Chemical Reactions and Equations-Important Questions

Class 10th science
Chemical Reactions and Equations
1.  What is a redox reaction?
2.  What is corrosion? Explain its advantage and disadvantage.
3.  What is rancidity? How can we reduce the problem of rancidity?
4.  How is corrosion different from rusting?
5.  What is meant by endothermic and exothermic reactions? Give suitable example for each.
6.  Define different types of chemical reaction and give examples for each.
7.  Why is photosynthesis considered as an endothermic reaction?
8.  In electrolysis of water, why is the volume of gas collected over one electrode double that of the other electrode?
9.  What happens when water is added to solid calcium oxide taken in a container? Write a chemical formula for the same.
10.  Give one use of quick lime.
11.  Give three types of decomposition reaction.
12.  Name the compound used for testing CO2 gas.