Carbon and its Compounds-MCQ

Class X Science
MCQ for Carbon and its Compounds
1.   The isomeric pair is
        (a) ethane and propane
(b) propane and butane
(c) ethane and ethane
(d) butane and 2-methyl propane
2.   Which of the following is used to oxidise ethanol to ethanoic acid?
        (a) Alkaline KMnO4
(b) Conc. H2SO4
(c) Acidified K2Cr2O7
(d) All of above
3.   Which is denatured spirit?
        (a) ethanol only
(b) ethanol and methanol (50%)
        (c) ethanol and methanol (5%)
(d) methanol only
4.   Tertiary butane gets oxidised with oxidising agents like alkaline KMNO4 to
        (a) Isobutane
(b) Ter-butyl alcohol
        (c) Seconadary-propyl alcohol
(d) All of above
5.   The substnace not responsible for the hardness of water is
        (a) Sodium nitrate
(b) calcium hydrogen carbonate
        (c) calcium carbonate
(d) magnesium carbonate
6.   The by product of soap is
        (a) isoprene
(b) glycerol
(c) butene
(d) ethylene glycol
7.   Covalent compounds
        (a) (a) have high melting and boiling point
        (b) are mostly soluble in water
        (c) are formed between atoms of metals and non-metals
        (d) are formed by the sharing of electrons in the bonding atoms.
8.   Vinegar is a solution of
        (a) 30% � 40% acetic acid in alcohol
(b) 5% � 8% acetic acid in alcohol
        (c) 5% � 8% acetic acid in water
(d) 15% � 20% acetic acid in water
9.   Which of the following can be used for the denaturation of ethyl alcohol?
        (a) Methyl alcohol
(b) Pyridines
(c) Copper sulphate
(d) All of above
10.   Soaps are formed by saponification of
          (a) alcohols
(b) glycosides
(c) simple esters
(d) carboxylic acids