Periodic Classification of Elements-MCQ


1.   14 elements after actinium is called
        a. Lanthanides
        b. Actinides
        c. D-block elements
        d. P block elements
2.   An element has an atomic number of 15 with which of the following elements will it show similar chemical properties.
        a. Be (4)
        b. Ne (10)
        c. N(7)
        d. O (8)
3.   The group number and period number respectively of an element with atomic number 8 is.
        a. 6,2
        b. 16,2
        c. 6,8
        d. 16,4
4.   An element belongs to period 2 and group 2 th number of valence electrons in the atoms of this element is.
        a. 2
        b. 4
        c. 3
        d. 1
5.   In the third period of the periodic table the element having smallest size is
        a. Na
        b. Ar
        c. Cl
        d. Si
6.   Electronic configuration of Al+3 is
        a. 2,8,3
        b. 2,8,8
        c. 2,8
        d. 2,8,8,3
7.   Identify the group which is not a Dobereiner triad
        a. Li, Na, K
        b. Be, Mg, Cr
        c. Ca, Sr, Ba
        d. Cl, Br, I
8.   Which is not true about the noble gases?
        a. They are non metallic in nature
        b. They exist in atomic form
        c. They are radioactive in nature
        d. Xenon is the most reactive among these
9.   Identify the wrong sequence of the elements in a group
        a. Ca, Br, Ba
        b. Cu, Au, Ag
        c. N,P, As
        d. Cl, Br, I
10.   An element with atomic number will form a basic oxide________
        a. 7
        b. 17
        c. 14
        d. 11
1.    B
2.    C
3.    A
4.    A
5.    B
6.    C
7.    B
8.    C
9.    B
10. D