Background checks have become more detailed with the advent of technology and companies today are using internet and social media to unravel the mysteries of the potential new recruit. In the age of information, the applicants also need to be well versed with news pertaining to the company and its policies as well. All this may seem too much to handle, but don’t sweat! The good news is that you can harness all the resources and technology to your advantage and keep a squeaky clean social media profile too! Here’s how:

  1. With top companies like Goldman Sachs and Microsoft publishing quarterly reports and earning calls online, be sure to go through the Earning Calls, quarterly reports and blog posts of the company that you have applied for. This broad spectrum of information is available to you at the click of a button, all thanks to the Internet!
  2. Keeping up with companies is hard as it is, and if you have applied for multiple companies, keeping up with all that news can be a mammoth task! However, with a little help from Alert services, you will not have to stress over keeping track of all the news. Google Alert, is the most common app for that. It will send you an email whenever any news pertaining to the specific term you have provided comes up
  3. Another tool that comes in handy is the Social Sweepster. Since in today’s interconnected scenario, 91% of employers do a full background check on social media platforms for any red flag, it is important to keep your social profile clean. The Social Sweepster app is of great help here as it detects profanity or any possible red flags on your social media profile, so you will not be rejected on something that you did years ago.

Indeed, with the advent of technology and the trend of more and more information being available on the internet, you can prepare for a job interview in a more comprehensive manner and also cover your tracks so that the interviewers assesses you only on the basis of your interaction with them.

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