about your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Get an idea of the actual CAT exam environment.

  • Get complete analysis of your preparation.

  • One can break the silos of the syllabus into small chunks and prepare accordingly.

Test Gym

We at Career Launcher are at your rescue to provide you with the best test practice sets.

Test Gym provides an in-depth analysis with graphical representation of your score with that of the topper and the average marks of test takers. It also includes an option to re-attempt the questions and a complete drill down analysis which highlights your performance in each topic. You can also mark your progress on each level of difficulty and take corrective measures for the same.

Also known as 'the ultimate revision tool' among students preparing for MBA entrance exams.

Take over 10,000 questions topic tests, covering all sections ie Quantitative Aptitude (QA), Data interpretation (DI), Logical Reasoning (LR), Reading Comprehension (RC) and Verbal Ability (VA) with an option of choosing from different difficulty levels ranging from Easy, Moderate, Advanced and Expert level.

Features of Test Gym

  • Over 7500 questions intelligently mapped with level of difficulty.

  • 8 Unproctored Mock CAT test series as part of Test Gym Classic.

  • Uses adaptive engine, an intelligent testing approach which is now a worldwide standard.

  • Questions to match your ability, saves significant time by serving questions that match or exceed your level.

  • Helps analyse your attempts with detailed solutions and organise your questions for a rain check with bookmarks and easy navigation options.

  • Questions handpicked by CL experts .