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The Career Launcher Tuition Advantage

Personalized Approach

Individual attention is paid to all students in the classroom to ensure they internalize what is being taught. That every student learns at a different pace is kept in mind throughout for optimal positive impact.

Comprehensive Preparation

The entire syllabus is covered effectively, well in time; with special emphasis on tackling all types of questions. Most importantly, NTSE/Olympiads and other school-level competitions are given equal importance in the classroom.

Access to

Every student gets access to our 24x7, artificial-intelligence-based, online learning portal to study, practise, take tests, and view their performance analysis. They can also watch conceptual videos and strategy sessions that are uploaded on a regular basis.

Continuous Learning

Our students have access to an online portal, offline support, study material and a dedicated Telegram group. This enables them to remain engaged and continue learning even when they are not in the classroom.

Doubt Sessions

Regular sessions on doubt clarification are organized by the mentors to ensure there are no gaps in students’ learning, and that they understand and can revise all concepts with ease.

Rigorous Evaluation

Our chapter tests and mock tests are just as rigorous as the actual exams; and are designed for students to have complete clarity on their level of preparation. The regularity of these tests makes the D-Day feel like just another mock test!

Success Stories

  • Chandrani Mondal

    Class XII (Indus Valley School)

    Good Teachers can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instil a love for learning and this has been proved true by my mentors here in Career Launcher- Noida Extension. My First Step here was full of apprehension but has now become more confident because of the constant support and guidance of my teachers. Words are not enough to express my gratitude to all here. The personal attention that is given to each student and the very informal atmosphere, where the teachers are easily accessible, has made learning an enjoyable venture for me.

    I thank Career Launcher- Noida Extension and wish every one the very best for the future.

  • Safura Zia

    Class IX (Delhi World Public School)

    Me as a Student of Career Launcher Noida Extension feel proud to be part of it. Before I came to this I was a student who was average but after I joined Career Launcher Noida Extension my level got higher day by day and my class performance got increased from previous year and I hope this will continue. Here, I appreciate the teachers who are always well supportive and always there to help and guide at every step of us. In this institute, the students are guided and taught in a good manner which is one of the remarkable positive feature. After being student of CL Noida Extension, I recommend the institution to every student in my contact. I would like to give example of classes taught in this institute-Maths, Science, Commerce etc. which I didn’t find in any institute till now.

  • Arman Tyagi

    Class XII (DPS Greater Noida)

    My experience with Career Launcher- Noida Extension has been excellent. The teachers are very helpful in clearing concepts and solving doubts which has been a great performance booster. The mock tests have been a very useful tool to identify weak points and improve upon them, which helps build up confidence before exams and achieve better results.

  • Yashi Sharma

    Class XI (Gaur International School)

    I am extremely thankful to Career Launcher- Noida Extension as an Institution and faculty members who helped me to prepare for my exams. The Classes had great discussions and new Hands –on Lessons. Besides, I developed time management skills. The Overall experience is indeed stimulating. I now, I can see myself near to my dream goals.

  • Karishma Mitra

    AIR 4 in CBSE Class 10 Board Exams

    I studied at the Career Launcher, Noida. I have secured 99.2% in the Class 10 Boards. Career Launcher has helped in sailing the boards. I would especially like to thank Gaurav sir, my Maths teacher who helped me in clearing all my doubts and concepts throughout the year. The study material provided by CL helped in achieving a good result.

  • Arushi Jindal

    CBSE Class 10 Board Exams

    I scored 98.2 % in the Class 10 Board Exams. My achievement is completely credited to Career Launcher. It proved to be the perfect place not only in teaching but for motivating and inspiring all of us. The friendly atmosphere was the best part. I would like to thank Career Launcher for all the support and showing faith in us. A special thanks to the Maths faculty, Gaurav sir for being such a motivator throughout the year.

  • Rishita Jain

    CBSE Class 10 Board Exams

    Hi! I scored 97% marks in my Class 10 Board Exams and without the help and support of the teachers at Career Launcher, I don't think I would have scored this much. My time here has been amazing! I would really like to thank my Maths teacher, who has been an amazing teacher and my Science teachers for helping me throughout the year. Thanks!

  • Gayathri Santosh

    Highest Marks in Abu Dhabi

    I scored 97.8 % in the Class 12 Board Exams. It was a very pleasant journey with Career Launcher. The study material provided helped me a lot in my Class 12 exams.

  • Snigdha Basu

    NTSE Qualified

    The constant support provided here helped me in its truest sense.

  • Shubhangi Mishra

    I would like to express my heartfelt gratitute to the faculty of Career Launcher.

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    Satya Narayanan. R

    Chairman and Executive Director

    Why Join Career Launcher Tuition

    Career Launcher Tuition programs are designed for thorough learning & success in school exams. We give personalized attention to every student; while our blended learning approach ensures they have access to comprehensive study material, practice tests, digital learning tools, and more.

    Our expert mentors nurture each student to excel. The regularly-held doubt sessions and evaluation process constantly track a student's progress to make sure the preparation is rigorous.

    Last, but not the least, our proven track record of excellent results every year has made Career Launcher Tuition the most-preferred option for students.

    Frequently asked questions

    Every exam should be taken seriously as they are a measure of your ability to understand and apply what you study in school. But, Board exams are extremely important because their results are used as a benchmark throughout every student's education and career. For example, most entrance exams for undergraduates like JEE Main, NEET, IPM, CLAT, DU-JAT require a minimum percentage in the Class 12 Board Exams. Some top colleges admit students only on the basis of marks in the Class 12 Board Exams or a combination of the Board marks as well as entrance exams. All this is still just at the undergraduate level. The situation is similar at the postgraduate level.

    If you want to do well in the board exams, then there are some simple steps which you should take while preparing. Make sure you practise all questions in your textbooks & refer to the NCERT Solutions, go through previous year question papers and solve sample papers. If you follow these rigorously, you will be on track to get a good score.

    No, coaching is not a necessity to score well in the board exams. But, it definitely streamlines your preparation and makes your efforts more efficient. When you join a tuition, you get access to a structured preparation schedule and study for a minimum amount of hours even if you’re not free or disciplined. You can get your doubts cleared personally from the teacher or discuss it with your peers in tuition. You also get study material which helps you study only what’s relevant from the exam point of view.

    Tuition is the best way to cover any gaps in your learning at school. You are exposed to a variety of questions and get more attention than in school. Tuition also helps you achieve specific objectives like focus on a single subject or get extra preparation for competitive exams like NTSE & Olympiads. The biggest impact of tuition can be seen during the time of exams as you have someone to take care of every academic need at a short notice. You get exam-specific study material, someone to clear all your doubts and tell you exactly how to go about writing the exam.

    Career Launcher Tuition provides coaching for CBSE students of classes 8-12. You can enrol for regular 1 year classroom programs at any of our offline tuition centres near you. The classroom programs cover Maths & Science till Class 10. For Classes 11 & 12, we cover subjects of both streams- Science & Commerce. If you prefer online coaching, we have Online Maths Coaching for Class 10 & Class 12. We also have smart learning programs for classes 5-12.

    Firstly, you should see our CBSE Class 10 Results in 2019. One of our students, Suhani Joshi scored 99.4% or AIR-3 in the CBSE Class 10 Board Exams. This was the third highest score across India! Similarly, another of our students, Karishma Mitra, scored 99.2% or AIR-4 in the CBSE Class 10 Board Exams. Most of our students scored more than 90 %. In addition to this, Career Launcher has over 20 years of experience in the education industry and an unrivalled legacy. Our students can rely on our expertise for any competitive exam & career apart from regular tuition.

    The Course Structure at Career Launcher consists of live interactive sessions, doubt sessions, Mock Tests for Boards Exam and unlimited access to recorded sessions. This structure is designed to maximise the learning outcomes of students while giving them tools to engage in learning even outside of the tuition.

    The course spans the entirety of the academic year with students getting a minimum of 100 hours for each subject. This includes regular classes which cover each and every chapter in the syllabus. These are followed by revision classes at the end of the syllabus.

    Regardless of you being in an online or offline coaching program at Career Launcher, you can get your doubts cleared instantly in the classroom or live sessions. Even if you have doubts outside of the sessions, you can post them on the Telegram group of your batch. This Telegram group will have all your batchmates as well as your faculty. Any doubts or questions can be discussed in these groups amongst the students themselves with the faculty stepping in.

    The faculty who teach the students are expert faculty, with years of experience in guiding and mentoring the students. Most of them are themselves alumni of premier colleges across India like IIT’s and AIIMS.

    Online Tuition Classes offer you the comfort to continue your learning in case you are unable to travel far or have a time constraint or there is no good offline coaching center in your locality. The Online Tuition Classes at Career Launcher Tuition are taken by our best faculty so you get the best coaching available in the comfort of your home. You can also access the recording of each session as many times as you want in case you miss the live session or you want to revise. We ensure that we recreate the live classroom experience as close to an actual classroom experience as possible and give our students everything they need to excel in their studies.

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