CAT 2018 Subjects

Based on the previous years' question papers, the subjects for CAT 2018 can be classified under the following categories:

  • Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension
  • Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning
  • Quantitative Ability

Within each of those categories, you'll come across different types of questions. A highly-effective CAT preparation strategy includes familiarizing yourself with all the topics that fall under these categories.

Subjects in CAT exam: Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension

Based on previous years' CAT papers, you can expect to find several distinct types of questions in the Verbal and Reading Comprehension section. A major part of this section is comprised of Reading Comprehension passages. Practicing for RC passages helps you to understand longer and complex texts.

The questions that come under Verbal Reasoning ask you to analyze the form and content of passages. Sometimes the questions herein can surprise the candidates. In CAT 2017 exam, the paper comprised of the following types of questions under Verbal Ability:

  • Passage-based questions (5 passages; 3 passages with 6 questions each and 2 passages with 3 questions each)
  • Summary-based questions (3 questions)
  • Ordering sentences (4 questions)
  • Odd-sentence out (3 questions)

Subjects in CAT 2018: Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning

In the CAT 2017 exam, the questions in the Data Interpretation (DI) and Logical Reasoning (LR) section were divided equally; 16 each from DI and LR. In DI questions, you'll find charts and graphs of all kinds i.e. line, bar, and pie. These may appear individually or along with tables or other elements.

The questions in the Logical Reasoning sections are fundamentally word problems. However, they may also combine word problems with any of the aforementioned data forms.

While you may already be familiar with the knowledge tested in this section, the form of the questions asked in the DILR section may seem complex. This can only be combated with consistent practice.

Subjects in CAT Exam: Quantitative Ability

Looking over the questions in the Quantitative Ability (QA) section at first glance, the progression from fractions to profit and loss to triangles and circles to exponents, etc may appear dreadful. However, it does follow a specific pattern.

All the questions under the QA section include algebra, arithmetic, geometry, modern math (including set theory, polynomials, probability, progressions, and permutations/combinations), and number systems (e.g. integers, primes, exponents).

Subjects in CAT Exam: A Comprehensive Look

The subjects tested in the CAT exam may feel abundant at first glance, but they follow a logical and standard pattern. As you progress with your CAT 2018 preparation, you'll realize that identifying the type of question is fundamental to solving it quickly and effectively. This may be the first step to optimizing your score in the CAT 2018 exam.

Visit our CAT 2018 Preparation Strategy page to know how you can follow a highly-effective preparation strategy for CAT devised by our MBA experts.