Acids, Bases and Salts-Sample Papers

MM: 20
Time: 25 mins
1.  Name two constituents of baking power.      (1 mark)
2.  What is universal indicator?      (1 mark)
3.  Name the chemicals that can be made of common salt      (1 mark)
4.  Why does cake become fluffy after adding baking soda?      (1 mark)
5.  Write the pH value, after which teeth start decaying?      (1 mark)
6.  State some uses of baking soda?      (2 marks)
7.  How is the concentration of hydroxide ions      (OH-) affected when excess base is dissolved in a solution of sodium hydroxide?      (2 mark)
8.  Name the gas evolved when dilute sulphuric acid acts on sodium carbonate.Write the chemical equation for the reaction involved.      (2 mark)
9.  What are the properties and uses of bleaching powder?(3 marks)
10.  Write a chemical formula to represent the action of atmospheric CO2 gas on bleaching powder when left exposed in open.      (2 marks)
11.  What happens when quick lime is added to water?      (2 marks)
12.  Write any two properties of acids.      (2 marks)